Thursday, 23 August 2012

Koo-Ture | TOWIE Style



Hello Lovelies :)

Did anyone watch Lucy's 21st Prom Party TOWIE episode last night? I certainly did. My main thoughts on last nights show were...

1. How amazing were all the dresses?!
2. How amazing is Frankie Essex! I'm so glad she went back for the bowl... what a hero.
3. How awkward was it when Arg had to announce Lydia & Tom won prom king & queen *ceerrringe*
4. How funny was it when Gemma was telling Bobby 'I forgive you'. Too funny.

Anyway, back to the dresses! I was loving all of the dresses last night, the girls looked so glam! Not sure I was feeling Bobby's bright orange waistcoat but hey, anything goes in TOWIE land. I thought Lucy looked stunning as the birthday girl but she was in high competition with some of the other gorgeous outfits the TOWIE lot were wearing! My faves of the night were Lydia's beautiful backless sequin dress, Billi's Grecian baby blue gown and Lauren Pope's classic black lace maxi.

Billi & Lauren's dresses were both from fashion brand Koo-Ture.I think both of these dresses are beautiful and perfect for a special occasion this A/W ! I absolutely love the Grecian trend and I think the black lace maxi is the ultimate boho winter dress! If you have read any of my older posts you know I'm a sucker for anything Bohemian! You can get the ANGELINA dress HEREand the CHANTELLE dress HERE. There are even some discount codes going around for 20% off all the clothes on the website at the minute, which are LOVEIT20 & UW20 !

Did you love the dresses the TOWIE girls were wearing last night?


Monday, 20 August 2012

Herbalife | Herbal Aloe Outer Nutrition Range

Hello lovelies
Today’s post is one that’s a bit different to my usual ones, but I was lucky enough to try the new Herbal Aloe Outer Nutrition Range from Herbalife. To be perfectly honest I have never heard of Herbalife but I am always excited and open to trying new products that make me look/feel better!
Herbalife is a premier nutrition company that have introduced a naturally- inspired range that aims to strengthen and repair damaged hair and nourish skin in need of hydration. I’m sometimes really lazy when it comes to moisturising after a shower as I am usually running late, so hopefully these products will make me want to hydrate my skin more often!
I have used three of the skin products from the range so I will give you my thoughts on each aspect of the product! 

Herbal Aloe Hand & Body Wash (250ml)
Packaging: The packaging is really simple as you can see from the images I have taken, but I think this reflects on the product being naturally inspired.
Smell: The smell of this product is amazing. The collection is infused with essences of honeydew, lemon blossom, white lilies, and musk which made my skin smell so refreshing afterwards.
Texture: The hand & body wash is your typical gel type soap and I can't express how soft it made my skin feel after using in the shower.
Price: £9.25
Thoughts: I used the hand & body wash instead of my usual shower gel before a night out. I must say the smell of this product is gorgeous. My skin felt so smooth and hydrated afterwards, which is just what I wanted as I needed my fake tan to go on smoothly! Very Impressed. Although I do really love this wash and you do get a very generous amount of product, I'm not sure I would pay £9.25 for something I would use in the shower unless my skin was really dry.

Herbal Aloe Hand & Body Lotion (200ml)
Packaging: Again, the packaging is really simple as you can see from the images I have taken, but I think this reflects on the product being naturally inspired.
Smell: The smell of the hand & body lotion is equally as impressive as the body wash, making this product perfect for using after showering with the hand & body wash. The product is a combination of aloe vera and African shea butter.
Texture: As expected, the texture of this product was so smooth and not too thick which made it easy to apply and dried fairly quick, leaving me with silky smooth skin!
Price: £8.63
Thoughts:I used this product after using the hand & body wash in the shower which I really enjoyed. This also intensified the smell of the product and left my skin super soft ready for me applying my tan. I would definitely use this product again as I think a good moisturiser is very important!

Herbal Aloe Soothing Gel (200ml)
Packaging: Again, the packaging is really simple as you can see from the images I have taken, but I think this reflects on the product being naturally inspired.
Smell: This product is fragrance free so doesn't smell strongly like the other two products, however it is infused with aloe vera and conditioning botanicals.
Texture: This product is a lightweight gel formula and not at all greasy!
Price: £8.63
Thoughts: I swatched this product on my legs and the gel quickly absorbed into my skin, making my skin feel what can only be described as a cool relief! I'm thinking this is down to the aloe vera! I think this product would be a perfect alternative to take on holiday as an after sun! I hate clogging my skin up with too many creams so this gel is perfect for quick and effective moisture.

Has anyone else tried Herbalife?


Monday, 6 August 2012

Long Hair Dont Care

Hello Dolls,

I have been super busy recently trying to juggle my life as per, but I did have time to go and get myself a new do as I was in desperate need for a hair make over! Despite living in Manchester I am always heading back to my small home town to get my hair done. I just don't trust any other hair dresser! Anyone else like this? She always does what I want and I trust her 100% with my hair - I have had numerous hairdresser disasters in the past!

I decided I wanted new hair extensions - a chocolate brown colour and a new style. I searched around for the best hair extensions for me, and opted for the beloved and raved about 'FoxyLocks' extensions. I have read numerous good reviews on these particular extensions so I decided that I would give them a try. I went for the 160g 'deluxe' 20 inch clip in extensions in 'Chestnut brown' which worked out at £74.00 and with P&P £76.99 - which I think is really reasonable. You can get these HERE.

The extensions came in pretty pink packaging which is enough to get any girl excited! However, when I opened them, I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried I hadn't ordered enough. I have pretty thick hair and I had opted for the deluxe as even though I had heard the 120g was more than enough, I wanted to play it safe. I was so glad I did! I decided to add a few of my other old extensions for extra thickness and it seemed to do the job. I would definitely recommend getting the deluxe if you have thick hair.

Loving life, I went straight to my hairdressers eager to get my hair upgraded! I wanted my colour slightly darker and the Cheryl style hair cut as seen in the video for 'Call my name'.

I have took a few snaps of my new hair - sorry if you have already seen them on Instagram!! But I think she did a pretty good job, huh?!

Anyone else got new hair recently?

Peace & Love 

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