Monday, 25 February 2013

Cliphair Extensions | Long Hurrr ♥


So just before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a brand new set of extensions thanks to the Clip hair extensions twitter comp! I had recently started following them a month or so before as I am an avid lover of hair extensions and whenever my old ones need replacing I like trying out different brands to see which ones I prefer. I had the opportunity to choose my colour and soon after I had a lovely package waiting for me beholding a full set of hair extensions! I wanted to wear my new extensions for a few months or so before posting about them so I could let you all know the quality of the hair and my opinion on them after trying them out for a bit.

How often I wear/style my extensions 

I love wearing my extensions and I have done since about year 10 when I was so excited to get my first set. I wear my extensions on and off for daytime, depending if I'm feeling my hair without them or not and I will always wear them for a night out unless I am wearing an up do and don't need them.
I tend to wear my hair with big curls or wavy if I am going out so this means using heat on my extensions. I have been out a couple of times with my clip hair extensions and curled them or used heated rollers on them every time. However, I do not put any heat on them if I am wearing them in the day and simply brush the curls out into a loose wave for a natural look. I can honestly say that they are in just as good condition as they were when I bought them! Amazing!

The thickness of my extensions 

My hair is pretty thick and usually an average pack of extensions just doesn't cut it :( = big spends for me! I had a feeling that the Clip Hair extensions would not be enough for my hair so fortunately I had some extensions that were the same colour and that I hadn't worn very much that blended in perfectly! Winner. I think the single weft extensions are fine if you have normal thickness hair but if you have quite thick hair the double weft may be a better option as you get 30% more hair :).

Colour matching my extensions

I originally had hair extensions from Foxylocks. I still do love these extensions but as I was dying my hair that little bit darker they were a bit too light. As I was lucky enough to win the Clip Hair extensions, I got a darker shade to match my natural hair and they have LOTS of colours and different shades to choose from which in comparison to Foxylocks is so much better if you are after the perfect colour. They also have a wide range of different lengths which is perfect if you are after a specific length rather than just two set lengths to choose from.

I do really love my Clip Hair extensions and think they are an amazing place to start to get the right colour, thickness and length for a reasonable price starting from about £44.99. You also get free delivery which is another bonus! You can find their website HERE.

Do you wear hair extensions? Have you tried Clip Hair extensions?


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Heart & Maxi Skirt | V Day

Hey dolls, 

Happy Valentine's Day :* I hope all you loved up lot are getting spoilt today or tonight! I just thought I'd do a little post on what I am wearing today and obviously show the love by wearing my love heart jumper all in spirit of the V day! I do think Valentines day is very overrated but I think it's pretty cute if you are in a relationship all the same :) n'aaaw! 
I got this split maxi skirt from, yeah you guessed it - Primark! ha ha, I have rediscovered my love for Primark recently as they are bringing out some really good pieces and if you didn't know already I love a good side split! They have these skirts in a range of colours and patterns and are such a bargain at £8! I find these perfect for the Spring to Summer transition and are so easy to wear literally throw any top or slouchy jumper on and bam, outfit done! My jumper I have on I got from some random shop in Manchester last year but I have seen a lot flying about at the moment as Wildfox dupes! I whacked my cream bobble hat on as its freeeeeezing and it felt appropriate! 

Hope you all have a lovely evening tonight whatever you do! 


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Harts & Crosses | Jewellery LOVE

Hey Dolls,

I would just like to introduce you to an AMAZE jewellery website I have discovered! I was having a browse on Twitter and came across the website . They sell lots of gorgeous cute jewellery pieces that are right up my street! The prices are ridiculously reasonable so I obviously had to have a little purchase! As you can see above, I got the woven bracelet in baby pink (£1) and the wish bone necklace (£2). My items came in lovely packaging which is always a winner for me along with a 'thank you' card and a little peace sticker - such a nice touch :).
They also have rings and earrings and a few bits of accessories and clothes. I love cute jewellery like this and I can't wait to buy more! I have just had another look and I think I am going to have to put in another order - It's too lush! The shipping cost is £1.30 to the UK which again is really reasonable! I definitely will be using Harts +  Crosses when I need some Summer jewellery pieces and I think these are great as little gifts! I'd love opening something from the collection anyway!

