Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Buys!

Hello lovely ladies :)

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I have recently spent all my vouchers from Christmas (WOW, how did they last that long?!), and I wanted to share with you what I picked up :).

Cream Lace Top - River Island
Peace Necklace - River Island
Eylure Lashes - River Island
White Lace Shorts - H&M
Fashion Against Aids Top - H&M
Wake Me Up Rimmel Foundation - Superdrug 

I was rather chuffed with my pieces considering I didn't have to spend hardly anything. I think I am more impressed with the fact I managed to keep hold of my vouchers for that long to be honest! I also took full advantage of the 20% off in River Island this Thursday, as you aren't a student forever! boooo.
I went to check out the newly vamped H&M on Market Street in Manchester, and had nothing but love for their new ranges! I really liked the Fashion Against Aids range, hence the new top. I always find that ranges that are promoting a charity or cause, tend not to be that nice in my opinion. However, I really thought H&M had hit it on the head with this one, as there were loads of nice pieces that I could have bought. I am sure they will be a big hit with customers as well as raising money for a worthy cause. I have tried on my new things with some of my old clothes to try and get some summer outfit inspirations! I took a few photo's for you to see :) ...

White Lace Shorts

Cream Lace Top & Peace Necklace

Fashion Against Aids Top & Peace Necklace

Regarding my new foundation 'Wake Me Up', I can happily say it was a good buy. I'm no make- up expert and I chose this foundation through recommendations from friends and reading blog reviews, however I still have my opinion and I really like this new foundation. I used to use MAC, which on a plus was slightly more 'runny' as a formula than the Rimmel foundation. However, I prefer the tones of this foundation much more. I always thought that MAC left me looking too 'yellow' regardless of having my skin matched. This is my new foundation below...

Has anyone else tried this foundation?
Has anyone got some Summer must-have items recently?

Peace & Love


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Presents & NOTD

Hello Lovely Bloggers !

So today I have done loooads of uni work and said I wouldn't blog till I have everything handed in. Ooops. I am so bored of it I decided to play around with my nail varnish and show you my new gifts :).

Basically my boy went on a stag do last week and came back bearing gifts! Crazy right!? I thought them kind of things were just lads craic and boozing. Anyway, he very kindly picked me up a lush new perfume and some MAC Lipsticks :).

I have never smelt this perfume before, but it smells delicious. It is called Versace - Bright Crystal and is the perfect perfume for a long lasting smell that lasts all day. The smell is fruity, crisp and refreshing - everything I want in a perfume! It also comes in a pretty pink and silver packaging and the lid resembles a huge crystal :) I am always on the look out for new perfumes and love getting new ones to try (I have quite a collection!). I do like quite a few of the celebrity perfumes but as you probably know, they don't last very long. My ultimate favourite has got to be Calvin Klein -Euphoria as I haven't found one that tops this yet! It is the type of perfume I always go back to and don't mind forking out for, as I know it is long lasting and smells gorgeous.

Top - Viva Glam Gaga Lustre
Bottom- Viva Glam Gaga 2 Amplified

I also got the two Viva Glam MAC lipstics by Lady Gaga. I already have the Viva Glam Gaga Lustre lipstick, but I do use it quite a lot and it is definitely on it's last legs! The other lipstick was Viva Glam Gaga 2 Amplified, which I have never used before. It is a nude colour as you can see from the picture, if you didnt know already. I am not usually a fan of nude lipsticks as I like to wear nice bright colours on my lips, and I HATE the foundation on your lips look...sorry I just do. However, I am getting used to this one so hopefully it is a grower! I decided this cute MAC bag will be perfect for puting my favourite go-to MAC lipsticks in too, as I have so many and I hate shovelling around in my make up bag to try and find the one I want. Luckily this is see through so I can see what is what, overall I am impressed!

So my NOTD :). I have seen this NOTD done on a few other blogs and really wanted to try it myself as it looks really cute!

Sorry the picture of my nails looks better in real life, my camera is rubbish though! You get the idea though :)

Basically all you need is white nail varnish, some sort of newspaper or magazine (I would say it works better with newspaper) and an alcohol hand wipe - I used vodka and a make up pad... same difference! Most girls have used the free ones that you pick up from KFC though. You also need a clear coat to put on once you are done so it seals the ink :).

