Monday 5 March 2012

Saturday Mini Shopping Haul!

Hello :)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I had so much fun; girly sleepovers with lots of wine and boytalk, shopping, a concert, cinema and lovely meals out! Yay! AND I managed to finally get a new job which was definitely the highlight of the week considering I'm so skint!

Anyway, after staying at my friends lush new apartment in Manchester city centre, I decided to go and have a quick look round the shops before I went home. Here's what I got:

Heart Jumper: Manchester Arndale Market
Leggings: Manchester Arndale Market
Denim shorts: River Island

I can't believe the bargains I managed to get! The jumper was only ten pounds and the leggings were a fiver! Bargain! I've wanted stripey jeans for ages and I still have my heart set on the Motel ones from Ark, but for a 1/5 of the price I will settle for these leggings in the mean time! I then went and spent some of my Christmas vouchers in River Island (how do I still have any left?!) to get myself in the summer mood! I wasn't sure if the colour was a little bit tacky but I talked myself into thinking they will be cute for summer with a nice tan!

Yada or Nada?

Whilst I was clothes shopping I went into this new music store that was said to rival HMV called 'That's Entertainment'. Oh my god, it's amazing! I am a little RnB fiend and I managed to grab myself 6 old school CD's for a fiver and then bought Kanye's Late Registration album for £2. Love it! Even though I can't live without my Ipod, I love listening to CD's and they will be perfect for in the car.

So just a quick post as I have a million things to do today, hope everyone has a lovely day :)

P.s. How nice is Manchester this morning...



  1. loveee that jumper such a bargain for a tenner! i also like the shorts, i reckon with a plain white shirt tucked in would look very untacky, not that they are atm anyway! xx

    1. Isn't it such a bargain! I'm sure I've seen similar ones for 3 x that price! Aw thanks, I wasn't too sure but I agree with you, I think white is my best option! :) xoxo

  2. So pretty! Love it all - those shorts are the perfect color! Nice CD choices, haha! Brought us back!

    PS. We've a giveaway to Number A on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC!


    1. Thank you! I am warming to them now :) haha they are so old school but I love them ! Oh really, I will definitely check it out :) xoxo

  3. That heart sweater and pink shorts are adorable! Love them! Definitely good finds!

    <3 <3


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