Monday, 3 December 2012

Daisy Street | Blogger Event

Hey Ladies,

So last week I was invited to view the amazing new Daisy Street collection. If you didn't know already, Daisy Street is a fab new brand that sells affordable high street fashion that is bang on trend!
The event was held in Manchester so it was easy for me to get to and I was really excited to have a browse of the new Christmas collection.

The venue was at 2022 in the Northern Quarter which is a really cool and quirky basement style room with a bar where you could grab yourself a free drink whilst you enjoyed a gorgeous spread of canapes and amazing daisy cupcakes - yum!

After being greeted with a lovely glass of champers I started having a browse of all the pretty sparkly clothes that were calling my name! I have to say I LOVED the Christmas collection, there were so many gorgeous pieces I literally just wanted everything. From the beloved disco pants to sequin sleeve military jackets, I was very impressed. They also had out some of their amazing shoe range which I was immediately drawn to, as you can see from my pictures was studs and platforms galore! I also loved the accessory table  where they had some gorgeous clutch bags (I want the leopard stud clutch!) and spike arm candy - perfect for adding an edge to your outfit. We even had the chance to choose an item from everything they had on display - how kind?! I obviously headed straight for the shoes, standard.  I chose the black suede lace up platform shoe boots with studs, a fab replica of the Jeffery Campbell Lita's but with a huge price cut!

It was also lovely to catch up with fellow bloggers who had attended the event as well. It's always nice having a chat with like minded people who have some mad obsession with fashion like yourself! There was even the chance to be interviewed by Daisy Street who were there taking lots of pictures and of course interviewing all the lovely bloggers! It was such a lovely event and I will definitely be making a purchase(s) just in time for Christmas! You can check out their fab website HERE and the shoe boots I chose HERE.

Do you love Daisy Street? 
Will you be putting some Daisy Street on your Christmas list?


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Kardashian Krazy | KKollection

(L-R) Black Blazer/Jacket £55, Dress £40, Panel Leggings £28, White Bodycon dress £40

(L-R) White lace shoulder blouse £35, Gold sequin jacket £50, Black sequin dress £45, Lace panel dress £50
Tassle bag £40, Gold glitter clutch £30, Gold sequin clutch £30, Black snakeskin tote £55

Hey Dolls,

If you are anything like me you will be SUPER excited that 1. The Kardashians sisters are in the UK this week AND 2. All in the name of their brand new collection Kollection that I am really impressed with!

I can't explain how bad I want to go down to London on the whim that I might actually see them in the flesh. Like many girls, my Kardashian obsession is spiralling out of control. I have to admit, I am all for sharing the 'Kimye' love regularly. Anyway, I have had a browse of all the new pieces that are set to launch in stores/online on the 8th November, and I must say I really do love quite a few bits. I was a little unsure of what they would come up with as the Sears Kollection they did wasn't that amazing (sorry), but they have pleasantly surprised me with a few of their new products.
I love that all of their Kollection is set at high street prices, meaning girls like me (poor students) can have their own slice of Kardash. I feel that the new kollection really represents the girls, and as all the sisters are different shapes and sizes, the images of them clearly show anyone can look good in these clothes whatever body shape you are.

I have chosen my faves from the Kollection above - my absolute faves have to be the black blazer and the black tassle bag - LOVE these.

Do you like the new Kardashian Kollection? what are your favourite pieces?


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pretty Please ♥

Image: We Heart It

Hello lovely ladies!

I'm sorry to bother you all but I am currently doing my Masters Dissertation and I would be ever so grateful if I could have 2 minutes of your time to fill out my short survey :). I absolutely promise it takes 2 minutes as it is multiple choice and I would be ever so grateful if you could help me out! The link to my survey is HERE

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

OOTD | Leather & Army

Hey Dolls!

Hope all is well :) I am posting my favourite A/W look at the moment which features some of my loves - leather, studs and army print. I think these are my staple wardrobe essentials for winter along with lots of chunky knits!

Please excuse my cringinell pictures, I don't really know what to do with myself and it was making me nervous posing away on my balcony in the dark, as there are some flats opposite and the last thing people want to see is me lurking around with camera outside their windows, haha. I also had to go inside at one point as it's so flippin freezing, brrr. The last picture was just my pretty view at night from my beauts balcony, might as well take a snap whilst I'm there!

