Wednesday 18 January 2012

My new obsession with Blazers & Nikes...

So recently I have become fascinated by Nike hi-tops & Nike blazers... I don't need a reason, they just look pretty damn cool. I've always had quite a 'girly' style and usually go for 'girly boho', Blake Lively style attire, but being the RnB/Hip hop lover that I am, I tend to have this 'urban' streak that comes out every once in a while! (lols). I know a hi-top or blazer isn't for everyone though, however it's good to experiment with different styles and see what works for you, you never know, you might end up liking something you once hated!

In my opinion, I like the edge of wearing a Nike blazer with any outfit, making it a little more 'street' and 'urban' (not like Lilly Allen in a prom dress and Converse though...hell no). I mean, you know it's okay to rock a blazer when you see the cool kids repping them....

Jay-Z: He bagged Bey, need I say more!

Not just for boys: Ri Ri is pictured in loads of different blazers!

Tinie Tempah: I took this picture when I went to see him at the M.E.N arena last November. LOVE the blazers!

Like I said before, it just gives an edge on an outfit and you don't have to stick with darker 'boyish' colours. There are loads of bright colours that will stand out with loads of outfits! Here are some of my friend's own collections....

I think they look pretty suave all lined up together! I havent yet invested in a pair of blazers, but if you read my last post, you can see how very much I am enjoying my new Nike collected sneaks....

Love them :)
Anyway thats all from me on trainers for now :)

Shout out to the blazer kids @jorry89 & @emini360 for their excellent photo's :) Follow them on twitter for some scouse banter :)


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