Do you like cute pieces like this? 
Make sure you check out this site, I promise you will love it!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pretty in Pink | Skater

Dress- Primark
Shoes- Topshop
Watch - Michael Kors 

Hey dolls,

Today I am feeling very sorry for myself and hungover but I just wanted to share with you a primark number that I was pretty impressed with. I have a love/hate relationship with primark whenever I go in, I always either see loads of bargains or just loads of crap. However, when I saw this little bargain I thought I should purchase!

This dress was a measly £13 which is such a steal considering how lovely this dress is and it could easily sit well in the likes of Zara or Topshop. I love wearing baby pink/nude as I think it always looks lovely with a tan and dark hair, although I love this colour with blonde locks too so it's a winner for everyone! I am also a fan of the flattering skater style and the lace detail which I think makes this dress ideal for day to night wear. I have dressed the dress with heels for a night time look but I would wear this dress when it gets a bit warmer with some gladiators! I always have this thing where I only wear an outfit for a night out once or twice as most  girls do 8) so I've been trying to buy clothes that can easily be worn for day or night time in order for me to stop wasting outfits ! 

 I hope you all had a lovely weekend and don't feel as bad as me ! Haha 


Friday, 8 February 2013

Black & White | LBD

Dress - H&M 
Blazer - Miss Guided 
Boots - Daisy Street*
Watch - Michael Kors 

Hey Dolls, 

YAY , it's Friday! This week has gone so fast :O, not that I'm complaining as it always means the weekend is finally here. Just a quick post on a dress I got last month from H&M but I haven't yet had chance to wear it! I'm always a bit unsure about mesh on dresses as it can sometimes look a bit naff but as this dress was only £12.99, I thought it will do for one of them nights when I can't find anything to wear and I need to fall back on some sort of LBD. I'm sporting the studded shoe boots yet again from Daisy street, because I simply cant get enough of them - they literally go with everything and are uber comfy :). Definitely a good investment pair of shoes if you don't want to splurge on the Campbells! I teamed this dress with a white blazer I got from Miss Guided. I got this jacket as I saw Kim K wearing a straight boyfriend one for a change from her usual fitted style blazers and decided I needed one too. Obviously 8). I'm tempted to wear this for a house party this weekend but I'm thinking it's too dressy hmm decisionssss! Oooh also I have had my blog re-vamped by the lovely Becky and I love the new look. It looks much more clean and tidy now so I am a very happy blogger :) If you are looking for a new blog look I couldn't recommend her enough! You can find her VERY reasonable blog shop HERE. (She didn't ask me to write this by the way!)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned!


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Beyonce | Style Steal

Hi Dolls, 

So since we have all gone Beyonce crazy again, I thought this post would be appropriate. It's far too exciting for me to take in all this Beyonce excitement with her Superbowl performance, Mrs Carter tour being announced AND a Destiny's Child reunion going on. Also, if you haven't seen her amazing performance at the 2013 Superbowl then I suggest you hit that Youtube link up right now!! Well, after you have finished reading this obviously :).

Like most girls, I LOVE a celeb style steal and if Beyonce's been wearing it, I'm probably going to want it even more. I love a celebrity copy or something as close as I can get to some of their gorgeous, highly priced wardrobe! At the Superbowl conference on Sunday, Beyonce was snapped wearing this GORGEOUS OJ Gulsen dress and I immediately fell in love! There's nothing I love more than a white dress, a deep tan and a cut out back, I know I sound a bit weird but I just love it. I can remember seeing Kim Kardashian wearing one last year and searching high and low for it over the Internet - I had no such luck :(

However, Gorgeous Couture have come to my rescue. They have not only got such a similar dress to the real deal available in a range of colours, they also have the option of 'made to measure' meaning you can get this dress to your exact measurements! Star treatment or what ;). I thought hmm this is going to come with a hefty price tag but they have a special web price that was originally £159 down to £89 !!! You can find the dress HERE.

I think this is the perfect dress if you have a birthday coming up or a night out with the girls! I'm so tempted to buy this dress, I just need somewhere nice to wear it to! 

Did you watch the Superbowl? 
Do you love Bey's dress?
Will you be getting tickets for the Mrs Carter tour? - I know I will be!

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