Wednesday 18 January 2012

Get Ore's Style

So whilst I was hanging with my girl Ore yesterday, I couldn't help but love her look for the day, :) she had a gorgeous new coat on, and I had to stop myself walking in the shop and buying it myself! It's you can see :)

Hat- Primark
Jacket (LOVE)- River Island
Leggings- New Look
Nike Airs & Laces- Footlocker

I love the whole outfit, just so relaxed and co ordinated! I have a thing with yellow at the moment as well, I don't know if it is the build up to summer (I'm ready for summer already, Spring is so mehhh) or whether I just like the colour in general, but I'm certainly enjoying seeing new yellow collections arriving in shops already!

I love Aztec patterns as well, so these leggings are a winner! Here's a close up...

I have never really found myself looking at Nike Airs, but I think these ones go really well with the outfit and as you can see she has a fair few pairs....

Ore also has a huge collection of nail varnishes, literally every colour going! So I had a little look through and she showed me her favourites!

All these nail varnishes are from H&M and the over coat is a silver limited edition glitter from Barry M :) **Note the D&G Watch (Haaawt!!) 

You can't really see the Barry M bottle very well, but the writing is gold and didn't take well with my flash! I'm sure everyone gets the general idea though. I love all these bright colours, and I think go especially well against darker skin.

Love it!


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