Friday 19 April 2013

Denim Skater | Daisy Street

Crop Top - Topshop // Skater Skirt - Daisy Street // Converse - Converse Store // Barbie Necklace - Ebay

Hey Dolls,

TGIF - yayyyy. I am so happy that it's Friday as this means I have a full week off to lie in the sun, and as you can imagine I am VERY excited! I have loads to do before I go so I will standardly be running around like a headless chicken all weekend. I have however, sorted all clothes I am taking as I have so much to do before I go I didn't want to be packing the night before (like usual) and end up forgetting crucial items!

As I have been packing Summer clothes (which feels really weird might I add, as its still freezing in Manchester), I have been getting myself into Summer mood subconsciously hence this Summery outfit. I do love a light denim teamed with white in the warmer months. I have worn my black leather skater skirt to death and I thought it was time to upgrade to a more Summery skater. So after adding this to my wish list I took the plunge and bought this beaut little number from Daisy Street, which at £14.99 is a steal. I think these skirts look lush with a t-shirt tucked in or with a crop top like I have here. Perfect for dressing up or down. I am wearing mine as I would through the day with my Converse but I think it would look pretty dressed up too. You can find this denim skater skirt from Daisy Street HERE.

I'm also LOVING my new Barbie necklace that was yet another Ebay purchase. I swear someone needs to ban me from Ebay, it's becoming a serious addiction I go on it every day and end up buying random stuff that I probably don't need. Either way, I do love this purchase very much. I think this finishes the outfit and have wore this necklace quite a few times now.You can find this super cute necklace for £3.50 on Ebay HERE. Such a bargain!

Have you bought anything from Daisy Street recently?
Are you addicted to Ebay?



  1. This is the most perfect Spring outfit, the crop top and your tan are gorgeous! xxx

  2. Love the Barbie necklace, so cute. I bought a skirt like that recently but not wore it yet, wish the sun would get his hat on xx

    1. Thank you ! I know the weather here sucks! xoxo

  3. Really pretty outfit, i am going to go buy that necklace! amazing! xo

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  4. Gorgeous outfit, I've wanted to wear a denim skater for a while now but struggle what to wear with it. Given me some inspiration!

    Belle x

  5. That's a lovely outfit, and it really suits you! I love skater skirts, I've got a denim one myself!

    Lauren x

  6. You look so beautiful! Great skirt! : )


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