Wednesday, 30 January 2013

C and C ❤

Top - Ebay 
Disco Pants - American Apparel 
Shoe Boots - Daisy Street*

Heyyy guys,

Just thought I'd put up a little outfit post on a new tee I got a while ago, I've got an obsession with logo t-shirts at the minute and I am loving the rip off designer ones at the moment like comme des f*ckdown etc. I think I need to invest in a beenie of some sort.

Any way I was planning on showing you what I wore this weekend for a house party but my pictures arent too great, so I'm afraid it's a tee and disco pants kinda day with some beauts Daisy Street spike/stud shoe boots, that I wear to death! I got this t-shirt off Ebay on a whim but I think it's pretty cool. I had seen fashion blogger Lydia Elise Millen wearing the navy jumper version and because she always looks lush, it meant I wanted it too. Standard. I however had a little browse on Ebay and picked one up HERE for £8.99. Bargain!

Only 2 more days till Friday ! YAY


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Clynol Glow Precious Oil


So I was very kindly given the new Clynol Glow Precious Oil* to try out on my locks. I am a massive fan of hair oils as I feel that they are the best remedy for maintaining those split and broken ends and have helped my hair grow massively.I would also say that Clynol is one of my favourite brands when it comes to hair care as I feel by paying that extra bit more I get an excellent quality product that really sorts my hair out.

"Clynol has created a truly miraculous product with an exotic blend of concentrated natural oils that act together to rapidly repair damage, revive shine, restore body, and smooth all hair types" Clynol.

I have tried a couple of different oils including an oil from the Clynol Keratin Sleek collection which I really liked, so I was pretty excited to try another. Firstly, I think the packaging and bottle look very impressive - simple yet effective and reflect the product and its name. 

So the first steps of using this oil is to apply to dry hair and leave for 5 mins - I usually just whack it on my ends after towel drying so maybe this is something I should do in future! I then just shampooed and conditioned my hair as usual and it is optional to then put more oil on towel-dried hair, which I did do, as I wanted to see the full effects of the oil. 

The oil smells lush and is really easy to use with the bottle pump function, which is a massive plus. I obviously only applied the oil to the ends of my hair to avoid a greasy look and I was really impressed with the results! I have been using this for a month now as I wanted to review the product after using over a period of time to see the full effects and the change of the condition of my hair. My ends are in really good condition and I love the smell and feel of my hair after washing! Definitely a thumbs up for this product :) You can try out this hair oil HERE for £11.50 which is pretty reasonable for most good hair oils in my opinion!

Do you use Clynol products? Have you tried the Clynol Glow Precious Oil?


Monday, 21 January 2013

♥ Cream & Black ♥

Top - Topshop
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - Topshop
Jacket - Zara 
Bag - H&M 
Watch - Michael Kors 


So I thought I would post about a few new things I have recently got, when I say recent, some things were for Christmas but better late than never right?! As you can tell I am loving black and cream at the minute now that we are moving into Spring, and this is the type of outfit that I would choose to wear for casual drinks or if I'm going out for a meal. 
The trousers are still in H&M and are an absolute STEAL at £5.00! I had my eye on these before they went into sale and I was unsure whether to buy, so when I walked in and saw that sort of price tag it was a no brainer. I also got the black and gold studded bag from H&M as I have been after a shopper tote bag for ages. I was going to buy the Zara one but I hate the zip on it as it looked far too fiddly and if I'm in a rush (which I usually am) it would just get on my nerves!
I am in LOVE with my Zara jacket as it is super warm and I love the leather sleeve/wool combo! I'm pretty sure it went half price after Christmas as well so if you are looking for a lush Winter/Spring jacket to stay warm go and have a look ! As for my top, I love peplum tops and I feel that they are probably the most flattering tops around. I am very much aware you can see my bra because of the flash 8) but I promise it isn't as noticeable in person! This top is also now in the sale in Topshop :)

Did anyone get any good sale bargains?


Friday, 18 January 2013

Xen- Tan | Moroccan Tan

Hello ladies, 

If you didn't know already I am very much a bad case of 'tanorexia'. I love having a tan, like I'm sure most of you do and I love trying different brands to find my favourite. Believe me I have tried a fair amount of tanning lotions, mouses, moisturisers - you name it, I've been there. So, I was absolutely THRILLED when I won the Xen-Tan competition on Twitter to win one of tans new to the range - Moroccan Tan. I had been eyeing up this one in particular for a while before Christmas and was unsure whether it was worth it. 

