Thursday 6 October 2011

Spur of the moment: Mary Portas !

So walking through town, there seemed to be a lot going on in the Clarks store in Manchester's Market Street. Not a regular customer of Clarks I decided to be nosey and ask the men in suits what all the fuss was over. I was told there was a champagne reception for Mary Portas launching her new shoe range here in the flesh. They had me at champagne.

Mary Portas is such a genius woman, fashion/retail expert, journalist and very good at what she does, and her channel 4 show truly showed us what she was capable was quite exciting! So finally bustling through the crowd, keeping tight grasp of my champagne flute I managed to get to the lady herself quickly ask a question, and even get a snap.

I asked her why she chose Clarks to launch her shoe range; "Clarks is such a successful and re-knowned company, where their customers are loyal to the brand". To which I thought she is quite right. I know loads of people who go to Clarks for the good quality of shoe, whether its fashionable or not. You may pay a little more for a pair of school shoes but you are guaranteed that they will last a lot longer than the ones from the market stall.

After that I was pushed out the way for the next lot of wannabe fashionistas and budding journalists to get a glimpse. Overall a very nice lady who knows what she is talking about!


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