Monday 24 June 2013

We're up all night to get lucky

Black Tube Dress - American Apparel // Yellow Neon Kimono - H&M // Flower Crown  - Primark // Heels - Primark // Sunglasses - Primark

Hey dolls, 

I wasn't going to put up this post due to the lack of quality of my photos, so sorry about that in advance! However, I quite liked this outfit regardless of the bad photography so I thought it would be a shame not to share. 

I wore this outfit when I went to Parklife for my birthday (minus the kimono and heels!) and it's become a summer fave as I have since wore it again when I was away on holiday. I saw this beaut kimono in H&M and I knew I had to have it. I have been after a nice kimono for ages and particularly love the burnt out style kimono's that have been knocking around recently. I figure this is a little more on the brighter side 8) but I think this is perfect for holidays and looks lush with bit of tan ;). It is a bit of a daring colour but I think with a plain black dress or another plain outfit underneath, the pop of neon really makes the outfit. If you haven't been in H&M recently, they have lots of nice bits in, I literally had to stop myself buying half the shop!

I find Primark a bit hit and miss but recently I have picked up a few lush pieces that were super cheap such as the rose crown and the Zara copy heels. Why pay more when you can pay less eh? I have worn both of these items quite a few times now and both of them probably came to less than £15 - Baaaaargain. My friend also very kindly gave me this American Apparel dress which I love! I'd be stupid to turn down a free LBD right? Staple wardrobe item alert! 

Has anyone been in the sales yet? I ventured into Zara at the weekend and it was absolute bedlam! I think a week night visit is much needed as I couldn't be bothered fighting through the crowds! If you follow me on Instagram (ashleighgxoxo) you might have seen I picked up my white mini shopper bag that I have wanted for ages so this put a smile on my face! 

Hope everyone is having a good day! 
Have you been in the sales yet?



  1. That kimono is amazing! So bright. xx

  2. That kimono is beaut! You look gorgeous.
    Megan xxx

    1. aw thanks lovely! I love the kimono too :) xoxo

  3. You look gorgeous! I love that kimono! Xx

  4. Ahhhh love!! I want to pop into the zara sale soon but I'm scared haha - deff need to schedula a late week night trip xx


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