Friday, 20 July 2012

Couture Girl | Tag Post

Hello ladies,

I posted this post the other day and cleverly forgot to introduce it, meaning no one probably knew what I was on about *blonde moment*. So if you didn't know already, my friend and fellow blogger Kayleigh at Couture Girl, has recently created a tag post all about being a blogger. This includes 5 things I love about blogging, an aim, a tip and someone who has inspired me :). I love reading posts like this so I thought I would do her tag as well. You should all have a go too, as I love reading everyone elses, make sure you share your link on her tag so she can read it too! Here we go...

1. Passion -I have always loved fashion since I was a little girl. It was something I was mesmerised with and loved looking at. Whether it was an outfit on a celebrity on T.V or the girl that sat next to me on non-uniform day...I was gonna' be lookin at your threads! I started my blog a while ago with 2 picture posts on Blake Lively, as I was totally clueless on how I was to go about writing a post properly. I then started my Multimedia Journalism masters and had to pursue with my blog as a requirement of my course. This ended up as a blessing as I love writing my blog (when I get chance) and posting about my latest buys/finds/loves.

2. Creativity - I love getting creative with my blog! It's such a buzz when you start thinking of all the different blog posts/ideas you can write about. I also love reading other blogs to get inspiration for my own posts. The blogging world is such a good platform to be yourself, share your ideas and communicate with people who love what you love too. 

3. Other Bloggers -I absolutely love interacting with other bloggers and people that share the same interests with me. It's a lovely feeling reading feedback from other bloggers on your blog and interacting over Twitter. It is very rare that you get negative feedback as other bloggers generally appreciate the time and effort that goes into your posts. That saying, I'm sure there are a few nasties out there, but in general you're all a friendly bunch!

4. Inspiration - I think my inspiration comes from a number of things. Whether I blogged or not, I would always be scouring magazines and taking note of what other people around me were loving and wearing at the moment. I think reading other blogs is probably one of the best ways to get inspiration for your own. I obviously don't sit there and copy someones whole page; but if I like how some one has their layout, their style of post or even the imagery they have used, I often use this to inspire my own thoughts and ideas to make my own version.  

5. My Own Space - It's so nice to have your own space on the internet to literally put whatever you want out there (to an extent!). To me, it feels like the creative side to social media where you can design your whole page and content and share it with the world. When it comes to blogging, generally people who are going to read and come back again to read your blog, are going to be interested in the content and what you have to say.

Blogging Aim - My personal blogging aim is definitely to become more frequent with my posts. Holding down a part-time job, an internship and an 18,000 word dissertation was never going to be easy, and if you want to produce a good quality post, you definitely need a fair bit of time, which unfortunately I'm lacking in! I would also like to upgrade my camera for images and find the perfect background for my OOTD! I wouldn't ever let any of these things de-motivate me from blogging though! All I can do is try my best :).

Blogging Tip - I definitely have to agree with Kayleigh on the top blogging tip of Interaction. There is nothing worse than complementing a blogger on their most recent post or asking them a related question and getting no response. I find it so rude and puts me off following their blog completely. If people didn't follow their blogs then they wouldn't be in the position they are now, so at least have the courtesy to reply back. Simple. Wow, rant over ha. 

Blogger who has inspired me - There are too many amazing blogs out there, and so many have inspired me, not just one in particular. However, the first blog I ever came across was 5 inch and up by Sandra. I used to die looking through her amazing photography and picture backgrounds (which are increddd by the way). She is absolutely gorgeous and her wardrobe is something I can only dream of! She tends to have more photos than writing, however the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. If you don't follow her already you definitely should have a look :).

Peace & Love


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wireless Festival 2012

Hey Beautiess,

Sorry for picture overload, but y'know!

So this weekend has been pretty eventful for me! I lost my festival V and had one of the best weekends I've had since my birthday. Despite not having been on holiday yet this year, I've been pretty lucky and have had some amazing weekends this Summer.

