Monday, 29 July 2013


Outfit 1 // Top - Topshop // Skirt (actually a dress!) - Topshop // Lion Necklace - Ebay // Gladiators - Next
Outfit 2 // Top - Topshop // Rihanna Shorts - River Island // Hi-Tops - Footlocker 

Hey dolls, 

Sooo this is a bit late, but better late than never! A couple of weekends ago I went to Wireless festival for my 2nd year of festival fun. I absolutely loved it first time round, so I was quick to snap up tickets for this year when they came out! I saw that quite a few bloggers went to Wireless this year and lots of celebs (I didn't see any though :( boo!) so you have probably seen a few of these posts but I wanted to share with you my outfits that I wore over the weekend! I went down London for the Friday & Saturday and stayed with a friend who lived nearby which was pretty ideal. 

Wireless is definitely the festival for me based on the facts it has all the music/artists I love and it's not camping. Don't get me wrong if it was camping I would still go, but there is nothing better than a shower after a day of mud, sweat and dancing, not to mention the joys of a comfy bed. So it kinda works out pretty well for my preferences. The only down side to the event was the unbelievable heat that we endured all day! Now I'm not one to moan about the weather when it's hot but JESUS it was mad hot! I checked the temperature at one point and it was the same heat as what it was when I was in Egypt - positively melting! Besides that, I was loving life watching some of my fave people including Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Trey Songs (oh hello <3), Tinie Tempah, John Legend, Iggy Azalea, Miguel and Kendrick Lemar to name a few!

I had wisely opted to leave the Hunter wellies at home (although I saw some people wearing them, how? I do not know) and brought with me a few outfits to choose from for both days. On the first day I couldn't really make my mind up and ended up turning my Topshop cream dress in to a skirt - oh hey last minute DIY! I had picked up the black and animal print crop top in the Topshop sale and teamed them with my gladiators and gold lion chain from Ebay. 

For the second day I wore my new Rihanna for River Island shorts that I also picked up in the sale for £12 from £25 (total barg) and wore these with my trusty Topshop crop top and some Nike hi-tops. I also whacked on a good old floral head piece as I felt my outfit was a bit boring and voilĂ , my 2nd day outfit done :).

Did you go to Wireless this year? 
PS. Sorry for the quality of the pictures - it was an Iphone job! 

Friday, 26 July 2013

It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters

 Dress- Ebay // Hi-Tops - Footlocker // Chain - Ebay // Bag - Zara 

Hey Dolls, 

Yayyyy it's Friday! My favourite day of the working week AND its still sunny! What is this? What has happened to the UK? Either way I'm not complaining, gimmie more! 

Anyway I recently got this little beaut of a dress (pretty sure most people wear it as a top but whatevs) thanks to Charlotte at Lurchhound Loves who I spotted wearing on an instagram post and instantly fell in love. I love tie dye in the Summer and I seem to be immediately drawn to it whenever I'm shopping. I even got my own tie dying dyes to have a go myself, but haven't got round to using yet. I think I had previously seen this one on Pretty Little Thing, however, Charlotte mentioned she got hers off Ebay for cheaper so I jumped on that one and got searching! 

I managed to find one for just under £9 on Ebay which is a total bargain! 'Buy Now' was pressed immediately. Within about 2 days my dress arrived so it was super speedy delivery, which I love! Charlotte teamed hers with a skirt, which is probably more sensible than me just going all out with nothing else on, but at the moment I'm just finding the weather too hot so I'm opting for minimal, sorry guys. I wore mine with some baby pink socks, my fave Airforce1 high tops and a gold chain (also from Ebay - just type in 'gold chain', loads come up) and went for a bit of an urban look. I also had my white Zara baby hanging off my arm and I was sort of enjoying the pastel tie dye/white combo to be honest!

You can get the same dress/top, whatever you want to call it - HERE or HERE (the first one could be sold out now) but you can still get the same dress for just under a tenner - not bad huh?!      

Are you Ebay obsessed like me? 


Monday, 22 July 2013

KJ Dressing Room

Dress - KJ Dressing Room* // Bag - Topshop // Shoes - Primark 

Hey dolls! 

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend! Mine was pretty busy but lots of fun all the same :) Now it's back to a week of work...owww! I wish I could be a lady of leisure whilst its this warm! 

