Monday 2 January 2012

Cheryl Cole & Stylist Pick

For Christmas I was super happy that my boyfriend decided to get my very own pair of Cheryl Cole shoes from her new collection at I am utterly obsessed with the woman and got so excited when I saw the box all wrapped up pretty!

I think that it is an amazing website (not just because of Cheryl) but just the fact that before viewing the site they give you a quick and fun questionnaire, where you can choose and narrow down your own personal style. The products are then sent to you via email that Stylist Pick think you may like, so basically your own personal shopper.

I am not going to lie though. When I first went on to see the Cheryl Cole collection I think I anticipated too much, her collection isn't THAT great. Personally my favourites are the RiRi boots, the T.L.C boots in Chocolate & Caramel and the Byker Grove Mucky Puppy boots, as these are the only ones I would wear.


T.L.C (Chocolate)

T.L.C (Caramel)

Byker Groove - Mucky Puppy

Cheryl wearing the Byker Grove Mucky Puppy Boot

Fortunately my boyfriend managed to pick me one of the only pair I liked and would wear (phewww), and I am the proud owner of some RiRi boots. I have to say the packaging and extras were a bonus. My shoes came in a Stylist Pick gift bag and lovely Cheryl Cole gift wrap.

Not only did it come looking pretty, they even threw in a free Grazia magazine and a super cute charm necklace! Cheers!

Overall I am hoping that Cheryl extends her range, and develops her designs further, giving me something more to like about this collection. Dont fret though Cheryl, I still love you...


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