Friday, 27 September 2013


Jumper - H&M// Dress - Topshop // Belt - Ebay // Timberlands - Footlocker 

Hey dolls! 

It's Friday, it's Friday! *danceface* I feel like this week has properly dragged so I am very happy to say hello to the weekend - I have a busy one with extra work shifts but one of the besties is coming to visit tonight and my momma is visiting on Sunday which is always nice. 

Me and my flatmate are moving out of our pretty flat *sobs* and the other day we were sat in her room whilst she sorted out all her clothes she had had enough of. She has an amazing wardrobe and when she said 'just take anything you like' I jumped in the pile of clothes and started shopping! I pulled out quite a few nice things including this Topshop dress (perfect colour for A/W!) and the slouchy H&M sweater. I love slouchy sweaters, they are so easy to wear and I love throwing them over an outfit and they are amazing for them days when you just want to chill. Ever since I got my Timberland boots, I have been obsessed - I love how they look anyway but they are SO comfy and perfect for Winter. I have been walking to work in them and they are just ideal. I have a bit of a trek to work so you don't really want to be hiking up a hill in some heels. I know they are not everyone's choice but personally I love them. I added the belt to finish off the outfit which you can get off eBay here and you can choose which word you would like in the gold lettering. These are only around five pounds which is ideal for a waist belt. 

I wore this outfit to work as we have no uniform and when you're working in fashion you always feel a pressure to look nice! I felt super comfortable in this and will definitely be throwing it all on again! 

Hope everyone has a lushweekend! 


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Better be street if your lookin at me

Pants - Forever 21 // Cami - A random shop in Marbella // SnapBack - Es Cana Swimwear*//Shoes - Primark

Hey dolls,

So this is an outfit I got a while back but seeing as it the PU trend is back in business for A/W I decided to grab myself some leather look pants from Forever 21 last time I was in the Trafford Centre. I've never actually bought anything from Forever 21 and although there was a few pieces that caught my eye, I wasn't overwhelmed if I'm completely honest. Saying that, we were in between seasons which is always a bit of hit and miss, so I will give it another go next time I'm in.

I started wearing these PU pants when it was that strange humid/it's raining/it's sunny phase and it was probably one of the worst decisions I have ever made. Fake leather and humidity is not the one! I genuinely had to peel them off my legs after my long walk home after work - disgusting, I know. So now it's getting a bit chillier I am ready to rock them a second time round in the hope they will keep me warm.

I got this SnapBack from Es Cana Beachwear a while ago and think these are cool for not only holidays away in the sun but adding a bit of urban to my outfit. I think it breaks up all the black I'm wearing and finishes off the outfit. I also love the print and colour as it's a little more girlie than your average SnapBack AND it's only £9.99 which is a total bargain! You can grab a silver (like mine) or gold one HERE.

Do you buy much from Forever 21 or Es Cana? 


Thursday, 19 September 2013

FU Wishlist

Hey dolls,

Well, as if I didn't love Fashion Union enough already, they are running a 'wishlist' competition right now to win £500 of FU vouchers!! Wowza. I obviously couldn't miss out on something as good as that! So, as you can see I have made a compilation of all my current 'wants' off the Fashion Union website! I have to say it was very hard to narrow it down as if you haven't already checked out their ''new arrivals' page, there is LOADS of gorgeous stuff to kick start  the Autumn/Winter season! 

I seem to have been drawn to everything black, white and red - I didn't even plan that I swear! I was picking out my faves and when I looked at them all together I was like hmm, guess what colours you're wearing this year Ashleigh. I am loving everything leather and minimal at the moment and I also STILL don't have a kimono even though I have wanted one for time! So if I was to win this would be first on the list along with the gorgeous LBD I spotted that looks super flattering and sophisticated.

You can also enter the comp HERE and you have until Monday 30th September 5 pm to enter. Also don't forget to take advantage of the FREE delivery this month over at Fashion Union!!

Do you like my wish list picks?


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Rings & Tings

Jewellery - Rings & Tings*

Hey dolls, 

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I was working all weekend so I decided to treat myself yesterday to a big fat roast dinner and have a proper slob on Sunday night, it was definitely ideal. Apart from that I have been green-eyeing all of my instagram and twitter feed seeing everyone's London Fashion Week photos and crying into my laptop watching some of the shows - Loving the Burberry & Topshop Unique shows in particular!! Too gorgeous.

