Saturday, 28 January 2012

Versitile blogger awards !

I am very grateful for being awarded two Versitile blogger awards by the lovely ladies hellosarahx. and Bethany ! Check out their blogs they are fab :). Considering I have just started up and I don't think I have wrote that many blog posts, I am very flattered by these lovely awards :). Now I have to pass these on to more blogs I love and give you 7 facts about myself :)...


7 facts about meee....

1. I am madly obsessed with it real bad for the girl, I held her hand and cried.
2. I hate tea AND coffee.
3. I love sleeping & cuddles.
4. I have major clothes envy of Blake Lively.
5. I cry at films when they are sad AND happy...such a weirdo.
6. Disney films are a cure anytime I feel hungover/down.
7. I love travelling, I want to travel the world!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

NTA's- The hot & the not.

So last night was the NTA's and I must admit there were a lot of beautiful dresses knocking about on the red carpet. However there were some pretty bad ones to.... I've picked out my favourite's and the ones I think needed to go and look in the mirror and have a word with themselves.

My absolute dress of the night was TOWIE's very own Lauren Pope...

Most of the TOWIE ladies looked amazing last night. However I think this dress is absolutely stunning and was a perfect choice for the NTA's. Her classy up do and stunning smokey eyes take no attention away from the intricate lace detail of the dress. Classy yet sexy, Lauren definitely stole the show for me in this trailing lace number.

Michelle Keegan **Ultimate hottie**...

To be fair Michelle was never going to look bad was she. I have a massive girl crush on her as she is simply TOO beautiful! Jel. Her dress is simple yet still beautifully embellished and detailed. I like how the make up is kept minimal with a flawless tan and a simple up do. She looks incredible.

Another winner Elle Mcphereson...

How amazing is this woman!! I hope I look as good as this at her age, she is a literal GODDESS! I loved the overly embellished dress, it reminded me a little bit of Lea Michelle's dress worn at the Golden Globes. The plait up do and long glossy ponytail show off her massive bling earrings making her stand out a mile! Her figure is to die for and I think she carried off this gorgeous dress tremendously. However the only criticism I have is if it was my dress, I think I would have preferred it to touch the floor #justsaying.

Another fave Fearne Cotton...

I LOVE this dress! Such a beautiful flapper inspired dress with lots of detail and embellishment, along with the sleek tied back hair, I think this is a perfect look for the red carpet. The red lips and shoes give the dress a classic look.

Amongst these beautiful dresses there were some not so beautiful dresses.......

Tulisa ... no, just no.

What was she thinking?!!! It might just be my opinion but I think this dress is such a bad choice. Just when she was getting so classy as well.... Tulisa wore some beautiful dresses as a judge on the Xfactor and it seems to have gone down hill from there. Don't get me wrong she is a beautiful lady and take away the dress she would look amazing, but this just screams TACKY to me. In your face pink with too many feathers, even making the silver Louboutins look tacky! eughhh. On a positive her up do looks nice, I'll give her that.

Laura Whitmore....

Laura you are not going to a beach party... or meeting your friends in town for a Starbucks. Casual much? You are at the NTA's, a little more effort is needed here I think. The dress isn't disgustingly horrible, but her shoes don't match, and it looks like they have been thrown on 5 minutes before she had to leave, in a feeble attempt to dress up this outfit.

And... Karen Gillen.

What the hell is this. For one it is far too casual for the NTA awards. Secondly the coat is unnecessary, I don't care if it's cold you are on the red carpet, not waiting in a queue for a subway. The dress is fine, throw on a bit of bling and some black heels and perfect. In fact don't even bother with the heels, just some jewellery and keep the rest the same. LOSE THE COAT....and the bag...for a clutch. Whatever. I mean she might not care how glamorous she 'has to look' and good for her. But I care, and I don't want to look at your drab outfits at an award ceremony. Sorry.

What and who was everyone else's favourites at the NTA's?


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My Weekend & Ed Sheeran

So I've been pretty ill and haven't been able to blog :( but I thought I would do a catch up on last weekends events! I went to see Ed Sheeran was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made! He played at the Manchester Academy and amazing wasn't even in it. He was incredible! Vocally he is outstanding, gave me shivers and a lump in my throat during my favourite song 'Kiss Me'. I had such a fun night, which started with a yummy Nandos *someone give me a black card!!* with my friends and ended with jager bombs at 3am! Standard.