All I did was paint the base of my nails white, took part of the magazine and placed the written part face down on the nail, then wiped the vodka over and held it down for a few seconds, and voila! Then just painted a top coat of clear nail varnish on top to keep it all in place. Simples.

I didn't have any newspaper lying around, just loads of magazines! I presume it will work better with newspaper, as the magazine has a shiny coating over the writing making it harder to come off onto your nail! Not bad for a first effort though!

Has anyone else tried this? What are your favourite perfumes? Let me know so I can try!

☮ & ♡


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Style Crush: Millie Mackintosh

Hello ladies !

So like most of everyone that watches Made In Chelsea, I have developed the obvious girl crush, clothes envy, job envy and general jealousy of the super haaat Millie Macintosh! Also, if you watched tonight how much of a beyattch is Rosie!? AND totes digging Hugo's new piece Natalie with the sh*t hot bod over this Kimberley chick- very average in my opinion!

Anyway I recently couldn't stop googling and obsessing over Millie's wardrobe, she just has the most gorgeous clothes... If only we all had the money to splash out and buy gorgeous swimsuits to sip champagne in - in Dubai... major sighhh!

I have been checking out her new Lipsy range (move over Pixie Lott!) and even though I'm not really a huge fan of Lipsy, I cannot deny she is looking mighty fine in all of the new Lipsy summer range whether I like it or not!

Here are some of my fave outfits I've seen her rocking...

Uh-mazingg jade green dress with a lush tan and casual arm candy being Pro Green for the Brits.... well jel.

I am loving maxi skirts with a crop top at the minute and I think this skirt in particular is beautiful! It's ready for summer and I will certainly be trying to make my own version of this outfit!

Modelling for the Donna Ida brand, and looking delicious in a peter pan collar blouse, which looks cute and expensive. They have similar ones in H&M at the moment!

I can remember Millie tweeting about these Zara jeans. The colour is perfect for S/S and I am lusting after a pair right now! Also loving the cream lace top, very pretty.

Chilling in you do, in this gorgeous swimming costume! Although I love these costumes, I could literally only wear it for a party or like Millie casually on a yacht (which doesn't happen often/ever!) as I am an obsessive tanner!The floppy hat is gorgeous as well, I picked up a tan one similar to the one in tonight's episode from Primark. Bargain!

Probably one of the nicer dresses from the new Lipsy range, although I am sure lots of girls will be loving the new dresses, they are just too prom like for me and not my style at all! I think she looks absolutely gorgeous here though - the up-do is beauts!

Definitely one of my favourite casual outfits from Millie, again rocking the Donna Ida brand. I adore any sort of 'peace' jewellery like this necklace. The slouchy tee and boots look so effortlessly stylish with the skin tight berry jeans.

Are you a fan of Millie's style too? I hope so !

Peace & Love


Thursday, 5 April 2012

How I Wear My LBD

Hello lovely ladies!

I'm guessing EVERY girl owns some sort of LBD right? They are such a staple wardrobe item and one of the greatest fashion innovations! If you don't have one already, you should definitely invest, as they are an all season round essential ;). Make sure when you buy one it is well-fitted so you are guaranteed to wear it throughout the seasons. Whenever I am having a nightmare over what to wear, I always reach out for my LBD 'cos I know it's not gonna let me down. Basically this post is just showing you how I wear my LBD depending on the occasion :) I know everyone has their own styles and ideas but I just wanted to show you how I wear mine. I have loads of LBD's as I love them and I have also needed them for when working on events. Here I have picked out a simple bandeau dress from Topshop to show you each outfit! So...


Dress- Topshop
Denim Shirt - Primark
Converse- Converse

For everyday wear, these are the types of items I would dress with the LBD. I think any sort of plimsoll/converse/hi-top would look cute for day (plus you need to be comfy!). Obviously unless its super warm outside, you are going to need some sort of jumper/jacket. I love this over sized boyfriend shirt as I can wear it open, tied or closed, which all ways look cute. I also think that if it is warm enough the denim jackets with cut off arms looks pretty cool too and if not either of these, you can't go wrong with an over sized cardigan. I would be likely to wear this outfit to go shopping, to the beach and just hanging out with my friends in general. If this felt too plain I would probably wear a floral head band that ties at the side to jazz it up a bit. My favourite way to have my hair is natural and wavy, but any hair style would go with this look.  

