Friday 7 February 2014

Drunk in Love

 Dress - PrettyLittleThing // Heels - River Island // Hoops - Topshop

Hey Dolls,

I picked this dress up from work the other day, which is now unfortunately out of stock but you can buy this from Pretty Little Thing for £18, which is a bargain for such a nice LBD. I have been after a black dress for a while now and fell in love with this one. It's perfect for day to night wear and I love the subtle cut out back feature. 

I ended up wearing this for a recent flat warming at my new flat but I had a bit too much to drink (oops) so pictures were limited and I decided to re-shoot the dress again. Speaking of drinks I was very kindly sent this AMAZING wine to try from Gallo Family Vineyards. I have to say, I am partial to some vino and I am usually a rose kinda girl, so it was nice to get the chance to try a white wine for a change. Now usually when I have white wine I have to add a bit of lemonade to get rid of the dry taste as I have a bit of a sweet tooth! So, before I opened the wine I went to the shop to grab a bottle of lemonade to make it a bit sweeter - even when a wine says 'sweet' I still never think it's that sweet to be honest. I have to say though, I didn't touch the lemonade all night - this super sweet and fruity wine was so easy to drink and it even reminded me of the 'shloer' non alcoholic drinks...but nicer! 

The Gallo Moscato is described as a,"White Californian Wine Our Gallo Moscato is a lusciously sweet wine with flavours of tropical fruit such as pineapple and peach. Hints of orange blossoms and honey complement the fruity, yet refreshing finish." - This couldn't be a better description and I couldn't recommend this wine enough! Even my friends were taking pictures of the bottle so they can remember to buy it when they are next shopping. I will definitely be stocking up for Summer, it is THE perfect drink for a Summers day! I was also given this Spiced Orange Blossom Punch to make using the Gallo Moscato which I cannot wait to have a go at! I've put it under here if you fancy a go ;) You can buy this wine for £6.99 from most Supermarkets.

You'll need:
  • 2 bottles of Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato
  • Half a lemon, half an orange & 4 kumquats
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of orange blossom water
  • 80g sugar
  • 6 whole allspice
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • Twist of orange zest and physalis

How to:
  • Thinly slice the lemon, orange and kumquats, discarding any seeds. Quarter the orange slices.
  • Put the fruit into a pan and add honey, sugar, orange blossom and allspice. 
  • With a knife, cut the cinnamon sticks lengthwise into thinner strips & add to the pan.
  • Add two cups of water to the pan, bring to boil over high heat then reduce heat and simmer gently for 5 minutes
  • Pour both bottles of Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato into the hot citrus base and heat until steaming for about 8 minutes
  • Pour into martini glasses with a twist of orange zest and a physalis for garnish.

I can't even explain how nice this wine is! I can't wait to have a go at this cocktail! I insist you give it a try if you are a wine fiend like me :)



  1. love this outfit and I think im going to give that drink a try xx

    1. Honestly it's so nice!! You must try :) xx

  2. you look sexy wearing this dress and I'm in love with your heels!

    1. Ahh thanks beaut!! I know I can't stop wearing them! xx


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