Me :)

Me & my girl Ore :)

I really didn't know what to wear for the gig as I knew I would be heading out afterwards, but I didn't think I could hack the whole evening standing in platform heels! (ouch) I ended up opting for my white Topshop dress with my Topshop blue boho skirt accompanied with brown boots with chains on! However this was my OOTD before I changed my mind! (sorry about the quality of picture- it was off my Blackberry!)

Jumper- Vintage shop
Top - Primark
Leggings - Topshop

I manged to grab some time to get changed as this was far too casual for me, if I was going for drinks after! Anyway Ed Sheeran was just incredible and had some amazing support acts with him you should follow @RyanKeen - new acoustic artist (VERY cute!) & @Abandoman (an Irish freestyle rap group- who might I add were hilarious !).

Only downside was we originally had a perfect view of the stage and were right in the middle of the crowd....until the human giraffe plonked himself in front of me, so I spent the night trying to get his awful spiky gel hair out of my camera view *sigh*... Anyway, here is a small clip of one of the videos from the night of Ed singing 'Lighters up' Lil Kim style  :). I had better ones but I'm singing on most of them so to avoid any sort of cringe I stuck with this one! ha.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend as well :)


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Katy Perry for Eylure

Eeeeek! Sneak Preview at Katy Perry's new eyelash collection for Eylure !! As an Eylure addict myself, I will definitely be trying out these new lashes :) and obviously the fact they are Katy Perry branded (no pun intended there!). I got excited over the Girls Aloud lashes collection, and now I'm excited all over again for one of my favourite beautiful ladies Katy P! Eylure are on a roll!

My favourite ones from this collection will probably be the 'Oh My' lashes, as I like my lashes thick and full when I go out, other wise I don't see the point, I don't mind my own natural lashes :).

Personally I think when buying fake lashes, you cant really go wrong with Eylure. The glue is probably the best I have used (I've bought hundreds of fake lashes) and stays on all night :).

I wonder whether they will introduce further additions to this range? I was thinking she might have had some more 'cat like' lashes being a 'KatyKat', and her general love for cats! I also thought she might have had some colourful crazy ones, as she is always rocking some sort of funky bright outfit !

ahhhh she really is the California Dream <3

The lashes will be available in Boots and Superdrug from February at £5.95 nationwide- go get em KatyKats!

Will anyone else be trying the Katy Perry lashes for Eylure?


My new obsession with Blazers & Nikes...

So recently I have become fascinated by Nike hi-tops & Nike blazers... I don't need a reason, they just look pretty damn cool. I've always had quite a 'girly' style and usually go for 'girly boho', Blake Lively style attire, but being the RnB/Hip hop lover that I am, I tend to have this 'urban' streak that comes out every once in a while! (lols). I know a hi-top or blazer isn't for everyone though, however it's good to experiment with different styles and see what works for you, you never know, you might end up liking something you once hated!

In my opinion, I like the edge of wearing a Nike blazer with any outfit, making it a little more 'street' and 'urban' (not like Lilly Allen in a prom dress and Converse though...hell no). I mean, you know it's okay to rock a blazer when you see the cool kids repping them....

Jay-Z: He bagged Bey, need I say more!

Not just for boys: Ri Ri is pictured in loads of different blazers!

Tinie Tempah: I took this picture when I went to see him at the M.E.N arena last November. LOVE the blazers!

Like I said before, it just gives an edge on an outfit and you don't have to stick with darker 'boyish' colours. There are loads of bright colours that will stand out with loads of outfits! Here are some of my friend's own collections....

I think they look pretty suave all lined up together! I havent yet invested in a pair of blazers, but if you read my last post, you can see how very much I am enjoying my new Nike collected sneaks....

Love them :)
Anyway thats all from me on trainers for now :)

Shout out to the blazer kids @jorry89 & @emini360 for their excellent photo's :) Follow them on twitter for some scouse banter :)


Get Ore's Style

So whilst I was hanging with my girl Ore yesterday, I couldn't help but love her look for the day, :) she had a gorgeous new coat on, and I had to stop myself walking in the shop and buying it myself! It's you can see :)

Hat- Primark
Jacket (LOVE)- River Island
Leggings- New Look
Nike Airs & Laces- Footlocker

I love the whole outfit, just so relaxed and co ordinated! I have a thing with yellow at the moment as well, I don't know if it is the build up to summer (I'm ready for summer already, Spring is so mehhh) or whether I just like the colour in general, but I'm certainly enjoying seeing new yellow collections arriving in shops already!

I love Aztec patterns as well, so these leggings are a winner! Here's a close up...

I have never really found myself looking at Nike Airs, but I think these ones go really well with the outfit and as you can see she has a fair few pairs....

