Friday, 19 April 2013

Denim Skater | Daisy Street

Crop Top - Topshop // Skater Skirt - Daisy Street // Converse - Converse Store // Barbie Necklace - Ebay

Hey Dolls,

TGIF - yayyyy. I am so happy that it's Friday as this means I have a full week off to lie in the sun, and as you can imagine I am VERY excited! I have loads to do before I go so I will standardly be running around like a headless chicken all weekend. I have however, sorted all clothes I am taking as I have so much to do before I go I didn't want to be packing the night before (like usual) and end up forgetting crucial items!

As I have been packing Summer clothes (which feels really weird might I add, as its still freezing in Manchester), I have been getting myself into Summer mood subconsciously hence this Summery outfit. I do love a light denim teamed with white in the warmer months. I have worn my black leather skater skirt to death and I thought it was time to upgrade to a more Summery skater. So after adding this to my wish list I took the plunge and bought this beaut little number from Daisy Street, which at £14.99 is a steal. I think these skirts look lush with a t-shirt tucked in or with a crop top like I have here. Perfect for dressing up or down. I am wearing mine as I would through the day with my Converse but I think it would look pretty dressed up too. You can find this denim skater skirt from Daisy Street HERE.

I'm also LOVING my new Barbie necklace that was yet another Ebay purchase. I swear someone needs to ban me from Ebay, it's becoming a serious addiction I go on it every day and end up buying random stuff that I probably don't need. Either way, I do love this purchase very much. I think this finishes the outfit and have wore this necklace quite a few times now.You can find this super cute necklace for £3.50 on Ebay HERE. Such a bargain!

Have you bought anything from Daisy Street recently?
Are you addicted to Ebay?


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Spring Cable Knit | BraveSoul

                     Jumper - BraveSoul* // Skirt - H&M // Long Gold Chain - Topshop // Tan Wedges - Primark

Hey Dolls,

Hope everyone is having a good week! I am TOO excited to go on holiday now, absolutely sick of this abysmal weather. It's practically bipolar, one minute it's sunny, next it's snowing 8) make your mind up! I seriously need to start planning what I'm going to take with me on my jollies as I don't want to rushing around last minute. I am thinking of doing a holiday essentials post this week whilst I'm packing if anyone would be interested?!

Anyway, I was very kindly sent this gorgeous cable knit jumper from Brave Soul which I absolutely love and I know I am going to get lots of wear out of it! I got to choose this from the website and I instantly fell in love. I am a sucker for whites/creams/beige colours as I feel they go with so much, plus they enhance any tan I might have so to speak! It is super soft and really well made which is really important for me when it comes to jumpers - no one likes an itchy jumper! You can get this beaut cable jumper HERE and it also comes in pink which is super cute for Spring/Summer. I also love this white bubble stitch jumper in white which is quite similar and can be found HERE. There are lots of fab items over at Brave Soul, especially if you are looking for some festival wear too - I have my eye on some of the cute jackets for when I go to Wireless and Parklife festivals!

I teamed this jumper with a long gold chain I got from Topshop a while back, and a tan skirt which you can get from H&M in a range of colours for about £3.99, bargain. I stumbled across my tan wedge boots which I think look pretty cute for now as it's still pretty chilly. These were an emergency Primark purchase when my other boots started falling apart when I was about to go for an interview - nightmare. Serves me right for buying cheap shoes! These however have lasted quite a while now and I think the tube wool edging on them goes well with the jumper.

Have you bought anything from BraveSoul recently?


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Vintage Floral | Koo-Ture

                               Dress - Koo-Ture // Shoes - Stylist Pick

Hey Dolls, 
  Hope you are having a nice weekend. I have had a really busy week and I have headed home to the lakes for my pops 50th :) We went for a yummy meal at a super nice restaurant in the lakes and I can't tell you how ready I was stuff my face! I ordered a big fat steak (sorry if you're veggie) and it was delicious. I have had a pretty busy week, although I have been seriously slacking with the gym, UGH. I have had the pleasure of going to two amazing events this week just gone though, which were super fun. Busy, busy.

