Friday 3 February 2012


Olah :)

So this week I went on a massive job hunt for part time work whilst I'm at uni *sigh*, and then decided to not let the lack of money of a student life get me down (I'm doing a masters = NO LOAN) and hit one of my favourite RnB night's with my friends.

I never really bother with massive heels in the day as it just gets more painful as the day goes on, but I thought I should dress up a little bit more if I wanted someone to employ me!

Here is what I wore...

Leather Jacket- Zara
Black Top- Primark
Jumpsuit- Republic
Tan belt- Primark
Platform Chelsea boots- Topshop
Body Chain- Topshop

This outfit literally began with me wanting to wear my jumpsuit, (which I got ages ago for £5 in the sale at Republic...Bargain!) and then just throwing other random things on to make it look more appealing and weather savvy for the lovely northern coldness.

I literally never go anywhere without my Zara leather jacket, it was such a good investment. I believe every girl should own one, as they go with everything and I love wearing it to  keep me warm on nights out! Definitely a wardrobe essential I think, well one of mine anyway.

I thought I would put on my platform Chelsea boots as I never really get chance to wear them. I see them more as a casual day shoe than a going out one, however I'm sure they would look pretty cute dressed up as well. The picture I took doesn't really show them off very well so here are the exact same ones a little clearer from the website...

They definitely made my outfit look a lot smarter and considering I was walking around all day, they didn't hurt one bit which is always a bonus with heels in my eyes!

So yes that was my outfit of the day ! Later on I was persuaded (didn't take long) to go to my all time favourite night in Manchester- Juicy. I absolutely love the place, Classic old school RnB & Hip kind of night. If anyone ever ventures to Manchester on a Wednesday and appreciates this kind of music too, I suggest you check it out :).

However to my misfortune of our group arriving too late, the queue was HUGE and it was more than likely we wouldn't get in. I for one like most girls, HATE queueing in the cold, so we all decided to hit the club over the road- Factory. I don't know if anyone has been before but for me it's one of them that I use as a last resort - it's okay. Anyway, regardless to this-Wednesday night was AMAZING! It basically played most of what you would hear in Juicy so I was a very happy girl. Here we all are before we went out ....

My outfit is the black all in one ASOS number, which I bought a while ago but I have always dismissed it as a choice in the past for some reason. I think I tried it on with big heels once and it just looked a bit trashy with all the back cut out...don't ask me why it just did ha! However I thought it looked pretty cool with high tops and a loose chain belt from River Island since we all went for a casual look. It's just one of them sort of nights, no one wears heels and its all very chilled out. Don't get me wrong I love getting glammed up and putting my massive heels on, but sometimes its nice to not have the pain kicking in on your feet as you begin to sober up!

I also had major clothes envy of my friend Elle's skin tight shimmery blue pants from American Apparel - how gorgeous are they?! I need to invest in a pair!

Anyway that's all my outfits of the day :)




  1. I love what you wore and that you didn't get the bad mood get to you <3


  2. love your style. Shall we follow each other xx


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