Tuesday 5 February 2013

Beyonce | Style Steal

Hi Dolls, 

So since we have all gone Beyonce crazy again, I thought this post would be appropriate. It's far too exciting for me to take in all this Beyonce excitement with her Superbowl performance, Mrs Carter tour being announced AND a Destiny's Child reunion going on. Also, if you haven't seen her amazing performance at the 2013 Superbowl then I suggest you hit that Youtube link up right now!! Well, after you have finished reading this obviously :).

Like most girls, I LOVE a celeb style steal and if Beyonce's been wearing it, I'm probably going to want it even more. I love a celebrity copy or something as close as I can get to some of their gorgeous, highly priced wardrobe! At the Superbowl conference on Sunday, Beyonce was snapped wearing this GORGEOUS OJ Gulsen dress and I immediately fell in love! There's nothing I love more than a white dress, a deep tan and a cut out back, I know I sound a bit weird but I just love it. I can remember seeing Kim Kardashian wearing one last year and searching high and low for it over the Internet - I had no such luck :(

However, Gorgeous Couture have come to my rescue. They have not only got such a similar dress to the real deal available in a range of colours, they also have the option of 'made to measure' meaning you can get this dress to your exact measurements! Star treatment or what ;). I thought hmm this is going to come with a hefty price tag but they have a special web price that was originally £159 down to £89 !!! You can find the dress HERE.

I think this is the perfect dress if you have a birthday coming up or a night out with the girls! I'm so tempted to buy this dress, I just need somewhere nice to wear it to! 

Did you watch the Superbowl? 
Do you love Bey's dress?
Will you be getting tickets for the Mrs Carter tour? - I know I will be!



  1. wow she looks sooo hot, i love the white dress ;)


  2. I know she is amazing isn't she! Me too :) xoxo

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