2. Preppy/Work

Dress- Topshop
Blazer- River Island
Tights- Primark
Shoes- Manchester Boutique

Although I have categorised this outfit under preppy/work, there are obviously some aspects I would change, but this is just for a general idea. For example, my dress would be to the knee and my shoes would be a lot lower! However, I think teaming an LBD with a blazer is they key to smart and preppy. It instantly makes the outfit look classy. I would team the dress with some tights for work as I would feel more comfortable with my legs covered and plain grey/black/brown Mary Jane heels (not this high though!). As you can see I have tied my hair up into a sleek bun using the trusty hair doughnut! I decided that a pretty floral scarf was appropriate, (you can see in the second picture) as no one wants too much on show for work! I would also keep jewellery to a minimum, just wearing studs and my everyday watch/bracelet/ring.

3. Edgy/Cocktails

Dress- Topshop
Leather Jacket- Zara
Shoes- Office

This is the type of outfit I would wear to go for cocktails or drinks after work/uni. I absolutely love the edgy look, as I think it looks so sexy and sophisticated! I think a black leather jacket is a also another staple wardrobe item, as I have had so much wear out of mine since I bought it last year. I think a leather jacket is also essential when you are trying to achieve the edgy look. I opted for some gladiator ankle boots that I LOVE and feel that this is the best choice of shoe to go with the edgy look. Again my hair is really just natural and wavy and I would probably wear statement rings and my skull scarf to add to the look! 

4. Boho/Holidays

Dress- Topshop
Necklaces- Topshop
Tassel top- River Island
Wedges- Manchester Boutique

Yay my favourite look! I'm obsessed with anything boho and super excited for summer holidays! Anyway, I think that if you are going to make an LBD look boho, accessories are the key ! As you can see, I decided to wear a flower headpiece and lots of summery necklaces. However, I think loooaads of jewellery is necessary for the boho look; Wooden bangles, feather earrings, statement/colourful jewellery- the lot ! Although, I wouldn't wear all of this for one outfit as I would end up looking like a bad version of Ke$ha ! Wedges are ideal for summer which is why I have chosen them to go with this outfit, plus they are super comfy whilst you are partying away in the sun :). In the third picture you can see I have teamed up my dress with a tassel top from River Island. Tasselled items look gorgeous in summer whether it be your dress, skirt, shorts, bag or shoes, they definitely seal the boho look for me!

5. Dressy/Night

Dress- Topshop
Shoes- Manchester Boutique

This picture was taken pre-night out, so I thought it seemed wise to show you what I actually did wear! On a night out I still keep things pretty simple when it comes to an LBD. I always wear platform shoes or wedges when I go out so here I am again in the grey platforms! I also have some statement gold earrings in, but my hair must be hiding them in the picture! I think as much or as little accessories with an LBD for a night out, as it depends on what you like to wear and how you wear it. I personally don't like wearing to much jewellery, just statement earrings and a statement ring/s but we're not all the same :). I wore a pastel pink clutch bag with this outfit, as I was wearing light grey shoes and thought pastel colours or white go nicely together with the grey :).

Sorry for a super long post, I just wanted to explain the looks :) How do you wear your LBD?
Hope everyone is having a great week ! Nearly Friday ! Yayyy :)

Peace & Love



Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My New Blog Sale Buys

Hello !

Just a quick post on my two new beauty pieces I bought from a blog sale the other week, which might I add are brilliant for the price !

Firstly I got the O.P.I nail varnish in 'Play the Peonies', which is a really light creamy pink colour...

This was just £1.50 !! With O.P.I nail varnishes usually costing about £8, it's safe to say I got myself a bargain here. I only have two other O.P.I nail varnishes, as being a student, I can never justify the prices when I can get a really good nail varnish from the drug store like Barry M. However I do love O.P.I and you always know that you are getting a good quality nail varnish despite the price. I love this nail varnish as it is a lovely subtle colour you can wear everyday. I know it sounds really weird but I love wearing these pale nail varnishes when my hands have a tan. I know, I sound bizarre but it's just one of my weird and wonderful likes, ha!

The second item I bought was MAC pigments - Impassioned Solar Bits...

