Sunday 29 April 2012

New Buys!

Hello lovely ladies :)

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I have recently spent all my vouchers from Christmas (WOW, how did they last that long?!), and I wanted to share with you what I picked up :).

Cream Lace Top - River Island
Peace Necklace - River Island
Eylure Lashes - River Island
White Lace Shorts - H&M
Fashion Against Aids Top - H&M
Wake Me Up Rimmel Foundation - Superdrug 

I was rather chuffed with my pieces considering I didn't have to spend hardly anything. I think I am more impressed with the fact I managed to keep hold of my vouchers for that long to be honest! I also took full advantage of the 20% off in River Island this Thursday, as you aren't a student forever! boooo.
I went to check out the newly vamped H&M on Market Street in Manchester, and had nothing but love for their new ranges! I really liked the Fashion Against Aids range, hence the new top. I always find that ranges that are promoting a charity or cause, tend not to be that nice in my opinion. However, I really thought H&M had hit it on the head with this one, as there were loads of nice pieces that I could have bought. I am sure they will be a big hit with customers as well as raising money for a worthy cause. I have tried on my new things with some of my old clothes to try and get some summer outfit inspirations! I took a few photo's for you to see :) ...

White Lace Shorts

Cream Lace Top & Peace Necklace

Fashion Against Aids Top & Peace Necklace

Regarding my new foundation 'Wake Me Up', I can happily say it was a good buy. I'm no make- up expert and I chose this foundation through recommendations from friends and reading blog reviews, however I still have my opinion and I really like this new foundation. I used to use MAC, which on a plus was slightly more 'runny' as a formula than the Rimmel foundation. However, I prefer the tones of this foundation much more. I always thought that MAC left me looking too 'yellow' regardless of having my skin matched. This is my new foundation below...

Has anyone else tried this foundation?
Has anyone got some Summer must-have items recently?

Peace & Love



  1. I tried a sample of the foundation and I wasn't too impressed. Don't get me wrong I loved the initial app it was just the wear of it throughout the day. I think this is one of those Marmite products you either love it or hate it and with foundations I think skin type plays a big part, but your skin looks flawless babe.

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

    1. really! I dont really wear foundation in the day, just for going out/night time! As I dont have it on for a full day, I probably havent seen the full effects of how long lasting it is. I am going to a wedding next week so I will have to test it out :) Thank you xoxo

  2. I love your buys, I'm thinking about getting the Rimmel Wake me up foundation. x

    1. Thank you! I really like it, I think it makes your skin look 'glowy' :) xoxo

  3. I love the necklace! :) xx

  4. The H&M top is sooo lovely! I totally agree about charity collections but this is gorge xx

    1. Thank you ! It was only £15 as well ! bargain :) xoxo

  5. I love everything you've picked up! & the way you styled the pieces! River Island is the best! Perfection! You look absolutely gorgeous, hun! Lovely post! xo, Megs

    1. Aww thanks honey :) River Island has too many nice things right now, I want it all :(! xoxo

  6. i totally almost bought that hm fashion against aids shirt yesterday! what lipstick are you wearing in the last photo? I LOVE.

    1. Ooh did you! They have such a nice range don't they !It's MAC Pink Nouveau lovely :) xoxo

  7. I love this top from H&M ... really wish I had bought it now! Got the colourful Aztec skirt instead!
    Loving your blog. Thanks for following me Hun



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