Sunday 26 February 2012

My New Hair Must Have!

Hello :)

So recently I went to London for the week and stayed at my friends house. I LOVE going to see her , she always has the most amazing new clothes and jewellery and definitely inspires my clothes/accessories! I'm such a copy cat!

Anyway, her boyfriend is a hairdresser/stylist and I'm always picking up tips and advice from him when it comes to everything hair. So far all advice given has improved my knowledge on hair products and what to use.

Whilst I was there she gave me some serum for my hair after I had washed it called, 'Orofluido Beauty Elixir'. I'm not even joking this stuff is amazing.

I never usually put any other product in my hair other than shampoo, conditioner, heat spray protection and occasionally hairspray & dry shampoo. I always feel that if I whack all these products in my hair it is just going to make it greasier quicker.

Basically she explained to me how everyone went cray over the Moroccan oil treatment for hair and how this is pretty much a dupe of it saving you about £10.

100ml Orofluido Beauty Elixir

Orofluido Beauty Elixir

Beauty elixir for all hair types, with a pure luxuriance that envelops your hair. Three organic natural oils in an exquisite mixture with a pleasant, silky texture, absorbed rapidly and leaving no residue in the hair.
Its delicious amber fragrance with a vanilla foundation will transport you into a fascinating world of oriental perfume.

At the moment I just have a 5 ml sample bottle (£3.95 on Ebay) as my friend kindly had a few going spare and filled one up for me. However I am definitely going to be making a purchase of  the 100ml as it makes my hair super soft right to the ends and I literally sit there smelling my hair all day, it smells THAT good.

Basically all you need to do is put a 5 pence piece size drop on your hand, rub your hands together and gently comb your hands through your hair right to the ends for super silky hair.

It is definitely my new favourite product and I have managed to find it pretty cheap on Ebay. The cheapest I have managed to find a 100ml bottle is £12.99 free P&P as directly from the site it is much more expensive. I would highly recommended for all hair types as me and my friend both have very different hair types and we both love it!

Has anyone else tried this product?



  1. Ooo I really want to try this! New follower by the way :-) loveeeee your blog!

  2. Ooh thank you ! Love yours too! You should def try this it's amazing! Xoxo


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