Friday, 29 November 2013

Xmas Wishlist

Hey dolls! 

Happy Black Friday! I only found out what this is today and immediately started browsing the web for any discounts I can get for my Christmas shopping! I'm so rubbish at Christmas shopping, I always wish I had an unlimited amount of cash so I could buy everyone amazing presents! I love wrapping them all up, making them pretty and feeling satisfied when someone opens up their present and loves it. I don't love it when I am completely stuck on what to get someone and end up running round town on Christmas eve like a little stress ball! This year I've started early and want to be extra prepared as I'm going to be moving flats in January and that's enough to stress about! 

I've seen lots of Christmas lists going around recently so thought I'd pop mine up. I'd say mine is quite a luxurious list and if I even got one of these gifts I'd be over the moon! 

Canon 600d DSLR Camera
I desperately need want a DSLR camera. I always feel my blog images would look so much better with a DSLR camera as mine is your standard digital camera but with a hefty price tag, what's a poor girl to do? ha. 

Zara Tan Duffle Faux Fur Jacket 
Ever since I saw this jacket on Tamera from the X Factor I have been lusting over this every time I set foot in Zara. I love the massive full fur hood and would get so much wear out of it. This could be one for the Zara sales! 

Tiffany Pendant Charm
I have loved Tiffany for as long as I can remember and these little beauts have definitely featured in wish lists I have done before. There's nothing like a timeless piece of jewellery.

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation
I have got to say this is my favourite foundation to date. It's an ideal coverage for me as I don't really like a very 'full' coverage, however it is also build-able if that's what you do like. It also gives my skin a 'dewy' effect which teamed with bronzer - I absolutely love. Although this is on my list I am going to take full advantage of the 40% off in House of Fraser and grab myself one of these asap!

Jo Malone Blossom & Honey Home Candle 
I am a massive fan of scented candles as I like my rooms to smell nice and fresh, plus I also find them super relaxing. I have always had Yankee Candles but I would love to splash out and treat myself to a Jo Malone candle. My flatmate used to always have one in her room and it smelt delicious so I'm thinking this blossom & honey candle sounds pretty inviting! 

Giuseppe Zanotti Black Leather Ankle Boot 
Ahhh the most expensive item on my list.... These boots are an absolute dream and I would love to own my very own pair of Giuseppe Zanotti's I think I actually prefer this brand to my beloved Louboutins nowadays. I am a massive fan of a kardashian-esque shoe boot and I think these would look amazing for Winter!

Do you have luxury items on your wish list? 


Monday, 25 November 2013

Suede & Tassels

Dress - Koo-Ture // Wedges - Manchester Boutique

Hey dolls, 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Apart from working on a mad busy night due to the boxing being held in Manchester, it was a pretty chilled one which is just what I like when I've been ill and busy at work! I also had a cheeky splurge in Topshop yesterday and got myself a Kim K inspired outfit that I cannot wait to wear on my next night out! 

Whilst being super busy I did manage to pick up this pocohontas-esque dress which is a new brand to be part of Koo-Ture from Poland. I really can't make my mind up on when or where to wear it too but it's pretty cute all the same. I figured I'd probably wear it as a top for through the day and then a dress on a night out. I espesh love the tassel sleeves and it's an amazing quality, however I cant work out if this is more of a summer outfit or if I could get away with it for a wintery night out...hmm?If all else fails I'm going as Pocahontas to the next fancy dress party I'm going to, ha!

I'm off to see the new Hunger Games film tonight and I am too excited, major girl crush time over Katniss! Has anyone else seen it yet? 

Have you shopped at Koo-Ture before?


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sun Junkie

Hey Dolls,

So recently I was given the opportunity to review some tanning products from a new brand I hadn't heard of before - Sun Junkie (Love the name!). If I hadn't mentioned before, I am very much a tan addict and I am constantly trying out new tanning brands in my search for the perfect tan! I tend to use the sunbeds prior to a holiday or a little bit afterwards in order to maintain my holiday tan, but I try not to use them other than for this reason as we all know its not the best for your skin. If I was just born a Cuban goddess, life would be so much easier....sigh. As I am not, I resort to a trusty bottle to keep my skin glowing all year round! When I received the Sun Junkie tanning products, I couldn't slather the stuff on quick enough!I decided to wear it for my recent night out for my friends birthday so here's what I thought...

Sun Junkie 'Deliciously Dark' Tanning Mousse - RRP £17.99*

"Sunjunkie Deliciously Dark Self Tanning Mousse tans instantly and intensifies over a 3 to 8 hour period. The Vitamin E and Aloe Vera based mousse is quick drying and non greasy and is easily absorbed to produce an outstanding natural looking result" 

When asked what tanning products I usually use - I would always go with the darkest tan. I love the build up to a lovely glowing tan and I really like a deep tan, I know some people don't but I just do - I can't help it! When trying the 'deliciously dark' tanning mousse I found on first impressions that although the tan was a lovely colour it just wasn't as dark as I would have perhaps usually liked, but still okay all the same. I decided to put another couple of coats on to try and get a deeper tan and left it to dry and intensify over night. Okay - so although this tan is instant but not super dark to begin with, it definitely intensifies DARK!! I was like OMG when I woke up the next day - my advice is 1or 2 coats is sufficient - believe me! I absolutely love the golden colour it gave me and I would definitely use it again!

Sun Junkie Body Mist  - RRP £12.79

"Sunjunkie's best selling body mist (airbrush tan in a can!). Scrub off the old tan and spray on the new! Absolutely a fantastic product can be sprayed at any angle. Purely powered by AIR Bodymist 'Tan in a Can' (150mls)."

I used the body mist on my legs as I never really use a spray tan and I figured this would be an easy place to spray and rub in with the tanning mitt. I like to see where I'm putting the tan and sometimes I feel that I'm going to end up streaky when using a spray so I tend to avoid it. However, this tanning spray is really easy to use and you can see exactly where you are putting the tan with it being instant. Again, it intensifies after a few hours and gives you a lovely golden glow. Although a mousse is definitely more for me, I would recommend the spray body mist if you prefer this way of applying tan!  

Sun Junkie Tanning Mitt RRP £3.33

"Apply your Sunjunkie self tanning mousse or spray directly on to your skin...then massage in well with the self tan application mitt. For flawless, streak free results every time, wave goodbye to tanned palms and rubber/plastic gloves." 

I think you all know what a tanning mitt is but I have to say I have ended up buying some rubbish ones before! This one is lovely and soft and isn't too expensive so you might as well pick one up when buying yourself  some tanning treats! 

Have you tried Sun Junkie before? 

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