Friday 6 February 2015

The Work Out Plan

Nike Sports Bra* - JD Sports// Nike Epic Tights* - JD Sports// Nike Free Run 5.0* - Millets
I'm back! I haven't blogged for soo long and I'm super excited to get back into the swing of things. I was very lucky to get a snazzy new camera for Christmas meaning I can take some good quality pictures and not get annoyed every time I used my old camera when things came out rubbish! I think most bloggers can agree that having a good quality camera does make a world of difference to your blogs appearance, it's just super pricey *sigh* 

That aside, it's time to get back into a lot of of other things to...including the gym! When it comes to the gym, for me it's definitely a love/hate relationship. I love feeling fit and healthy after I've put in hard work at the gym, who doesn't? It's the slippery slope of the run up to Christmas that sets me off track, where I find myself swerving any sort of gym class/session because 1. It's too cold 2. I've just finished a stressful day at work and I'm tired 3. I just want to watch Elf and eat as much chocolate as I can. I don't totally hate my body by all means, but I am no where near in a shape I'd like to be at the moment and I need a tone up as I am going on holiday in less than a month (aghh)!

Helping me drag my lazy ass to the gym is always going to be a gym outfit that I am going to feel comfortable working out in. I like wearing black for the gym as its flattering and helps avoid any embarrassing sweat marks (eww). I was very lucky to receive some beaut gym wear from JD Sports and Millets that has definitely pushed me to go a few more times this week! All the gear, no idea springs to mind... 

I love a a simple look for the gym and the Nike Sports Bra and Nike Leggings are perfect for a classic monochrome look. Both bra and leggings are constructed from a sweat-wicking, Dri-FIT fabric to help keep you dry and comfortable when you are putting in work! The leggings are also super handy, featuring a small zip fastening on the back for keys, money etc. and an inner cord to adjust the waist band to your preference. I would definitely wear a top over the bra for the gym but I wanted to be able to show you the bra in more detail in the images. 

Personally I don't think you can go wrong with Nike when it comes to work out gear, which is why I also chose the well known Free Run 5.0 trainers to complete the look. In a classic black and white colourway, these trainers are my absolute favourites for the gym/running. They are SO comfy and make your feet feel like they are walking around in slippers - what's not to love?! They are perfect for those who want a lightweight and breathable shoe with maximum flexibility.

The Nike Sports Bra and Leggings can be found over on JD Sports and the Free Run 5.0's can be found over on the Millets website (I've linked all items under the images). I had never really looked on the Millets website before, but if you are after high quality work out gear for super affordable prices - you definitely need to check them out! 

Hopefully I will keep up the hard work at the gym running up to my Thailand travels and feel at least a little bit healthier by the time I take to the beach!
Is anyone else on a work out plan? 

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