Tuesday 15 October 2013


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I haven't done a beauty post in a while but I was so excited about the new RiRi Loves MAC collection, I felt I should do a little post on my new beauties! To be honest I definitely bought the products due to the celebrity endorsement - I am easily sucked in. However I fell in love with the packaging and decided I needed a new mascara, red lippie and bronzer/blusher anyway. I have used all three of my products a few times now so here are my thoughts so far...

RiRi Loves MAC Powder Blush Duo - Hibiscus Kiss

"Rihanna's Powder Blush Duo in Hibiscus Kiss combines two shades of M·A·C's celebrated colour for cheeks and face. Cool coral complements a neutral matte bronze in one gorgeous package." - M.A.C

This was the one product that I 100% wanted from the RiRi Loves Mac range as my favourite pink bronzer and blusher have both run out, so it made sense to try out this duo. I love a pink blusher as I feel it complements dark hair and looks lovely when you have a tan if applied lightly. I have to say the pink blusher is very pigmented so you don't have to use a lot and I think it looks lovely on. The bronzer is also a lush shade but as I am a bit of a tan addict, it doesn't show up very well on my skin. As you can see in my swatch (it's the one on the left) it's quite hard to see - it does give a nice glow though and works well as a powder to brush over my face. 

RiRi Loves MAC Lipstick - RiRi Woo
"Part of the four limited-edition shades created by Rihanna. In Retro Matte - the signature red of RiRi Woo" - M.A.C 

Originally I was after the 'nude' lipstick from this collection, however I was out of luck when I hit Selfridges and it had already sold out - boo :( despite this, the gold packaging was too pretty so I couldn't leave without getting one! The dark purple  and burnt orange shades aren't really me so I opted for the red matte shade 'RiRi Woo'. I only own one other red lipstick in red (Russian Red) so it's nice to try others. I know a lot of bloggers love Ruby Woo, which I can only imagine is pretty much the same, so I grabbed this one as well. If you love a matte lip this is for you! I find this lipstick more drying than my fave matte lippy (please me) so I think I will have to put a slick of gloss or balm on for a bit of extra lip hydration! It's super pigmented though and I can't wait to wear this over Chrismas! 

RiRi Loves MAC - Extended Play Gigablack Lash

"A lightweight curling, lifting mascara in an intense carbon black pigment. Applies with a petite gripper brush embedded with micro-spheres to give each lash effortless, upward bending definition and extreme volume. Easy wash-off formula. Smudge-free. Lasts 16 hours." - M.A.C

I have got to say, I love this mascara. It's so easy and quick to apply and I see an instant difference in my lashes. I already wear the Eyelure individual lashes everyday so I just apply a tiny bit to the ends of them for extra definition. However, when I use this on my bottom lashes, they are instantly separated with one application and as the brush is quite thin, it makes applying this to the lower lashes super easy. I used to love big, thick mascara brushes but I have recently found after using the Bobby Brown mascara that the thinner brushes seem to be more effective on my lashes. If this mascara works so well on my lower lashes, I can imagine it works wonders for the top lashes! I would definitely re-purchase this again.  

You can get the RiRi Loves MAC collection from Selfridges, House of Fraser & Debhanams and if course MAC stores & online! 

Have you tried any of the RiRi Loves MAC range?



  1. I picked up the riri woo lipstick too, i love it, i also really wanted to duo you got but they had sold out :(

    Frankie Boo Blog

  2. I love this shade, I was looking for new red and this was perfect. Her signature in it too is stunning!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. Been loads of reviews of the RiRi Mac range....and quite a few have said how drying the matte lipstick is....colour is stunning though!!

  4. I love the RiRi Mac range.. I really want to get the lipstick but I always lose them on nights out and would be devastated after spending so much money. I also love her River Island range! xx


  5. So lucky you got your hands on that powder! Loving the packaging.

    Would appreciate if you checked my blog :)


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