I swear by St.Moriz and as Xen-Tan is quite a lot more pricier than my holy grail, I was unsure. However, I tried some of my friends Xen-Tan during Christmas and I absolutely fell in love. I was loving life with a gorgeous deep tan that was just as nice, if not nicer than the usual St.Moriz glow. As you can imagine I could not WAIT to receive a bottle of Moroccan Tan! Here are my thoughts on the tan compared to previous tans I have used...

1. It smells absolutely AMAZE. I literally smell like holidays after applying, like I've been rolling around in some coconut body butter - YUM. The smell of tan is quite important to me, I can't stand smelling like a digestive biscuit. 

2. Lots of moisture. This tan moisturises your skin as well. Although I love St. Moriz it does have a tendency to dry my skin out. This however leaves my skin silky smooth with its lovely moisturising application. 

3. You get a DEEP tan. You get a gorgeous deep olive tan and I literally looked like I'd just been on holiday for week! I received the 'medium' tan so I am wondering how dark the 'dark' tan is! I only needed one coat of this and BAM instant lush tan :)

4. Dries in an instant! Yes, that means no wandering around naked for a good 5-10 mins - always a bonus in my eyes

As you can see in the two pictures I took, I already have a lovely deep olive tan and that's just after one application! Also, I think I should add that both images taken have not been edited in anyway except in the top picture I had the flash on, so you have the honest evidence of how lovely this tan is!

The only downside to this tan is the price of the product compared to my old faithful St.Moriz. However, this aspect I can overlook as it is now my favourite tan and despite the price it really is worth every penny! Plus, if you think about it, if you can get such a deep tan after one application it means you don't have to use as much ;) If you haven't tried this tan already you definitely should invest as it is amazing! You can get it HERE or the Xen-Tan website. I will 100% be repurchasing now I have been converted!

Have you tried Moroccan Tan before?
What is your favourite tan to use?


Monday, 14 January 2013

Loving a Bargain ♥

Army Jacket - Hearts & Bows 
Top - River Island 
Leggings - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Hi-Tops - Footlocker
Hat - The Hundreds

Hello Dolls :)

When the sales first stated, I saw absolutely nothing I liked. I thought it was all rubbish until now! When I was younger I used to be so excited to go and spend all my Christmas money with my mum on boxing day, but oh my, how times have changed! I can't stand traipsing round my favourite shops that have now turned into a jumble sale. Don't get me wrong, nothing against those in retail that are trying to keep it as tidy as possible, after working in retail since I was 16 - I feel your pain! Nevertheless, it's still a massive effort to hunt down anything half decent when they have brought the tons of stock out from previous years, to add to the rest of the crap no one wanted.

I have now decided that sale shopping mid January is the way forward. everything is easier to look at and sale has been reduced further! Yay! I have picked up a few things recently, which I will be posting about :) I managed to pick up this super cute baby pink top from River Island that I absolutely LOVE and it was only a tenner! Sold! I love how girlie it is with the little bow on the neck and the scalloped edging and most of all, how it can literally be worn with anything. I decided to wear it with some patterned leggings which are a bit of a clash, but I quite like it 8)

If you follow me on instagram I posted the outfit before I went out put with yet another print clash in the army jacket! I also got some Nike Airforce 1 high tops for Christmas that I had wanted for aaaaages so that was a nice surprise :) I am a sucker for all white high tops as I love the way they look and are super comfy at the same time.

Have you picked up any sale bargains? 
P.S. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I need a lesson in photography! 


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I ♥ Leopard & Studs

Crop Top - Topshop
Skirt - Zara 
Body Chain - Topshop 
Boots - Daisy Street*
Watch - Michael Kors

Hi Ladies,

I haven't done an OOTN for a long time so I think I am well overdue an outfit post! I recently went on a night out for my best friends birthday in Manchester at Sakura night club on Deansgate Locks. I had such a fun night and surprised her with tickets to go to Harry Potter world as we are both HP geeks. I was having such a dilemma what to wear as I had been indulging in lots of delicious food all Christmas, as you do, and didn't particularly want to breath in all night.

