Tuesday 10 April 2012

Style Crush: Millie Mackintosh

Hello ladies !

So like most of everyone that watches Made In Chelsea, I have developed the obvious girl crush, clothes envy, job envy and general jealousy of the super haaat Millie Macintosh! Also, if you watched tonight how much of a beyattch is Rosie!? AND totes digging Hugo's new piece Natalie with the sh*t hot bod over this Kimberley chick- very average in my opinion!

Anyway I recently couldn't stop googling and obsessing over Millie's wardrobe, she just has the most gorgeous clothes... If only we all had the money to splash out and buy gorgeous swimsuits to sip champagne in - in Dubai... major sighhh!

I have been checking out her new Lipsy range (move over Pixie Lott!) and even though I'm not really a huge fan of Lipsy, I cannot deny she is looking mighty fine in all of the new Lipsy summer range whether I like it or not!

Here are some of my fave outfits I've seen her rocking...

Uh-mazingg jade green dress with a lush tan and casual arm candy being Pro Green for the Brits.... well jel.

I am loving maxi skirts with a crop top at the minute and I think this skirt in particular is beautiful! It's ready for summer and I will certainly be trying to make my own version of this outfit!

Modelling for the Donna Ida brand, and looking delicious in a peter pan collar blouse, which looks cute and expensive. They have similar ones in H&M at the moment!

I can remember Millie tweeting about these Zara jeans. The colour is perfect for S/S and I am lusting after a pair right now! Also loving the cream lace top, very pretty.

Chilling in Dubai...as you do, in this gorgeous swimming costume! Although I love these costumes, I could literally only wear it for a party or like Millie casually on a yacht (which doesn't happen often/ever!) as I am an obsessive tanner!The floppy hat is gorgeous as well, I picked up a tan one similar to the one in tonight's episode from Primark. Bargain!

Probably one of the nicer dresses from the new Lipsy range, although I am sure lots of girls will be loving the new dresses, they are just too prom like for me and not my style at all! I think she looks absolutely gorgeous here though - the up-do is beauts!

Definitely one of my favourite casual outfits from Millie, again rocking the Donna Ida brand. I adore any sort of 'peace' jewellery like this necklace. The slouchy tee and boots look so effortlessly stylish with the skin tight berry jeans.

Are you a fan of Millie's style too? I hope so !

Peace & Love



  1. I love eclectic style... never sticking to just one thing & I absolutely adore this posting. It embodies eclecticism! Refined, playful, demure, and sexy all rolled into one! Definitely a fan! Lovely! xo, Megs


  2. Loving this post as I love Millie! She looks so effortlessly classy all the time, tooo jellll haha xxx

  3. Would love access to her wardrobe, she always looks amazing.

    allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

  4. isn't she just amazing ! xoxo

  5. love this post she is amazing


  6. Hello Ashleigh! I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you with the Liebster Blog award on my blog! Your stylings and musings are always so fun and clever! You can check it out when you have the time! xo, Megs


  7. Hello, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award:


    Lauren xo

  8. i am OBSESSED with her style and makeup! shes ridiculously good looking and i love practically everything she wears! that green lipsy dress is soooo stunning i want it but don't know where i would wear it tbh!! xx

  9. yeah, she is a beauty! :)


  10. I hadn't taken much notice of Miss Macintosh until recently but the girls got style

  11. She is gorgeous, love the dress she is wearing in the first picture! What a pretty color.

    Little Petite

  12. redic how hot millie is! neeed her waredrobe x

  13. i agree millie's wardrobe is amazing! x

  14. I havent watched Made in Chelsea, but im starting to see Millie everywhere! I like the blue/green dress is this from her range? @getthriftycouk

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