Ore also has a huge collection of nail varnishes, literally every colour going! So I had a little look through and she showed me her favourites!

All these nail varnishes are from H&M and the over coat is a silver limited edition glitter from Barry M :) **Note the D&G Watch (Haaawt!!) 

You can't really see the Barry M bottle very well, but the writing is gold and didn't take well with my flash! I'm sure everyone gets the general idea though. I love all these bright colours, and I think go especially well against darker skin.

Love it!


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Another OOTD!

Hope everyone is well ! I have another OOTD, as I particuarly liked what I was wearing today, and I wanted to show off my new sneaks ;-) I love them so much ! They are so white and shiny, I swear any person that stands on them and/or scuffs them from now on will have hell to pay!

Top- Primark
Leggings- H&M
Nike Collected - Footlocker
Chain- Muse (but it was also in Topshop- same brand)

I am literally never going to be out of my new Nikes, they are so comfy and definitely my new favourite items for hanging out in :). My leggings were a bargain from H&M and were around the 12.99 mark- perfect if you get bored of the standard black/brown leggings, that might I add, I have a million pairs of!

I also went and got my ears pierced twice more yesterday ...ouch ! I don't care what anyone says, it still hurts! I also treat myself to a new cuff/chain earring from Topshop...

Pretty cute I think :)


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bella Sorella

I think I have a new obsession with Lydia from TOWIE's shop Bella Sorella. It has sooo many cute things to buy! Recently on Twitter they were advertising a signed Bella Sorella bag from either Lydia , Debbie or Arg and two cookies in the shape of either a dress, shoe or handbag. I had to get one as it was only going to cost me £12 .... bargain!

I got my parcel the other day and I was very impressed.....

I opted for the Lydia signed bag and the cookies in the shape of a dress and shoe :) how pretty are they!

Not only this, they have lots of other lovely little things to buy as well, I cant wait to order my plaque ....

I think I'm going to opt for the 'Dreams' plaque although I love them both :) They also have clothes that Lydia has worn/been seen in that are really nice ! These are £13 incl. P&P :)

Gorgeous Victorian Style Dress
As worn by Lydia at the Lottery. In the sale from £72 to £52
incl P&P

Orange Pleat Dress
As worn by Lydia on This Morning. £69.99 incl P&P

Lydia's Red Coat
£125 incl P&P

Pretty Umbrella's
£19.99 incl P&P

Extra Special Clutch Bags
£40 incl P&P 
I can't wait for them to launch an online website, I will never be off it ! they have their own Facebook Page and Twitter accounts at @BellaSorella251 and

Check it out definitely!


Thursday, 12 January 2012


So I've never done one of these before but this is my outfit of the day :-) I had to do a presentation at uni so I thought this would be an appropriate outfit for the day :).

I think wet look leggings are one of my all time favourite items of clothing and I would live in them if I could. They keep you warm and go with more or less any outfit!

I changed my shoes for night time as I was going out for drinks afterwards and needed to dress it up a bit!

Top- Miss Selfridge

Wet look leggings- Miss Selfridge

Shoes- Topshop

Watch- Michael Kors 

Please excuse my limited amount of make up, I had a long day and my eye make up had worn off by this point ! *hand over face*

I love these shoes and this is the first time I had worn them, they are pretty new in Topshop called 'Sultry' and you can also get them in red (although its more of an orange colour to me) and black. They also have some other ones similar in nude and black called 'Supreme' and they really are what they say they are! They have a much bigger platform and are beautiful, however I am already really tall so I would just look like a giant!

Beautiful, but not practicle for me...I would definitley be risking breaking my neck in these! However if you need the extra inches and have mastered the perfect platform walk these could be the ones for you!

What do you think of these shoes?


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My Hair Necessities

I'm one of them girls that is obsessed with big, long hair and I dislike my hair unless it fits this description! I am not very high maintenance with how I keep my hair but I do have a routine of how I try to keep my hair in good condition and looking BIG :) so here is how I do it...

I only wash my hair once or twice a week because it is quite coarse and thick. Therefore it's more dry than shiny, meaning it takes longer to get greasy. It's important whether you have greasy hair or not to try not to wash it everyday anyway, as the shampoo and conditioner take away all your hairs natural oils that keep it looking healthy.

Try to leave it for 2-3 days and use Batiste Dry Shampoo (its regularly on offer in Superdrug!) or a cheaper option- talcum powder, to the roots of your hair if you cant stand not washing it and wanting to keep it fresh.