So Wireless, wow. What a weekend. If you know me or follow me on twitter, you will know that I am a huge fan of the R n B genre. I like a range of music but when it comes to a festival, I was unsure whether I would enjoy the ones I had heard of, as I am just not indie enough! However, when I heard the Wireless line up, I knew this was the one for me. Drake and Rihanna headlining, along with Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa and J.Cole. I'm sold! I can appreciate that a lot of people don't like this type of music but I personally couldn't have asked for a better line up for my first festival!

Before I headed down to Hyde Park in London where it was all happening, I obviously needed a festival wardrobe plan! As I have never been to a festival before I knew the most obvious thing is going to be wellies. I have wanted a pair of Hunter wellies for a while now and as we have so much bad weather in the UK, I am guaranteed to get my monies worth! I am mad for the baby pink ones, but just my luck - they were all sold out the week I went to get them. I ended up buying the bottle green Hunters, which were my second choice, as I like the traditional welly colour and I figured these would go with a lot of my clothes.

I searched high and low for a waterproof jacket to take with me (last minute, mind you!) and ended up buying one in Miss Selfridge thanks to Chelsea from Through Chelsea's Eyes ! Ta girl ! It was a bright pink and sure to keep me at least a bit dry. Then me being me, managed to leave it in the bag on my bed. I sometimes astound myself with my stupidity. Anyway, I wasn't forking out for another jacket when I was in London and I ended up buying a Primark special for £9.00! It did the job so I can't complain. Now to decide whether to still keep the Miss Selfridge one....

I opted for my Topshop leopard print dress for the first day, then Levis shorts and crop top for the second day. The weather held out pretty well on the first day, it was just the second day that couldn't make it's mind up. I must have took my rain poncho on and off about 10 times! I didn't manage to get too soaked though, just a LOT of mud. When I saw people arriving in brand new high tops, I genuinely thought 'are they serious?' their shoes must have been ruined by the end of it all!

I was loving the festival fashion. Even though I had never been to a festival before, I had previously loved looking at peoples pictures online of their festival outfits, and couldn't wait till I got the chance to have a go at my own! The pictures above show some of the acts outfits and I was especially loving Jessie J's, Rita Ora and Ri 's festival get up! I can't say I would wear Nicki Minaj's outfit but she pulled it off well and was amazing live.Overall an incredible weekend - I just want to do it all over again!

Has anyone else been/going to a festival this year?
Did anyone go to Wireless festival?

Peace & Love 


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Kim Kardashian | Style Crush

Hey lovelies,

I have been absent from blogger yet again ! :( This time due to moving into my beautiful new flat and then being really ill :( bad times. Anyway, enough of my excuses....

I have been loving Kim K's outfits recently. I think she has a gorgeous figure and I love that she doesn't promote the 'size 0' hype, showing girls can look AMAZING whatever curves you have. I have been watching all the new Keeping Up With The Kardashian's streamed from the US and they are SO funny. My love for Scott Disick just gets stronger every time. These are some of my fave outfits I have seen Kim in lately - obviously accompanied with some Yeezy arm candy... Kimye <3!

I am a big fan of creams and white's when it comes to outfit shopping, and I have searched high and low on the Internet for a dress similar to the top picture of Kim at the BET Awards. I hope someone creates an affordable dupe of it. I am also loving the white peplum teamed with skinny jeans, so effortlessly stylish. Lots of these peplum tops have hit the sales too, so I'm going to see if I can grab myself a bargain and get the KK look down! Whilst in Paris, Kim certainly dressed to impress, wearing a gorgeous black & cream dress with beautiful ruffle detailing and effortlessly chic paper bag trousers. Lush. I know a lot of people aren't a fan of the 'slick back hair' style, but I am personally a fan, when you do it right of course. It keeps attention on the make-up, which I think can look so refreshing when you have eye popping lashes and a minimalist look.

Are you a fan of Kim's style too?

Peace & Love 

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