Any way, I just wanted to introduce you (if you haven't heard of them already of course!) 'Rings & Tings' a new super cute brand that was created by two creative students studying in London (Joys & Yiunam). They started off as a petite boutique stall in Brick  Lane market selling their 'Rings & Tings' in East London. Since then they have now gave us lucky fashion lovers their very own website selling lots of cute and unique pieces of jewellery, watches, clothes, bags AND shoes! I have particularly fallen in love with some of the bags that look pretty much designer!

I was lucky enough to try out some of the jewellery from 'Rings & Tings' and I absolutely love all of them! I'm pretty versatile in my choices when it comes to jewellery  - I love big chunky jewellery but I also love the delicate stuff too. Jewellery can really transform your outfit and I feel incomplete when I'm getting ready and don't have at least two pieces of jewellery on. My favourite piece is probably the gold necklace, which I unfortunately can't find on the site at the moment. They do have very similar styles though and plenty of different options to choose from. I love these necklaces as I find they are great to wear by themselves but also look cute for layering up with as well. Everything is really affordable and I'm already thinking how some of these would be great stocking fillers for Christmas (too soon?) ha. I urge you to check out this website as there really is lots of very cute affordable bits that I am sure you will love!

Have you visited 'Rings & Tings' before?


Monday, 9 September 2013

eBay Wishlist #2

Hey dolls,
Why is it whenever you are at your poorest you want/need everything you lay your eyes on? No doubt about it that this is just everyday life for me for richer or for poorer but after oggling over New York Fashion Week and getting constant emails off certain fashion websites for new A/W stock - I can only say that this has fuelled my shopping addiction even more. I've become obsessed with all things minimal and leather and have already started jotting down everything I want in the build up for winter! I find my winter wardrobe always a little boring and eagerly await the summer months but I'm strangely more excited for this year for some reason. 

I am also VERY jealous of all you lot heading to London Fashion Week, I would love to be there *sobs* maybe next year eh! Anyway more to the point.... Here is my 2nd eBay list with a couple of bargains you may want to snap up! Of course there is some leather in there, an A/W floral print kimono and some gold accessories - everything I love! 

Hope you like!


Thursday, 5 September 2013


 Top - eBay // Skirt - Ark // Boots - H&M 

Hey dolls, 

Hope everyone is having a good week, I've been super busy with work and I've been doing a cross fit programme at the gym which is hardcore! Trying to get on a health ting and all that.... Zzzz.

A few weeks ago I was reading some of my fave blogs and fell in love with Charlotte from Lurchhound Loves outfit post and decided I had to have it! I love this 'homies' crop top and the grungy cheerleader-esque vibe she put together and to put it bluntly, I wanted it too (who didn't want to be a high school American cheerleader all their life). I noticed she got hers from Fashion Union but it was out of stock so I had a little look on eBay (shock) and found it from another supplier. I obviously snapped this up quick as yet again its another eBay bargain and you can find this top HERE. I teamed it up with the black PU skirt and my new beloved cut out H&M boots that seem to be making an appearance on EVERY post I do at the moment - a sorry, not sorry moment. 

So now I feel like my childhood cheerleader dream has come true - in the form of a 23 year old. Jheez. I'm planning on wearing this to London next week when I go and see Fabolous and visit The Making of Harry Potter Studios - TOO exciting. I won tickets for Fabolous via Wireless festival and I am very excited! Probably even more excited to run about the Harry Potter Studios like a fat kid in a sweet shop (literally). I love having something to look forward to and London is always a treat to visit even though it sometimes overwhelms me....poor little Northern girl. 

Do you like the Cheerleader look? 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

eBay Wishlist #1

So I decided to make a little eBay wishlist/finds type of post as I love reading other peoples, being the eBay addict that I am!You can always get super cheap stuff on eBay which is great for girls that love fast fashion and use something a few times until they fall in something else (all sounds familiar....). I have seen the tee and beenies floating round blogs for a while now and are perfect for slouch/bad hair days! I am a massive fan of chunky necklaces and have been loving the gold lion ones recently, I bought one a few months back but this one is a bit different and would look lush with a tee and blazer combo. Accompany this with a perspex clutch and voila, outfit complete! 

Do you love eBay as much as me? 

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