Wednesday 21 August 2013

Get Yo Freak'um Dress On, Every Woman Got One

 Dress - Ebay // Rings - H&M // Gold Chain - Ebay

Hey dolls! 

So I haven't blogged for nearly 2 weeks now :( boo! This is due to me cleverly breaking my camera. I had been banging on about how I wanted this DSLR and that DSLR (mines just your standard digital) and then mine decides to give up on me :( I mean give me a chance to save up. So now I'm in a predicament as I need a new camera but would rather put my money towards a DSLR that I really want instead of buying some £70 digital again. Absolute Nelly & Kelly! Either way I am apologising for the lack of quality of these pictures as they are taken on my Iphone 5.

Anywayyyy, I went out at the weekend for my friends birthday in Liverpool. I was super excited as 1. I love Liverpool nights out - they are always super fun, I've never had a bad night. 2. I haven't seen my girl for ages (birthday girl) 3. I had a new dress to wear.

I got my dress off Ebay after having a browse for a bandage dress. I love the celeb boutique ones but I'm just so skint at the moment I can't justify spending £120 on a dress for one night. As usual I always turn to Ebay as I find so many gems on there. If you like this dress just search 'yellow bandage dress' in Ebay and loads come up for around £40-£60 depending on how lucky you are at the time! I wasn't sure my dress was going to make it on time but thankfully the seller was an absolute babe and made sure I got it on time. 

However me being me, tried the dress on and then 'decided' I didn't like it on. I think it was one of those 'rubbish hair and no make-up' moments where you think the outfit just looks shit 'cos you're not all done up. I then started demolishing my wardrobe for plan B. My flatmate found me in a complete stress and made me try it on again and somehow convinced me it looked fine. I took it to Liverpool as my only option as I didn't want to be messing around undecided when I got there - I hate that feeling! My friend had booked us into the 'scousest' salon I have ever been in for a blow dry as if you're hitting Liverpool you have to go the full whack right? Go hard or go home! I love having big bouncy hair anyway so I was loving life. We had champagne whilst we all got beautified (some girls got their make up done) then we were ready to go. This gave the dress a massive transformation and I decided I liked it when I was all done up. I had such a fun night and I can't wait to go back again!! 

Have you been out in Liverpool before? Do you like the bandage dresses?



  1. Aww you look absolutely stunning in this dress Ashleigh! what were you worried about ? you look fab! the dress is gorg & you have an amazing body for the dress! But i love it when you have one of those nights were everything seems to be going fantastic & glad you enjoyed Liverpool - never been but my mum has :P
    I think i need to visit this scouse hair salon as i've heard & seen what liverpool girls were for nights out - all dolled to the nines ;)

  2. love this dress it looks amazing with your colouring!! x

  3. I love the dress and you seriously look good in it! The yellow looks fab with your dark hair colour!! xx

  4. I am officially obsessed with you, your hair is perfect, your style is perfect and I really wish I had you figure.

  5. Love the dress, your hair looks amazing too! xx

  6. Wow, you look Hawwwt! Cant wait to see your hot little self on Thursday! xx
    Heroine in Heels

  7. Such a gorgeous dress! Looks just like the celeb boutique one! New follower :) xx

  8. Love the dress, looks gorgeous on you! x


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