Monday 18 January 2016

Milk & Blush Quad Weft

Isn’t it just a dream when you find the product you have been looking for, in for what feels like forever? There aren’t many things that make me happier than having thick and healthy hair, which in the past, my hair has sometimes struggled with. I’ve been pretty brutal on my hair in the past... Lots of bleach, glue in extensions (WHY), back combing and lots of heat from straighteners and curlers. Basically, my hair isn’t what it once was. My mum was always telling me how I shouldn’t have damaged my hair so much as it used to be so thick and healthy. But me being me, never listened and here we are today…

I’ve always loved wearing extensions which initially was to increase the length of my hair. I had a massive chop when I was at uni when the gradual bob was all the rage, which you would think would make my hair really healthy again, however as I was still throwing a load of bleach on it, it wasn’t really improving the condition of my hair and it wasn’t growing either. I eventually decided to go back to my natural dark roots and added extensions back in again. I have always worn clip in extensions as I like being able to take my extensions in and out when I please. I don’t really like sleeping in them so I definitely know that this is the option for me when it comes to the best extensions for my hair.

I have tried numerous types/brands of extensions and some have been awful, some have been average and very few have been amazing. At this point I think I wanted both thickness and length to help my hair so I was using full head packs of extensions until my hair was at a length I was happy with. I decided to make a conscious effort to look after my hair to get it back to a state that was close to what it once was and with less heat and hair oil (I swear by these rules), my hair actually got back to a good length and much better condition. However, my hair is still growing from neglect from clip in extensions which were too heavy on my hair and pulled my hair out which basically pulled out a huge chunk of my hair at the bottom of my head (I know, I’m an idiot). I then decided to stop putting in as many extensions and as the length was where I wanted it, I was now just wanting the extra bit of thickness, especially for nights out and when I wanted to get glammed up.

This is where I found Milk & Blush (formerly DTY Looks) for amazing extensions. I have bought extensions from this brand a few times now and the quality of hair is brilliant (100% Remy Human Hair) and I absolutely swear by it now. I always use the Milk & Blush quad extensions in the longest length, 20-22 inches. The quad weft is made up of four lines of extensions but as they are all on one set of clips you escape the heavy pulling on your hair and still get the desired volume and thickness. I put mine just across my head usually in line with my ears and instantly feel such a difference in the thickness of my hair. The extensions blend really well too as they are a similar length to my natural hair, which is great. Not only am I always super impressed with the quality of the hair, the packaging is pretty too. The hair comes in a fully sealed pouch and kept tangle free in a hair net. Milk & Blush also provide you with a very helpful care guide for all the hair products they sell, giving you lots of tips and advice of how to care and maintain your extensions. 

I've also found that the team at Milk & Blush are extremely helpful and offer a great customer service. When I was buying my first pack of hair from Milk & Blush, I was emailing the customer service team who advised me on what colour would be best for me to get as it's sometimes quite hard to see when buying online. I sent a few pictures of my hair across and I was matched with the perfect colour! Just what you want really. This hair really is just the dreamiest hair and I would highly recommend them to anyone! I've linked below my quad extensions if you are looking for some extra volume in your life. They also offer a lot more than just quad extensions so if you are after a full head, an ombré kit (yes how amazing!) or even just a hair piece, make sure you check them out! 

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