Monday 25 November 2013

Suede & Tassels

Dress - Koo-Ture // Wedges - Manchester Boutique

Hey dolls, 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Apart from working on a mad busy night due to the boxing being held in Manchester, it was a pretty chilled one which is just what I like when I've been ill and busy at work! I also had a cheeky splurge in Topshop yesterday and got myself a Kim K inspired outfit that I cannot wait to wear on my next night out! 

Whilst being super busy I did manage to pick up this pocohontas-esque dress which is a new brand to be part of Koo-Ture from Poland. I really can't make my mind up on when or where to wear it too but it's pretty cute all the same. I figured I'd probably wear it as a top for through the day and then a dress on a night out. I espesh love the tassel sleeves and it's an amazing quality, however I cant work out if this is more of a summer outfit or if I could get away with it for a wintery night out...hmm?If all else fails I'm going as Pocahontas to the next fancy dress party I'm going to, ha!

I'm off to see the new Hunger Games film tonight and I am too excited, major girl crush time over Katniss! Has anyone else seen it yet? 

Have you shopped at Koo-Ture before?



  1. I like all the tassel bits! and you can definitely pull off a Pocahontas look for Halloween haha!! x

    1. Ha ha thank you - its going to be my next look ;) xxx

  2. Love the dress!

    Claudia xxx

  3. Love that dress!!! so so pretty


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