Thursday 2 February 2012

Mini make-up spree :)

Hello :)

So, on Wednesday I went for a little browse up town, and of course I couldn't resist a little spend. Even though I have NO money to burn at the moment. Standard Ashleigh behaviour! Anyway, I went with the intentions of a new foundation, as I am literally scraping every last drop out with my foundation brush, never good.

I always go in Selfridges for MAC make up, but thought I would have a wander in House of Fraser for a change. All I can say is I left confused with no foundation (I'm not very good with types of foundations, I never know what to get) as the sales assistant listed all the foundations and wandered off?! So I was still none the wiser! Anyway even though I am still rationing foundation, I did pick up some lovely bits that I love already !

Firstly the new MAC lipstick - Lovelorn.

I love this new lipstick! I know quite a few people already have this, but I have always been drawn to the 'Matt' lipsticks as I like the full coverage (My all time favourite and still is, is "please me"). However, I thought I should try one of the 'Lustre' lipsticks for a change. This looked a lovely girly pink colour, and I haven't wore another lipstick since I bought it! I love how the shine on my lips means I don't really have to bother with lipgloss as a topcoat, as I like it without. Overall, very impressed.

My second purchase was from Benefit- 'Girl meets pearl'. I already knew what I wanted as I had a smaller version of the product from a Christmas present- 'I'm Glam, therefore I am'.

As soon as I tried on the 'Girl meets pearl', I loved it! My friend had already recommended me this and after trying it, I definitely wanted the bigger version.

I have tried other highlighters, but this is definitely my favourite by far. I don't wear foundation in the day, just bronzer, so a touch of 'Girl meets pearl' is perfect for that extra glowy skin.

Benefit says, "With light reflecting's a dewy glow" and "Raspberry & Chamomile known for soothing". Explaining why it smells so delicious!

So considering I'm no make up expert, I was pretty impressed with my new treats! They are both worth buying for sure :).

Does anyone else have these products?



  1. i've been looking for a high lighter/ illuminator. I can never make up my mind.It looks good though!

  2. Told you you'd like girl meets pearl :P.. When i come to manc I'm bringing all my shades of bourjois healthy mix for you to try as i will NEVER understand why you pay mac prices when you dont even wear foundation!!!! =D xx


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