Saturday 12 October 2013


 Kimono - Koo-Ture // Dress - American Apparel // Boots - Topshop

Hey dolls, 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I was meant to be going Warehouse Project tonight but after last weeks 3 hour queues I decided to sell my ticket and have a night out instead! It's a shame as I was looking forward to Rudimental but I just don't want to spend my night waiting around for everything. I'm sure a Manchester night out will be just as fun!

Anyway, I was super excited in work the other day when I saw a delivery of burnt out velvet kimonos! I have wanted one for ages but some of them are about £80 so I am glad I waited out! I got this colour and also an all black one as well. I think these are ideal for nights out with an LBD when you want some extra warmth but still want to look dressed up. There have definitely been times where I have worn some disgusting old cardigan for the sake of staying warm and then binned it somewhere before I went in a club, ha! I've had the black tube dress and boots for ages but I think this is something I would wear out for dinner/drinks, just a smart/casual one (probably with some tights included in our current temperature drop ;'( ) Is anyone else mentally booking their next holiday already?!

Does anyone else have a kimono crush? I love them!



  1. wow this is gorgeous :) i love your style chick xxx

  2. look at you guuurl!!
    this looks so good together, I got a pretty black lacey one out of primark for about £6 that I cant stop wearing with my skinnies xx

    1. haha thanks beaut. Oooh did you! That's a bargain - I'm becoming obsessed with them! xoxo

  3. Love the kimono.

    Claudia xxx


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