Wednesday 2 April 2014

Mini Boho Haul

All- Primark

Hey dolls, 
So as summer approaches, I always find myself getting a little too excited and keen for topping up my summer wardrobe. Although my summer wardrobe is always full to the brim, I constantly need more and I am so bad for throwing things away (totally ruthless - I hoard nothing!) which then gives me some sort of mental acceptance in my head that it is now okay to buy even more outfits. Confessions of a shopaholic, I am. So I had a little browse in Primark the other day and fell in love with a few holiday essentials, that I obviously needed ;) . As soon as I see a bit of sunshine I feel the need to transform into everything bohemian which is exactly what happened to me on this day. However, I did get all of this for just £35 which is a bargain if I ever saw one. 

I originally went in for a statement necklace (they have so many gorgeous ones in at the moment) and then ended up getting greedy and walking round the shop with various items hanging off me. I then picked up some aviators and standard gold hoops which were only £2 each. I then ventured upstairs to the shoe section and low and behold fell in love with these tan gladiator sandals - perfect for holidays! I then spotted this gorgeous printed bag just sat by itself, staring longingly at me so I had to get it, right?! I will be using this for all things travel and it will be ideal for carting all the crap I carry around with me! At just £8, how could I resist! So if you are looking for some holiday accessories, I would go and have a look as there is quite a few cute bits in! 

Have you bought anything here recently?  
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  1. Love it all!

  2. That bag is gorgeous!


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