Despite being back at work I received a lovely package from KJ Dressing Room last week and was absolutely over the moon with this gorgeous bodycon dress (might I add wrapped up in lovely gold tissue paper - I love good packaging). KJ Dressing Room are a brand new online fashion website that sell dresses, bags and accessories for both day and night occasions. The brand belongs to the lovely Jade Turner & Kate Thorne - who some of you might recognise if you are a Geordie Shore fan, as James' girlfriend, a very beautiful lady! After browsing the website I had already fallen in love with some of the dresses in the night wear section - I'm a sucker for a white dress and they have plenty to choose from! Not only do they have a gorgeous night wear selection for super reasonable prices (From around £20), last night they launched their brand new day wear range which is equally as lovely - lots of gorgeous midi and maxi dresses for Summer! I especially love the cream tie maxi dress, so if you are jetting off on holidays soon this would be perfect against a gorgeous holiday tan! 

The dress I have on is also something I would certainly be taking away with me, I think it would look lush with a tan and I felt like it was a really flattering fit. The fabric is quite tight so its good for holding you in whilst sculpting and smoothing your shape - yay! I absolutely love the pattern/design on the front of the dress which is why I decided to leave out any statement jewellery as I didn't want to take away attention from the detail. I teamed the dress with some black Kim K inspired heels that I managed to bag off a photo shoot from work ;) and a black 3D flower clutch from Topshop. I love a bodycon dress as I find they are ideal for both day to night wear as they are easily dressed up or down. Although I would probably wear this dressed up, I think it would look nice with some black gladiator sandals also! You can get my dress HERE and it retails for a very reasonable £31.99!

Have you checked out KJ Dressing Room?


Saturday, 20 July 2013


Dress - OMG Fashion*// Gladiator Sandles - Next // Necklace - Primark // Cuff - Topshop

Hey dolls, 

I can't believe how hot it still is! I wish I wasn't working so I could go out and enjoy it! I was in the car before and it was 31 degrees! Jheez, Manchester is HOT. I'm so glad it's the weekend so I can enjoy the sun instead of being stuck in a sauna at work. 

I was recently given the opportunity to choose a midi dress from OMG Fashion and as a lover of the midi style I jumped at the chance! I find midi dresses are perfect for every day with flats or converse, and then they can be easily dressed up for casual drinks with some wedges or heels. Perfecto. I also feel that they are good for days when its sort of warm but not warm enough for a mini dress, like a good balance of cover up! 

When browsing the midi dresses there were lots of options ranging from £10-£25 which is super cheap for a dress in my eyes! Yay for cheap midi dresses!! I went for an aztec pattern midi which is called the 'Mia Mint Foil Aztec Cap Midi Dress' as I think aztec is pretty Summer appropriate and I love the gold foil pattern on the dress too which is a nice touch to the dress than just a standard pattern. I teamed this with my gladiator sandals and some gold jewellery from Primark and Topshop to add to the gold detail on the dress. This is the sort of outfit I would wear at the weekend shopping or after work for drinks as its super comfy and not too dressed up. 

If midi dresses aren't your thing OMG Fashion have lots of cute pieces that are super cheap on their site too, I especially love some of the swim wear online, so make sure you have a look if you are going away anywhere nice soon! Saying that it's probably ideal for England at the moment in this heat! 

Have you shopped at OMG Fashion before?


Thursday, 18 July 2013

All I see is dollar $ign$

 Rihanna Playsuit - River Island // Shoes - Zara // Bag - Miss Selfridge // Cocktails - My Cocktail*

Hey Dolls, 

Aghh I've had a massive gap from blogging again :( boo, I always have these phases when I all of a sudden get super busy and don't have time to breathe, let alone blog! I have been up to lots of fun stuff though so I suppose its all good. Last weekend I went to Wireless Festival in London and it was AMAZE! I went last year and loved it so I was very excited for this year, especially as the weather is so lush at the moment. I've got to say though I was pretty much melting away in the heat down South, I think it was 32 degrees at one point = about to die. Despite being cooked alive it was such a good weekend and I cant wait to book for 2014!! 