I got a few nice outfits as Christmas presents but me being me, I still wasn't satisfied and I wanted to wear my new Topshop high neck crop top. I decided to have a browse in the Zara sale, and luckily I found a cute leopard uneven peplum skirt that would look perfect with my top and the peplum meant I wouldn't feel conscious all night 8)

I got lots of cool jewellery bits for Christmas, but I decided to team with my trusty favourite body chain that I got from Topshop last year and besides my usual bits of wrist wear, I kept it to a minimum. I teamed this outfit with a gorgeous pair of spike/studded platform boots in black suede* thanks to Daisy Street which can be found HERE. I am loving Daisy Street at the moment, they have some gorgeous new midi dresses in some gorgeous Spring/Summer prints which are a must for me as they can be dressed down so easily for day, and look amaze for a night out when your all done up! What more do you want!? If you love fashion on a budget this is your place to go.

What do you think of Daisy Street? 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Resolutions | Hello 2013

Image: We Heart It

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a fab New Year! After relaxing and eating my own body weight in food, I certainly did :).
I have decided to jump on board the resolution posts and share with you my own aims and goals for 2013. Last year was both an amazing and tough year mainly due to my Masters and the pressures of a super long dissertation! I was so proud of myself for even finishing that huuuge piece of work as I felt like giving up with it so many times, but here I am now with it all completed and excited to see what 2013 has in store for me.

When it comes to 'New Years Resolutions', I'm not really a big believer in 'New year, new me'... being the person you want to be, or goals you want to achieve take patience, hard work, persistence and time. I think by starting off with small aims and goals is the key to achieving them, not just rhyming off all these things that apparently are going to make you this 'new' person and ultimately overwhelming yourself with all these big life changing things. Anyway, enough of my preaching, here are my resolutions for 2013.

1. Blogging - I have had so many OOTD's and new products I have loved and not been able to share due to my university course and full time job taking over. Now that I only have to focus on my job, I am very excited to be able to give so much more time to my little blog and be able to share with you what I am loving at the moment. I am going to aim to do at least 2 posts a week to begin with to get back into the swing of things.

2. Go somewhere HOT - Last year left me no time for a holiday so this year I am 100% going away to some where hot where I can embrace the tan, relax, chill on the beach and sip on mojitos all day. I feel that I deserve it and I love being in the sun on holiday more than anything!

3. Go to New York - Going to New York is something I have wanted to do since I was little. I don't know why but I just know I would absolutely love it, maybe its all the shopping and bright lights 8) I love America and this is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a long time, so why not :)

4. Save money - I have a savings account so I definitely need to use it. I'm not some high flying earner (yet ;) ) so this is hard but when I think about all the things I want to do I definitely need some money there to help me out!

5. Pass my driving test - I have passed my theory test so I really need to get back into driving again as I was so close to taking my test before! dayuum. I'm so sick of being a bus w*nker!

6. Stay Healthy - I successfully ended my gym contract last year 8) so I should probably join back up again. However, I find the gym really boring so I am going to look into classes as I find these much more beneficial for me personally. I am not going to say I am going to eat healthy all year round, because I am definitely not and I don't intend to. I think eating healthy Monday to Friday means indulging a little at the weekend is okay and making sure I have my five a day will do the job.

7. Ebay - I'm so bad for throwing away clothes. Now that I have an iphone, taking photos with the  Ebay app and uploading all the things I don't need/use anymore could never be easier.

8. Exfoliate - I am so bad for not exfoliating once a week. It's so strange as I always take my make-up off before bed and I do have a skin routine every day. However, exfoliation does not come in to it. Don't get me wrong, I know how good it is when I do do it and being a 'tanorexic' I'm surprised my tan goes on as well as it does, so this is definitely something I need to keep on top of!

9. Drink more - I'm pretty good with drinks as I rarely drink fizzy pop but I don't think I drink enough in general. There are times when I will be in work with one bottle of water that will last me all day. Definitely NOT enough! I am going to make sure I have at least 2-3 bottles of water in work every day from now on.

10. Experiment with cooking - I am useless for being adventurous with my cooking skills.Whether it be lack of time or just being too lazy I need to start making me and my roomie Jessy some more exciting meals. We have a few fave dishes but realistically we can't eat what we call 'sausage surprise' every day of our lives, haha. In all fairness, Jess comes up with lots of yummy dishes from scratch, whereas I stick to what I know. It's time to get my Nigella on !

What are your resolutions?

Hope you all are having a lovely New Years Day !

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