Monday 25 February 2013

Cliphair Extensions | Long Hurrr ♥


So just before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a brand new set of extensions thanks to the Clip hair extensions twitter comp! I had recently started following them a month or so before as I am an avid lover of hair extensions and whenever my old ones need replacing I like trying out different brands to see which ones I prefer. I had the opportunity to choose my colour and soon after I had a lovely package waiting for me beholding a full set of hair extensions! I wanted to wear my new extensions for a few months or so before posting about them so I could let you all know the quality of the hair and my opinion on them after trying them out for a bit.

How often I wear/style my extensions 

I love wearing my extensions and I have done since about year 10 when I was so excited to get my first set. I wear my extensions on and off for daytime, depending if I'm feeling my hair without them or not and I will always wear them for a night out unless I am wearing an up do and don't need them.
I tend to wear my hair with big curls or wavy if I am going out so this means using heat on my extensions. I have been out a couple of times with my clip hair extensions and curled them or used heated rollers on them every time. However, I do not put any heat on them if I am wearing them in the day and simply brush the curls out into a loose wave for a natural look. I can honestly say that they are in just as good condition as they were when I bought them! Amazing!

The thickness of my extensions 

My hair is pretty thick and usually an average pack of extensions just doesn't cut it :( = big spends for me! I had a feeling that the Clip Hair extensions would not be enough for my hair so fortunately I had some extensions that were the same colour and that I hadn't worn very much that blended in perfectly! Winner. I think the single weft extensions are fine if you have normal thickness hair but if you have quite thick hair the double weft may be a better option as you get 30% more hair :).

Colour matching my extensions

I originally had hair extensions from Foxylocks. I still do love these extensions but as I was dying my hair that little bit darker they were a bit too light. As I was lucky enough to win the Clip Hair extensions, I got a darker shade to match my natural hair and they have LOTS of colours and different shades to choose from which in comparison to Foxylocks is so much better if you are after the perfect colour. They also have a wide range of different lengths which is perfect if you are after a specific length rather than just two set lengths to choose from.

I do really love my Clip Hair extensions and think they are an amazing place to start to get the right colour, thickness and length for a reasonable price starting from about £44.99. You also get free delivery which is another bonus! You can find their website HERE.

Do you wear hair extensions? Have you tried Clip Hair extensions?



  1. They look great - such a brilliant colour match too!

    Jen xx

    1. Thank you ! They are a really good set of extensions! xoxo

  2. I love my foxy lock clip ins, couldnt live without them! these look great too, so natural xxx

    1. Oh I didnt know you wore them too! Your hair always looks gorgeous :) thank you ! xoxo

  3. your hair looks amazing here! They look so natural! such a good match too - i must grab some of these soon - i think the colour range is fabulous - defs one of the best ranges ive seen :) xx

  4. Thank you ! Yes they are really good ! I completely recommend them ! Xoxo

  5. I have never tried them, but I love the look. I might need to get some!

    1. They are my favourites to date ! :) xoxo

  6. These look lovely, great review :) x


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