On another note, I posted the army jacket and leather skater skirt in a previous post when I had a little shopping haul, but I was yet to show you how I would choose to wear them. Both of these items are from 'Hearts & Bows', which is an amaze shop that can be found on and if you're in the Manchester area, they have a cute little shop opposite the side of M&S and Selfridges. You MUST check it out!

The pretty lace top is from River Island and I love the lace detail along the edge of the top, it's so easy to wear and goes with so much. The boots are a more recent purchase from Miss Guided. I love flat biker boots and when I saw the studs, I had to have them. They are definitely worth the money as I have wore them nearly every day since I got them! Winner. You can get them in other colours too on .

Hope everyone's having a good week :)


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Chloe Jade Green | A/W Collection

 Hello Ladiess,
If you are anything like me, you'll be a sucker for a new celebrity endorsed range.Reality TV star, Chloe Green and daughter of the man who moulds our high street wardrobes, has launched her second fashion range for Autumn\Winter 2012. Previously, Chloe had launched her own killer heel shoe range which she has now updated and expanded, along with introducing silk scarves, chunky jewellery, flats and boots. Excited much?!

Ms Green, 21, attended her launch last Saturday night to show off her ah-ma-zing new collection and when I saw some of the new pieces, I had already started mentally adding them to my Christmas wish list.The thing I love the most about the new range is the clever twist on the beloved Louboutin brand. Chloe's new collection of super high heels all have a green sole...which are all in the name of Chloe Jade Green, of course. Pretty cool, huh?!The collection is all about grunge, platforms, studs and spikes which is an instant on-trend hit for this season and I’m lusting after it all! 

At the low key launch in London (braving it without dad!), Chloe stated, "It introduces a rocky edge mixing up textures of mesh panelling and intricate laser cut work."Ooh, impressive. The range is definitely something to look out for whether it's sugar coated in celebrity branding or not, it's everything you could want for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe and perfect for grunging up any outfit! To be honest, whether Chloe is a celeb or not, I still love the range regardless, which I think is a bonus as she clearly has the talent to bring out an amazing range regardless of her name!The 15 piece collection ranges from £25 to £195 and is set to sell in Selfridges and Can we start Christmas shopping yet?! 

What do you think of the new range?


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

OSiS | Rough Rubber

Hello Ladies,

I have tried to create a boho winter look using the Schwarzkoph OSiS+ Rough Rubber Texture Paste. I love a boho look, but I always associate it with the summer months and I want something I can wear with all the gorgeous rustic and khaki coloured chunky knits and dipped hemmed shirts I've been seeing!

To create this look I have used everything in the top image. It's such a simple look to create and doesn't take too long with it being a 'messy' style - it's not meant to look perfect!

Firstly, my hair is naturally curly and even after a straight blow dry it manages to kink itself back into some sort of wave as you can see in the third picture! This can sometimes be annoying but in this case it was doing what I wanted (for once!). If you don't have this type of hair I would suggest plaiting your hair, either from wet or dry and applying extra heat with a hairdryer on the plaits. However, if you are looking for instant waves, you can use your straighteners by sectioning off pieces of hair and running them down the hair making an 'up and down' movement which creates an instant wave in the hair.

I then used my back comb to back comb the root of my hair all over the top and crown to create extra volume, I haven't used hairspray this time but I would advise it to keep your hair intact for a long time and maintaining the volume!  Next up I used the Schwarzkoph OSiS Rough Rubber Texture Paste by applying a pound sized blob on one of my hands, rubbing my hands together then scrunching my hair all over. I must say, it smelt absolutely delicious- so fruity!It keeps those waves in place and makes your hair smell super yummy - bonus!

I then made a messy plait across my hair line. It literally is a case of just pulling bits of hair in and not doing it to perfection! I then just clipped this underneath the side of my hair with a hair pin. Simples!

Then of course adding some feathers...I love this feather clip I picked up in Topshop. All the gorgeous coloured feathers work great in Winter or Summer in my opinion! I just clipped this underneath the plait and voilaa :) 

How do you create your messy hair look? 


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Winter Wishlist | My Picks

Winter Wishlist

Hello Ladies! 

Just thought I would give you a run down of my current 'Winter Wishlist' ! I have been really naughty of late and keep having a sneaky online shop nearly every week ! Agh, someone come and sort me out! My bank balance is looking far from healthy, however my wardrobe is vastly improving! Nevertheless, I am still always wanting more - standard girl problems. Anyway, here are some of my fave things at the moment! 

