Sunday 15 January 2012

Bella Sorella

I think I have a new obsession with Lydia from TOWIE's shop Bella Sorella. It has sooo many cute things to buy! Recently on Twitter they were advertising a signed Bella Sorella bag from either Lydia , Debbie or Arg and two cookies in the shape of either a dress, shoe or handbag. I had to get one as it was only going to cost me £12 .... bargain!

I got my parcel the other day and I was very impressed.....

I opted for the Lydia signed bag and the cookies in the shape of a dress and shoe :) how pretty are they!

Not only this, they have lots of other lovely little things to buy as well, I cant wait to order my plaque ....

I think I'm going to opt for the 'Dreams' plaque although I love them both :) They also have clothes that Lydia has worn/been seen in that are really nice ! These are £13 incl. P&P :)

Gorgeous Victorian Style Dress
As worn by Lydia at the Lottery. In the sale from £72 to £52
incl P&P

Orange Pleat Dress
As worn by Lydia on This Morning. £69.99 incl P&P

Lydia's Red Coat
£125 incl P&P

Pretty Umbrella's
£19.99 incl P&P

Extra Special Clutch Bags
£40 incl P&P 
I can't wait for them to launch an online website, I will never be off it ! they have their own Facebook Page and Twitter accounts at @BellaSorella251 and

Check it out definitely!



  1. lydia & debbie are my faves! the umbrellas are so cute. lovely post :) x

  2. Thankyou both ! I love Lydia too, she is a babe! xoxo


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