Thursday 26 January 2012

NTA's- The hot & the not.

So last night was the NTA's and I must admit there were a lot of beautiful dresses knocking about on the red carpet. However there were some pretty bad ones to.... I've picked out my favourite's and the ones I think needed to go and look in the mirror and have a word with themselves.

My absolute dress of the night was TOWIE's very own Lauren Pope...

Most of the TOWIE ladies looked amazing last night. However I think this dress is absolutely stunning and was a perfect choice for the NTA's. Her classy up do and stunning smokey eyes take no attention away from the intricate lace detail of the dress. Classy yet sexy, Lauren definitely stole the show for me in this trailing lace number.

Michelle Keegan **Ultimate hottie**...

To be fair Michelle was never going to look bad was she. I have a massive girl crush on her as she is simply TOO beautiful! Jel. Her dress is simple yet still beautifully embellished and detailed. I like how the make up is kept minimal with a flawless tan and a simple up do. She looks incredible.

Another winner Elle Mcphereson...

How amazing is this woman!! I hope I look as good as this at her age, she is a literal GODDESS! I loved the overly embellished dress, it reminded me a little bit of Lea Michelle's dress worn at the Golden Globes. The plait up do and long glossy ponytail show off her massive bling earrings making her stand out a mile! Her figure is to die for and I think she carried off this gorgeous dress tremendously. However the only criticism I have is if it was my dress, I think I would have preferred it to touch the floor #justsaying.

Another fave Fearne Cotton...

I LOVE this dress! Such a beautiful flapper inspired dress with lots of detail and embellishment, along with the sleek tied back hair, I think this is a perfect look for the red carpet. The red lips and shoes give the dress a classic look.

Amongst these beautiful dresses there were some not so beautiful dresses.......

Tulisa ... no, just no.

What was she thinking?!!! It might just be my opinion but I think this dress is such a bad choice. Just when she was getting so classy as well.... Tulisa wore some beautiful dresses as a judge on the Xfactor and it seems to have gone down hill from there. Don't get me wrong she is a beautiful lady and take away the dress she would look amazing, but this just screams TACKY to me. In your face pink with too many feathers, even making the silver Louboutins look tacky! eughhh. On a positive her up do looks nice, I'll give her that.

Laura Whitmore....

Laura you are not going to a beach party... or meeting your friends in town for a Starbucks. Casual much? You are at the NTA's, a little more effort is needed here I think. The dress isn't disgustingly horrible, but her shoes don't match, and it looks like they have been thrown on 5 minutes before she had to leave, in a feeble attempt to dress up this outfit.

And... Karen Gillen.

What the hell is this. For one it is far too casual for the NTA awards. Secondly the coat is unnecessary, I don't care if it's cold you are on the red carpet, not waiting in a queue for a subway. The dress is fine, throw on a bit of bling and some black heels and perfect. In fact don't even bother with the heels, just some jewellery and keep the rest the same. LOSE THE COAT....and the bag...for a clutch. Whatever. I mean she might not care how glamorous she 'has to look' and good for her. But I care, and I don't want to look at your drab outfits at an award ceremony. Sorry.

What and who was everyone else's favourites at the NTA's?



  1. Lovely post i agree with all your choices!

  2. I agree Ash! Tulisa's is worst by far. I always think she looks tack, even on X Factor, yaccck! Love Lauren Pope's! Xxx.

  3. thanks, yeah I know its horrid! I thought she had some really nice dresses on x factor, not all of them but a few were lush! Isn't it beauts ! xoxo

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