Monday 12 December 2011

Concerts Galore #3 !

So I FINALLY got to see Rihanna on her LOUD tour after however many dates she managed to throw out there AND sell out, I got to see her final performance in Manchester, which was unbelievably amazing!

Calvin Harris supported and put on an amazing set where I literally felt like I was in a night club! Then the lady herself came out and blew us all away with her incredible voice, body, moves, swag...pretty much everything. I was personally impressed with her choice of songs as she sang all the stuff from her LOUD album (bar one song which wasnt THAT great) and all of her old stuff which I LOVE.

Not only that she had some pretty amazing outfits as well. This was a personal favourite...

As you can see she has also swapped her red locks for some blonde bob which she rocked! Before hand I had heard that the show had been slated for her being so x-rated and bad use of language. I was curious to find out more as I think that's a little bad of her considering her age range of fans.

Anyway, she wasnt as extreme as I thought she would be (it was said she had toned it down a bit) although she was still super sexual on stage, when she grabbed a girl from the audience and grinded on top her (wow). Other than that it was pretty much what you would expect!

The last song was obviously 'We Found Love' which was a personal favourite and had me dancing hard! check out this clip...

Amazing !


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