Again, this was just £2.00 !! Amazing! Especially when this usually RRP's at £16.50. The pearlised pigment clusters are a gold/bronzed metallic colour which is perfect for summer and I love any sort of bronze/gold make-up in general. I absolutely love it and I can't wait till I next go out so I can sprinkle this stuff all over my face, ha! I also think that if you are a MUA this would be perfect for contouring on photo shoots, I will definitely be making my MUA friend practise on me :).

So there we have it, my two blog sale bargains! I was so chuffed to get such expensive brands for so little, which were also both pretty much full and in perfect condition. Has anyone else got amazing products from a blog sale?

Peace & Love



Monday, 2 April 2012

** Benefit & MAC Giveaway! **

Hello again !

Another post from me today :). I am going to do my first giveaway for all my lovely followers that read my blog. First of all thank you so much for reading ! I started my blog as something I had to do as part of my university course, but I actually really enjoy blogging and wish I had done it ages ago ! Although I can't blog as much as I would like to due to studying for my Masters, I really appreciate each and every one of you who reads my blog. I love reading everyone's comments and it feels rewarding that people are bothering to look at what I have to say :) *Hugs!!*

Anyway ! My first give away will be three items :)

1. Benefit BAD Gal Lash Mascara
2. Benefit BAD Gal Waterproof Liner
3. A Mac Lipstick of your choice :)

Not bad huh?! So here is what you have to do...

1. Firstly to enter you must be a follower of my blog & leave a comment on this post telling me who your style icon is, just to make it interesting and I love seeing who you have picked :)  (1 entries)

2. Follow me on twitter here and tweet "I just entered @ashleighgxoxo Benefit & Mac giveaway at enter here! xo" (+ 3 entries)

3. Make a blog post about my giveaway with a link to this post/my blog :) (+ 5 entries)

So you have lots of chances to win these amazing beauty products, which might I add - are some of my favourite make-up essentials :). The winner will be picked at random on the 27th of April... Good Luck !

go go go :) !

Peace & Love 

Drake & New Work Outfits :)

Hello Ladiesss :)

Just a post on my outfits this weekend :), hope everyone had a good one! I had a lovely weekend :) even though I had to work, I managed to grab myself a new uniform that I love and I am so devo it's work uniform!

My boy came up yesterday & we had such a lush day. He came armed with lots of delicious food (I am a poor student ha!), a bunch of lillie's and a massive Easter egg ! YAY. He then took me out for cocktails and dinner - such a babe! THEN to top it off me and my girl Ore went to see Drake last night at the M.E.N..... no joke he was AH-MAH-ZING! If you appreciate Drizzy as much as me, you can imagine he was on fire last night!

Here is what I wore last night for my boy Drake ;) ha ...

Dress - H&M
Jumper- Next
Boots- Manchester Boutique

I am totally in love with my white H&M dress, it fits me perfectly and I love the contrast of brown hair with white/cream clothes for some reason. Therefore, this is one of my favourite outfits :). If you live in the U.K you will know that our little burst of sunshine has disappeared and I certainly needed something to keep me warm, hence the stripey jumper. I got this in the Next sale in a couple of sizes too big and I like to wear it off the shoulder. 

Whilst in work on Saturday, I got the chance to choose a couple of outfits for work. I work in House of Fraser on Jaeger & Jaeger Boutique. I don't particularly love all the clothes I work with, however there are some pieces that are really cute. The clothes are rather expensive as it is a high end designer brand and I would never spend so much on some of these simple pieces (especially as a student). However all the things I picked are 100% cotton so you are getting good quality regardless.Here is what I have picked...

White 2 Bow Top- Jaeger Boutique
Frill Shorts - Jaeger Boutique
Boots- Manchester Boutique

Sailor Top- Jaeger Boutique
Frill Shorts- Jaeger Boutique
Boots- Manchester Boutique

They are pretty cute right ! They remind me of something Molly from The Saturdays would wear which is probably what drew me to them in the first place - I love her style :). I would love to wear them out in the summer if I was going out for cocktails, however I probably won't as no one wants to wear their work things out really do they .... Never mind!

I would also like to thank all the girls that tagged me and awarded me on their blogs. I seemed to get them all at once, and I didn't have time to answer all the questions they passed on and tag other people. I also thought that having six tag posts all at once would be too much ! I just wanted to say I am very grateful for you all thinking of me and my blog. Here are the lovely ladies that tagged me, they are all amazing bloggers and you definitely should check them all out ! .....


Peace & Love

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