1. Topshop Boutique Sleeveless Leather Gilet - I am loving these sleeveless leather gilet's of late. Even though I have already got one and it's probably starting to get a bit too chilly to be wearing through the day, I just can't get enough of it. I usually wear mine over a maxi dress or a long sleeve tee.

2. Miss Guided Imana Leaf Trim Bodycon Dress - I think this is such a gorgeous dress for winter. I love this gold leaf print and I think it makes the dress super flattering. I am definitely drooling over Miss Guided of late and have bought quite a few pieces as it's so reasonable and very on trend.

3. Celeb Boutique Aurora White Pleated V Neck, Strong Shoulder Bodycon Dress - Ahhh one day I will own a Herve !! I think I've wanted one for about 5 years. I love the cut of this dress and how it is Kim K inspired - which is something I always like to hear.Celeb Boutique of course, give students like me the chance to own a pretty good match to the real deal. However, I'm thinking this is still one for the rents and will be going on my Christmas list!

4. Miss Guided Nora Star Jumper- Again, I am loving Miss Guided and I love this star/ripped effect jumper, which is reeeeally similar to the Wildfox one that I have wanted for aaaages. At £23 I think this is an absolute barg!! Perfect for throwing on with some skinnies or my wet looks/disco pants!

5. American Apparel Red Disco Pants - I know these have been around for time and everyone is probably bored of talking about/ seeing them. However, I have wanted the red version of these bad boys for quite a while now so I am keen for these to be whacked on my Christmas list too!

6. Miss Selfride Madame Faux Fur Jacket - I'm a sucker for a faux fur jacket and this is no exception. I have quite a few fur coats in my wardrobe but none this particular shade/pattern. I think this would look gorgeous with some leather pants and chunky shoe boots! Delish.

7. Zara Shopper Basket - I love these shopper baskets, I had my eye on the tan version for a while, but I feel as we go into winter I need to drag myself away from my beloved tan items and get some black in my life. I think this bag is classy, sophisticated and practical for the amount of crap I carry around with me. My friends literally call me Mary Poppins as I have EVERYTHING in my bag. You never know though do you... !

8. Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm  - I absolutely adore Tiffany jewellery and I think I speak for most girls when I say that every girl would love to receive a little blue box at Christmas, and I am no different. I wear my Tiffany bracelet every day and have been dying for this necklace for a long time. It's so delicate and pretty and I just want it round my neck asap. Haha.

9. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike Platform Boot- You can't really go wrong with these can you? I feel Jeffrey Campbell always delivers with their ranges and seeing as everything is stud crazy at the minute, I'd love these beauties to grunge up my outfit, they are too lush.

10. Topshop Fair Isle Beenie - Aww, how cute is this! I am desperate for a beenie as I think they are super cute and this little Topshop number is perfect and practical for Winter. I Want!!  

So there we go, my Winter wishlist :) 
What do you think of my picks and whats hot on your list?


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Brave Soul | A/W Collection

Hey Dolls,

Last week I went to Brave Soul's blogger event at Circle club in Manchester to get a peak of their new A/W Collection! I had previously been to their S/S blogger event and absolutely loved it! They are definitely the ideal hosts - greeted with champagne and delicious canapes... yum!

I was REALLY impressed with the new range and I already can see the brand growing into something pretty special! The prices of the new collection are SO reasonable and realistic for my student budgets 8)

Not only was I eyeing up the new Womenswear collection, the menswear was just as gorgeous....perfect buys for the boyf for xmas ladies! I have put together a selection of my fave pieces of both Men's and women's in the pictures above, that I felt really caught my eye.My favourite piece definitely had to be the Womens leather waistcoat. I am genuinely in love!

It was lovely catching up with the Brave Soul team and fellow lovely bloggers! I love meeting other girls that blog and here are some of the lovely ladies at the event, you should check out their blogs!

Charlotte    Ellanora    Martyna    Karolina   Lauren

I even got an amazing goody bag at the end of the night AND a free nude pink cardigan - Winner! They are too kind!! *hugs* You can have a look at all the amazing new collection by Brave Soul HERE. I promise you won't be disappointed!! 

What do you think of the new range?

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