I need this week to go really quick as me and my friend managed to book a last minute trip to Egypt which I am TOO excited about! I need some sunshine in my life! I can't wait to get in my bikini and get me some tan! I've never been to Egypt before so if you have and you have any tips for me, please share!

Aside from my ramble, the dress I have on is from where I work and as soon as I saw it I wanted it. It is super girlie and probably not one of my obvious choices but I can't wait to wear it. I think it's pretty versatile and can be worn for through the day or dressed up at night. When I first saw it, my mind immediately thought of festivals as I think it is perfect teamed with converse or wellies!

I have put a pair of heels with it on the picture as I wanted to see how it would look dressed up PLUS I have never actually wore these heels that I fell in love with and got last year from 'Stylist Pick'. Where has all the hype from this site gone? I can remember getting my Cheryl Cole shoe boots from there and then I haven't really heard from them since!?

Anyway, As neon is very on trend at the moment I thought these bright yellow heels bring out the yellow in the dress and look pretty cute for a night out or special occasion. I also loved the deep-v back - I love anything backless! Unfortunately the dress I have has sold out due to high demand but there are also various other prints and styles on the website which you can find HERE.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend, I can't wait to get stuck into my Sunday dinner soon ... MMM! 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pretty Little Thing Event

Hey Dolls! 

Hope you have all had a good week and have a fun weekend planned! On Thursday night I went to an amazing event in Manchester at the beaut restaurant Rosso's to view the Spring/Summer 13 collection for the amazing brand Pretty Little Thing! I had such a good night and got to view lots of gorgeous pieces that I am already adding to the wish list! 
 When I arrived I (I was a little bit late) everyone was sat down about to have their meal, talk about good timing ha! I got a glass of champagne and was handed a delicious choice of menu for my meal... Mmm! The tables looked beauts and already had lots of 'nibbles' set out to get involved with! As you can see from the pictures my starter looked pretty yummy and I thought it was soo generous of the brand to treat us to a meal at the event. :) We even cracked open a bottle of rose and had shots of sambucca being handed out left right and centre (oh god). I somehow managed to swerve all shots thankfully haha!

As I had got there a bit later I was shown around the new Spring/Summer collection by the lovely Zelta and I'm not even joking, I literally fell in love with everything. I know you're thinking I am being biased as I am writing a post about the event but I didn't really see ANYTHING that I wouldn't wear. I loved all the trends on show and I think they are going to be absolute winners for the up and coming months - if the sun decides to make an appearance of course 8). I am loving the varsity/American trend at the minute and my favourite pieces were the 'A' jumper and the super cute frayed denim dungarees (see images). I instantly fell in love with the neon strap heels that are so reasonably priced and perfect for rocking the neon trend then putting them away till neon next hits our wardrobes again! I also fell in love with the circular shades that were super pretty and had decorated rims with 3D flowers or just a super chic thick rim in cream - very voguesque.

After lusting after all these amazing products we were given a goody bag filled with an item of our choice ( I chose a plain black bag covered in tassel's - I'm a tassel fiend) and then there were LOTS of free drinks to be drunk by the bar where we could all chat and socialise and get snapped by the big 'blogger' sign! Fun times. I got chance to catch up with blogging friends Charlotte from Lurchhound Loves , Charlotte from A Trend I Made Earlier , Lindsey from Ropes of Holland , Nafisah from Bamblings of Naffy , Grace from Grace's Wardrobe , Laura from Logans Runway and Irena from Irena D World - all of these lovely ladies have amazing blogs so have a look if you haven't already!

It was such a lovely night and I was so grateful for being able to attend as I thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Thank you so much to the PLT team *mwah*


Monday, 8 April 2013

Varsity Days

                         Oversized T-Shirt/Dress - Primark // Chain- Primark // Jordans - Footlocker

Hey Dolls, 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I had a pretty busy weekend but it was very fun all the same! My mum came up to Manchester on the Saturday which I was really looking forward to as I haven't seen her for a few weeks and we had such a lush girly day! She also spoilt me which is always nice! I got some pretty cool new boots from zara as my current ones are falling apart *sigh* so it was more of a necessity in my eyes 8) obviously. We also went for dinner in the Northern Quarter and I standardly got the biggest burger there was, YUM. I was working Saturday night at one of the nightclubs in Manchester which was fun as usual and then I had to be up and ready for the North Blogger Meet Up arranged by Emma Sheldon (babe!) which was so amazing. I don't want to say too much as I will be writing up a post tonight, but I cannot thank Emma enough for being able to attend such an amazing event where I got to meet lots of other lovely bloggers and came away with (I'm not even exaggerating) LOADS and LOADS of free beauty and fashion goodies! Who doesn't love that? I can't even tell you how fun it was!