I'm not a professional hair expert so I'm just going by what I've been told by professionals, and fortunately it seems to work. My favourite shampoo and conditioner is Clynol colour care, which  really doesn't fade your colour (if you have coloured hair) and keeps away split ends. I understand that Clynol isn't the cheapest of shampoo's so when I run out of my huge bottles and don't have time to get more before the next wash (like now!!) I use Aussie Hair shampoos (usually the colour mate ones) which leave my hair smelling gorgeous and feeling thick.

I tend to stay away from shampoos and conditioners like Tresemee and Herbal Essences as I have been told they are quite 'plasticy' and don't really improve the condition of your hair, just make it shiny. However if you already have amazing hair and just want the shine then I don't see a problem using these shampoos!

When styling my hair I am an avid roller girl ! I have two must have hair styling devices, which are the Remington Pearl Wand to curl and heated rollers (a god sent) which I try not to use all the time as I know it's bad for your hair, but half the time I cant resist!

The Remington Pearl Wand is just £25.49 at Boots and I love it. I've been using it for a good year now and it creates amazing curls whether you want them big or small and still keeps your hair silky and soft.

The heated rollers I use are just Boots own, I'm not too bothered about expensive brands because these work really well and I don't really think there would be much difference spending more money. Again, these are just £22.99. I chose these because you get lots of rollers and I have a lot of hair! But I'd love to get some bigger rollers in the future to try.

I find that heated rollers are best to use when your in a rush and you don't want to wash your hair, but it still needs styling. Otherwise, I just use standard velcro rollers after I have washed my hair which work just as well, however they work best after you have blow dried your hair :)

Then whack in the extensions and there you have it big hair all round !


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Girl Crush: Mila Kunis

So Mila Kunis is the new face of Dior alongside co-star Natalie Portman (who I also love) and I think she looks amazing!

Mila showing off the new Dior Handbag Collection

Considering she claims herself as still a 't-shirt and jeans kind of girl' she still manages to look glam in the spotlight...

Sporting this gorgeous lilac dress by Elie Saab in 2011 at the Oscars 

 Gorgeous Emerald Vera Wang Number at The Golden Globe Awards in 2011

Another Elie Saab dress with a sexy split at The Black Swan New York Film Premier 2010

So the girl next door can work the glam as well, I think Dior made a pretty good choice with this one. I can't wait to see the rest of the Dior shots they got of her!


Thursday, 5 January 2012

My Topshop Spring 2012 Must Haves!

Topshop have just got loads of their new spring collection in and I have picked out some of my favourite key pieces that I think will look amazing this season...

Aztec Dip Hem Skirt
**This skirt will look gorgeous with a plain boob tube or a cream/white floaty top, tucked in with lots of gold bangles and statement necklace.

Pleat Ponte Pencil Shift Dress
**This dress is so sophisticated and perfect for cocktails with the girls, I have tried this dress on in store, and I must admit it is really flattering and gives your figure a great shape. I think the camel colour is perfect for spring :)

 Animal Drop Hem Dress
**I absolutely love this dress and I had to buy it as soon as I saw it! I think it will look amazing on a summer holiday as well as a night out with the girls. I wore mine with statement gold jewellery and looks awesome with platform ankle boots or gladiators.

***Here is a picture of my friend Lois over Christmas, how gorgeous does she look!

MOTO High Waisted Jamie Jeans
**I LOVE these! I love it when shops bring out all their pastel coloured jeans and these are perfect for everyday with a casual tee.

Porcelain Flower Print Corset
**I think these colours look amazing with shiny blonde hair and would look nice with white skinny jeans or if your feeling adventurous some high waisted white hot pants and wedges- perfect for a summer BBQ :)

Paramount Peeptoe Ankle Boots in Black
£40 SALE!!

**I can't believe I haven't bought these yet because they are AMAZING! They are in the premium range and have gone down to just £40. Winning. These would look really nice with the aztec skirt I have picked out.

Paragon Zip Front High Sandals

**Again these shoes will go with the aztec dress as well as wet look leggings and look really classy on.

Stud Leopard Corset Dress by Dress Up Topshop

**Although this dress is a bit more on the pricey side, it is a dress that will stand out from the crowd and something completely different. I love the mixture of styles and colours with the floaty white leopard print overlay and the statement black corset underneath. Beautiful.

Animal Border Vest

**At just £20 this is a bargain from Topshop and will look gorgeous with wet look leggings or some leather pants. Then as soon summer comes around snap them up with some denim hot pants and voila another outfit.

There is loads more to choose from online but these are my faves :)
Hope you like!

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