Friday 27 February 2015


Skirt // Top // Heels - All Missguided 

Nude. Probably one of my favourite colours to wear, ever. As the nights are getting lighter (yay!) I'm totally obsessing over the build up to Summer already. I'm a massive sucker for pastel shades with lots of cream and nude so I when I clocked this outfit I decided I needed it to be mine. I was obviously on Missguided, where I spend most of my on line shopping browse time... and came across this Kim Kardashian-esque outfit. It's nude, its Kim K and it's pretty flattering - what's not to love!? I wanted it in every colour but then managed to contain myself and just go for the nude/camel. 

I've seen quite a few similar ones flying around on line, however I haven't felt the fabric of the other ones but I was pretty impressed with the quality of the Missguided one, considering it's so cheap and all. The skirt fabric is doubled over and its not that shiny, static, thin fabric I hate, which I was pretty happy about! There's nothing worse than buying an outfit, looking forward for it to come and then opening it up to find some flimsy piece of fabric that is about the same thickness as tissue paper. Just no. Luckily, Missguided always seem to get great quality for super affordable prices for impulsive forever spending shoppers like myself. Ker-ching.

 You can get the Ruched Seam Midi Skirt HERE and the matching Roll Neck Long Sleeve Crop Top HERE - both in the beaut nude/camel colour. Failing that, you can also get this little co-ord in white, grey and black if this colour isn't your thanggg. 

Do you love the Kim Kardashian inspo styles?

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  1. Amazing post with beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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