Sunday, 30 March 2014

Pretty Little Thing:VIP Blogger

Bag - PLT // Shoes - PLT // Shorts - PLT // Body - PLT // Fur Coat - PLT // Necklace - PLT 
Hey dolls, 

So I recently saw that there was a chance to be one of the VIP bloggers for Pretty Little Thing where you have to create your own outfit from the website (which is too easy as there is so much to love!). I obviously jumped at the chance and got creating an outfit! 

I am going to a couple of festivals this year and all I can think about when I'm shopping is holidays & festivals being the summer lover that I am. I decided to create an outfit that I would wear for the festivals this year as I think picking festival outfits is nearly as fun as going to the festival itself! I chose this white body which is super versatile and teamed with some faux leather shorts is perfect for summer - everyone needs a bit of pvc in their lives. The white cut out boots are ideal for walking around in (lots of that at the festivals!) yet still staying on-trend at the same time. 

I am also loving statement necklaces in the build up to summer, they add the final touches to any outfit and even a simple outfit can be transformed with a statement piece. I fell in love with this black and gold leaf one which I feel, definitely adds to the outfit. Seeing as I will be going to festivals in the UK this year - weather is always temperamental and you can never be too safe. I think this nude faux fur short jacket would go perfectly with this outfit for a bit of a boho vibe! Finally, no festival outfit is complete without a bag and this embroidered pink pom-pom bag is great for throwing on your shoulder and finishing the outfit.

Fingers crossed!!! 

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Sunday, 23 March 2014


  Jumper - Ark Clothing // Jeans - Primark // Nike Airforce 1 - Footlocker

Hey dolls, 

Hope everyone has had a good weekend! I am a proper sucker for a slogan t-shirt or jumper so when I saw this one in Ark last week, I decided I needed it! You can never have too many jumpers, especially when it's not really that warm yet. I love the baby pink colour teamed with denim and I am slowly filling my wardrobe up with pastel colours for spring/summer, so this is another addition to my ever growing collection! I bought this in store, when really I should have checked on line as Ark currently have 20% off all sweats so you can bag this with an extra discount if you buy on line.

I got the jeans a little while ago from Primark when I was having a mooch after work one night. I love the skinny high waisted jeans and I thought that these could easily pass off as a pair of Topshop jeans! I think these were around the £13 mark - bargain! I also dusted off my old faithful Nike Airforce 1's so I can walk down the street and blind everyone with how bright they are. They are my ultimate faves!
Do you love slogan tops?
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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Top - Topshop // Leggings - H&M // Jordan5's - Footlocker

Hey dolls, 

I just thought I would post my weekend day time outfit - it was a casual one as I was feeling a little worse for wear on the Sunday after a night out in Manchester! I really need to stop drinking so much wine, I am an absolute fiend. At the moment I can't stop wearing the old leggings and crop top combo, I mean, it's probably far too cold for this attire yet but I find it so comfortable to just chill in. I have been trying to put myself on a spending ban, however I have been needing some sort of bottom halves for work so H&M has been a complete saviour when it comes to leggings that I can just throw on in the morning. 

I have bought 4 pairs of late as I find them so easy to wear and so much more comfortable than a pair of jeans. They have loads of cute patterned ones in H&M at the moment for £12.99, which is ideal - along with the fact they are good quality and not going thread bare across your bum which is a nightmare when it comes to cheap leggings, not to mention highly embarrassing. I also picked up a Glamour magazine the other day which had a little 25% off voucher waiting for me inside for H&M so that made everything even cheaper and I didn't feel half as bad for breaking my ban, ha! I will never learn. 

I also thought I would wear one of my favourite pair of trainers I have, as I haven't worn them half as much as I should do and they still look brand new! I LOVE my Jordan 5 Floridians and I think they go with these leggings pretty well :).

Hope everyone has a good week!
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Sunday, 9 March 2014


Top - Topshop // Skirt - Zara // Bracelets - Fossil & Tiffany // Head Jewel - Duty Free Shop
Hey dolls, 

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I have been learning how to cook, which is always good as I'm sick of eating the same meals every day - kinda boring! Especially when you are trying to be healthy...variety is definitely the key for me otherwise I will slip back to my naughty foods! I also went to my first meeting for new on line magazine, FIBRE magazine, which is super exciting for me! I am a fashion & lifestyle writer for this super chic new magazine and I am very excited about it all - lots of good things to come! If you fancy having a browse you can do HERE

Besides probably being the only one drunk at the meeting and then trying to cure a heavy head on the Saturday, I haven't done much else. I have put myself on a strict 'no buying clothes' ban and it's the worst thing EVER. There is just no way I can save if I don't though, so hopefully it will pay off (literally). I got really worried I would have nothing to blog about but I opened my wardrobe and discovered a couple of newish things I haven't blogged about yet, so it's all good. I also want to give you guys my thoughts on my DTY Looks extension quad too, so I will be writing up a review this week :). 

I absolutely love this Zara skirt that I bought in the sale, it's so ideal for summer and I cant wait to team this with some crop tops on holiday! I think they have it in other colours too AND for less than £7 at the moment, I might have to break the ban and grab a few more! 

  Have you started your summer shopping yet? I can't wait to start buying bikinis!
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Saturday, 1 March 2014

I'll Bring You Flowers...

Playsuit - Miss Guided // Fedora -  H&M // Chelsea Boots - Topshop (old) // Fur Jacket - Vera Moda // Bodychain - Topshop (old)
 Hey Dolls, 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I am literally bored out of my head with no money and nothing to do. I usually love a decent chilled weekend but I need some activities other than going to the gym, ha. I wore this jumpsuit once for my best friends birthday around Christmas and I'm so glad I received this as one of my Christmas presents as I think it is definitely perfect for all year round. I didn't post this outfit when I wore it for a night out in Manchester, so I thought I would share the love now! 

This is probably the type of outfit I would wear for a gig or concert as its a good'en for going out in afterwards too. I would say it would be good for a festival too but,  playsuits + portable toilets = disaster! Well it does for me anyway - I don't fancy stripping naked in a portable toilet where there is a queue of 1000 people outside, risqué indeed. I just love the lace detailing and I think it works well for Summer just as much as it does for Winter - a wardrobe staple! You can get this beaut 'Alava' playsuit from Miss Guided HERE.

I recently got round to buying myself one of these fedora hats which I could never make my mind up if it would suit me. Either way I wanted one that much I came to the conclusion I was just going to wear them regardless, ha. I also can't get enough of my black fur Vera Moda jacket, I get so much wear out of it. I recently did a 'wish list' post of a similar one in nude pink which is also beaut. Think I'm going to have to get myself that one too. 

Hope everyone is having a much more fun filled weekend than me!
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