Thursday 12 January 2012


So I've never done one of these before but this is my outfit of the day :-) I had to do a presentation at uni so I thought this would be an appropriate outfit for the day :).

I think wet look leggings are one of my all time favourite items of clothing and I would live in them if I could. They keep you warm and go with more or less any outfit!

I changed my shoes for night time as I was going out for drinks afterwards and needed to dress it up a bit!

Top- Miss Selfridge

Wet look leggings- Miss Selfridge

Shoes- Topshop

Watch- Michael Kors 

Please excuse my limited amount of make up, I had a long day and my eye make up had worn off by this point ! *hand over face*

I love these shoes and this is the first time I had worn them, they are pretty new in Topshop called 'Sultry' and you can also get them in red (although its more of an orange colour to me) and black. They also have some other ones similar in nude and black called 'Supreme' and they really are what they say they are! They have a much bigger platform and are beautiful, however I am already really tall so I would just look like a giant!

Beautiful, but not practicle for me...I would definitley be risking breaking my neck in these! However if you need the extra inches and have mastered the perfect platform walk these could be the ones for you!

What do you think of these shoes?



  1. those shoes are fab! you look gorgeous :) x

  2. Are'nt they! Wish I was a midget so I could wear them! Thanks doll :) xoxo

  3. Hi gorgeous!
    those shoes are amazing!


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