Monday 2 April 2012

Drake & New Work Outfits :)

Hello Ladiesss :)

Just a post on my outfits this weekend :), hope everyone had a good one! I had a lovely weekend :) even though I had to work, I managed to grab myself a new uniform that I love and I am so devo it's work uniform!

My boy came up yesterday & we had such a lush day. He came armed with lots of delicious food (I am a poor student ha!), a bunch of lillie's and a massive Easter egg ! YAY. He then took me out for cocktails and dinner - such a babe! THEN to top it off me and my girl Ore went to see Drake last night at the M.E.N..... no joke he was AH-MAH-ZING! If you appreciate Drizzy as much as me, you can imagine he was on fire last night!

Here is what I wore last night for my boy Drake ;) ha ...

Dress - H&M
Jumper- Next
Boots- Manchester Boutique

I am totally in love with my white H&M dress, it fits me perfectly and I love the contrast of brown hair with white/cream clothes for some reason. Therefore, this is one of my favourite outfits :). If you live in the U.K you will know that our little burst of sunshine has disappeared and I certainly needed something to keep me warm, hence the stripey jumper. I got this in the Next sale in a couple of sizes too big and I like to wear it off the shoulder. 

Whilst in work on Saturday, I got the chance to choose a couple of outfits for work. I work in House of Fraser on Jaeger & Jaeger Boutique. I don't particularly love all the clothes I work with, however there are some pieces that are really cute. The clothes are rather expensive as it is a high end designer brand and I would never spend so much on some of these simple pieces (especially as a student). However all the things I picked are 100% cotton so you are getting good quality regardless.Here is what I have picked...

White 2 Bow Top- Jaeger Boutique
Frill Shorts - Jaeger Boutique
Boots- Manchester Boutique

Sailor Top- Jaeger Boutique
Frill Shorts- Jaeger Boutique
Boots- Manchester Boutique

They are pretty cute right ! They remind me of something Molly from The Saturdays would wear which is probably what drew me to them in the first place - I love her style :). I would love to wear them out in the summer if I was going out for cocktails, however I probably won't as no one wants to wear their work things out really do they .... Never mind!

I would also like to thank all the girls that tagged me and awarded me on their blogs. I seemed to get them all at once, and I didn't have time to answer all the questions they passed on and tag other people. I also thought that having six tag posts all at once would be too much ! I just wanted to say I am very grateful for you all thinking of me and my blog. Here are the lovely ladies that tagged me, they are all amazing bloggers and you definitely should check them all out ! .....


Peace & Love



  1. Words cannot ever describe how jealous I am you went to see Drake!! I was totally skint when the tickets came out, and reading facebook and twitter has made me feel sick ever since haha. Love the outfit you wore for it!

  2. Aww babes ! That sucks... you will have to get tickets for his next tour :) !! Thank you :) xoxo

    1. I know, sooo gutted! I bet he was amazing. I hope he doesn't announce anything major soon cos I'm out the country till October! be just my luck that haha xxx

    2. I'm seeing him at wireless this summer but I'm not sure what else he is doing ! I'm sure he will have something lined up again this year you can go to though ! xoxo

  3. I love that jumper Ash! Xx.

  4. I really like the second outfit! Following you as well :)

  5. I love each & every one of these outfits, but especially the first! Love the jumper & that dress is divine! Great styling! So effortless & yet so fun! I came across your blog while checking out another! I will definitely be following you now, hun! xo, Megs


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