Thursday 1 August 2013

wednesday wishlist

wednesday wishlist

Hey dolls,

It's nearly Friday YAY! Its late but my laptop decided to pack in last night when I was trying to put up this 'Wednesday Wants' post. Soo that's annoying as it's obviously not even Wednesday any more. The joys of technology ey. Either way its still my wish list and I still want it all regardless of what day of the week it is so here we go...

1. Pharaoh Bodycon Dress (Pretty Little Thing) - I absolutely love this Pharaoh print! Its a little bit different to your standard bodycon dress and is an absolute steal at £20. Ever since I went to Egypt this year I have been obsessed with everything Egyptian and this definitely fits the bill. Pretty Little Thing always have so much to offer, I fell in love with their website after attending the Pretty Little Thing blogger event and I can't get enough of their stuff!

2. Strap Back Slip Dress (Topshop) - This Topshop beaut was taken into the fitting room with me at the weekend. I LOVE the colour and I was so excited when I saw it! However, when I tried it on I liked it but didn't 'love' it, if you get what I mean? It doesn't really do wonders for my figure as I have quite big boobs and its one of them that just hangs off you. It was alright, yet I can't stop thinking about it now? What is wrong with me? I think I still want it!

3. 'Beware of the Plastics' Purple Baseball T-Shirt (The Pretty Junk) - This top has been a favourite of mine for a while. I am a bit of a hardcore Mean Girls fan so I am certainly feeling the reference of the slogan! I was lucky enough to win one of these tops in a twitter comp and it has become another website I have fallen in love with! They have loads of cool stuff and they stock some amazing brands like 'Spell Designs' and 'Lazy Oaf' to name a few.

4. Azami Ruched Split Maxi Skirt (Miss Guided) - If you haven't checked out the Miss Guided new 'basics' range I suggest you do now. So, so cheap and loads to choose from. I love basic items and I literally filled up my basket the other day and it wasn't even expensive AT ALL. I love a bit of side split so these skirts are right up my street! I already  own one in purple so I think this grey one is perfect for throwing on with a tee tucked in or a bodysuit!

5. Black Tassel Bag (H&M) - I am a massive sucker for tassel, especially when it comes round to Summer and I do love a tassel bag. I already have 3 in black and brown/tan but there's something about this one that just looks expensive and chic. I think this is perfect for the transition into A/W and I'm probably going to try and snap it up for £20!

6. Motel Kimmy Mini Tube Skirt in Green Palm Leaf (Motel) - So this one is a want but I sort of already bought it (oops), it is currently waiting for me at reception yay! I wanted this ever since I saw Lulu Trixabelle wearing the full combo on her blog. I initially wanted the matching top but I'm not sure it would suit me so I just went for the skirt and will pair it up with a black crop or something!

7. Giuseppe Zanotti Shoe Boots - Okay, I'm pretty sure I wont be getting these any time soon, but a girl can dream. With a hefty £800+ price tag these aren't the cheapest but just look how beautiful they are! Very Kim K and probably my favourite style of heel. I love a shoe boot!

Do you like my Wish list?



  1. I really love the style of #2 dress & I have the same problem, if you have bigger boobs & curves this style tends to make me look like a sack of potatoes haha, but I still really do like the dresses. Miss guided have similar ones that I've also got my eye on.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  2. I've got the Topshop dress in Black, absolutely love it but I'm not as fortunate in the boob department lol! x

  3. I was so tempted to buy that pink topshop dress but I managed to persuade myself just to buy the pink cami instead!love that motel skirt too!:)

    Scottish Stef's Nails

  4. That dress is gorgeous. Sucha unique print. I actually really want to get it now! Damn you and your good choices haha x
    Heroine In Heels

  5. Love it especially because I'm crazy about fringe bags!x

    Would you mind to check out or maybe even follow my mine and my 13 year old TWIN sisters NEW blog please.FROM your newest follower

  6. wow i love the pieces the skirt is amazing and the dress is insane! love it,


  7. Fabulous pics! I love number 2 and 5

  8. Loving your blog


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