Anyway, back to the outfit. I am loving the craze for varsity tops recently and after wearing my sweater/dress for a recent house party, I was cutting through Primark the other day and saw this around the front area which I thought was pretty cute and loved the bright sky blue colour. It was only £6.00 which is uber cheap and perfect for just throwing on in the summer with some converse, wedge style trainers or in my case some Jordans. I think this looks good with lots of gold jewellery, which is why I stacked on the rings and chain necklace, along with my very loved, gold Michael Kors watch. They have a few different colours and styles but I think this relaxed varsity look will look really cute this spring/summer. I know it's not for everyone but if your like me and dress like a barbie changing your style every day, then I think you should add this one to the collection!

Hope you all had a fab weekend! Do you like the oversized varsity tops?


Friday, 5 April 2013


                 Bodysuit - Miss Guided // Trousers - H&M // Shoes - Office // Silver Bands - Ebay

Hey dolls! 

I am loving this four day week, definitely could get used to this! Hope everyone else is having a good week, mine has been pretty mehh, nothing spesh happening with me, although I have just booked a last minute holiday so I am very excited about that! I haven't been away for so long and I think I deserve a break in the sun! I decided to buy one of the Miss Guided body suits as they were so cheap at just 8.99 and even though the American Apparel ones are obviously thicker and a better quality, for less than half the price you really are getting a steal with this one. I think these body suits look lush with a range of outfits but I chose to team it with these trousers as I prefer to cover up one half of my body if I have a lot of the other half on show.

The bands that I am wearing are not actually meant to go on your arms, but they are ankle cuffs HAHA what a doughnut I am. Thing is, I originally bought some gold cuffs off Ebay and they sent me these by accident. They were sent from China so I certainly wasn't going to send them back and they very kindly sent me my correct order and I got to keep these. I had no idea what they were for so shoved them on my arms, after seeing similar ones on blogs and searching them on the sellers 'items I'm selling', I can confirm you wear them on your ankle/leg LOLS. Never mind. If you are looking for a pair they are super cheap, you can go to the link under my images to buy them. 

Apart from my fashion faux pas I really like this outfit and will look forward to wearing it on my next night out :) Have a good weekend everyone!   


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

House Party

Jumper Dress - H&M //Chain - Primark // Airforce1 - Footlocker

Hey beauties,
Hope everyone had a good bank holiday weekend! Mine consisted of chilling, eating, partying and sleeping - just what I needed! The outfit I am wearing is what I wore to my friend Elle's 21st birthday house party which was super fun! 
I was having a dilemma before hand as me being me (dizzy) planned my outfit before hand, which was a skater skirt I bought online and much to my disappointment ended up being too big :( plus there was going to be no time to return it and it to get back to me in time. FAIL. So, never fear, I work at a fashion company - there must be something I can pick up in work. I had had my eye on one of the boutique designs they had in so I thought, yeah this will be cute for a house party and it can be dressed up or down. So what do I do? Walk home that night feeling good as I have four days off, then it hits me, I only left the dress in work. Wow, I have no words. 
Anyway, obviously I am going to have to pick up something else so I drag my best friend to town that night and we end up in trusty H&M. I was looking around the casual section for some reason and noticed this jumper/dress. So I tried it on and instantly loved it. I have wanted a varsity style jumper/dress for a while and this was perfect for £15. I think they will look lush in Summer for through the day as well. I decided this would be pretty cute for the party and so I ended up choosing to go quite casual to the party as it was in my friends house. I had such a fun night - lots of drinking and dancing took place! I teamed the dress with my airforce1's and a chain from Primark along with lots of hand bling. I have more snaps of the night on my instagram which you can find HERE if you didn't follow already :)

Hope you all had a fun weekend :)

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