Previous to this I went out for a night with my friends in Manchester at Tiger Tiger for Koosdays, which admittedly I wasn't overly excited for and then I ended up having such a funny night - I love it when that happens! I think half the reason I wasn't too hyped for it was due to the fact I had NOTHING to wear. My wardrobe was like looking into a mound of clothes and seeing blank, absolutely nothing. I haven't been out for a while as well so I feel like I needed something new to wear, like most girls. Then, as if it was fate, I woke up in the morning and the River Island Sale was plastered all over my Twitter feed, so I decided to go check it out as I'd had my eye on quite a lot of the Rihanna stuff. When I got there, there was SO much! I was like a kid in a candy store... on a budget (WAHH). I wanted the red playsuit for ages and I can remember going to get it full price but there was only ever a size 18 in. No surprise the 18 was still there but I decided to try it on anyway out of desperation and it fit like a glove?! Definitely some sort of size mistake there, but obviously I was over the moon! I also picked up some Rihanna shorts that I wore for Wireless that looked super cute - post coming soon of festival outfits! 

I teamed the playsuit with my Zara babies and a white clutch bag and I was ready to go! We had pre drinks at my flat and I had very kindly been sent these super YUMMY cocktails from 'My Cocktail'. They have become my new favourite drink and I can't tell you how perfect they are for picnics, pre-drinking, parties, days at the beach and festivals! They have a range of flavours (I got Cosmopolitan, Woo Woo and Mojito) and each pouch serves up to 14 drinks! As well as this the cocktails last up to 3 months so you don't have to drink them all at once which means no waste :). These beauts are only £8 as well which is such a bargain!! You can get these from ASDA and the My Cocktail website even has an option to type in your postcode to find your nearest stockists, what more could you ask for :) ! I will 100% be re-purchasing as they have definitely become my new tipple and all my friends were loving them!

Have you tried 'My Cocktails'? 
Did you buy any Rihanna River Island clothes?


Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer Dayz

Crop Top - Topshop // Levis - Vintage // Converse - Footlocker // Mini Shopper - Zara 

Hey dolls! 

How gorgeous is this weather??!!! I love how hot it is and I have my fingers crossed that it stays like this till next weekend for Wireless Festival! 

I thought I'd do an outfit post on one of my day outfits from the weekend :) I practically live in these Levis shorts even though they are definitely far too big for me but never mind, I love them all the same.I recently went and ventured into the sales (oh god) and my first stop was Topshop. I haven't been in Topshop for ages and even though it has some pretty nice stuff, I find myself enjoying the likes of Zara & H&M more these days. I find Topshop quite overpriced for what you get to be honest but they do have some pretty beaut stuff. 

ANYWAY, one of the things I picked up in the sale was this blush pink crop top that I thought was super cute and I can wear in the day or night. Gotta love a multi purpose top! Plus its perfect for super hot days like recently. I also went into the Zara sale where I found the bag I had wanted for aaages (when the whole mini shopper bag craze came about). It only had £3 knocked off but it was uber cheap to begin with, so I snapped that one up sharpish before I was attacked by crazy zara shoppers/addicts. It's safe to say I have used it lots since :D 

Has anyone else had any good Summer Sale buys?


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Life's a Beach

   Tassel Bikini - EsCana Beach Boutique* // Levis Shorts - Vintage // Tan Wedges - Manchester Boutique // Body chain - Topshop

Hey Dolls,

I am still very much in holiday spirit after my trips away and was absolutely thrilled to be able to wear some of the gorgeous holiday pieces from beach and holiday wear company Es Cana Beach Boutique! I'm trying to pro long my tan as much as possible and have been slathering on the Garnier 'sunkissed' moisturiser ever since I have got home! Ahhh *holiday sun memories*.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a holiday planned or are going away somewhere soon then I'm sure you will be on the hunt for some beautiful bikinis! If you love a bit of tassel in your life when Summer comes around then I would strongly suggest you have a look at the Es Cana Beach Boutique site as there are quite a few pieces that scream Marbs or Ibiza to me and are super reasonable meaning you can dress to impress but not have to take a massive slash to your bank balance! What more does a girl want ;) I could definitely imagine this bikini around the likes of Ocean club.

You can get the bikini I have HERE for just £14.99 which I think is really reasonable for a full set! Usually that's the amount for just the top! Bargaaaain. If you are after a plainer bikini there are also similar tassel ones available like this one without the print as well as swim suits, jewellery and cover ups! Go check it out!

Are you going anywhere nice this Summer?
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