Tuesday 17 September 2013

Rings & Tings

Jewellery - Rings & Tings*

Hey dolls, 

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I was working all weekend so I decided to treat myself yesterday to a big fat roast dinner and have a proper slob on Sunday night, it was definitely ideal. Apart from that I have been green-eyeing all of my instagram and twitter feed seeing everyone's London Fashion Week photos and crying into my laptop watching some of the shows - Loving the Burberry & Topshop Unique shows in particular!! Too gorgeous.

Any way, I just wanted to introduce you (if you haven't heard of them already of course!) 'Rings & Tings' a new super cute brand that was created by two creative students studying in London (Joys & Yiunam). They started off as a petite boutique stall in Brick  Lane market selling their 'Rings & Tings' in East London. Since then they have now gave us lucky fashion lovers their very own website selling lots of cute and unique pieces of jewellery, watches, clothes, bags AND shoes! I have particularly fallen in love with some of the bags that look pretty much designer!

I was lucky enough to try out some of the jewellery from 'Rings & Tings' and I absolutely love all of them! I'm pretty versatile in my choices when it comes to jewellery  - I love big chunky jewellery but I also love the delicate stuff too. Jewellery can really transform your outfit and I feel incomplete when I'm getting ready and don't have at least two pieces of jewellery on. My favourite piece is probably the gold necklace, which I unfortunately can't find on the site at the moment. They do have very similar styles though and plenty of different options to choose from. I love these necklaces as I find they are great to wear by themselves but also look cute for layering up with as well. Everything is really affordable and I'm already thinking how some of these would be great stocking fillers for Christmas (too soon?) ha. I urge you to check out this website as there really is lots of very cute affordable bits that I am sure you will love!

Have you visited 'Rings & Tings' before?



  1. Love the gold necklace!! so pretty! x

  2. I really like the necklace :)


  3. I love the infinity necklace! :)


  4. love the 'love' bracelet





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