Thursday 8 March 2012


Hello lovelies :)

Today I got to wear my new leggings that I have wanted for ages! In a previous post I mentioned that I got them from Manchester Arndale Market and I managed to pick them up for just £5...absolute bargain. I was very chuffed with this find. As I have been dying to wear them, I decided to go all out today and make an effort with what I was wearing as I had a whole morning of doing nothing. I usually have loads of things I need to do, so it was nice to have a good couple of hours to beautify myself :). I literally spent the morning curling all my extensions as I wanted to have huge big curly hair to finish off the outfit (to be fair when it comes to hair I am very 'go big or go home' minded anyway).

So here is what I wore...and my massive hair ha...

Top: FM Boutique
Leggings: Manchester Arndale Market
Chelsea boots: Topshop
Hoop Earrings: Muse
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Tiffany's

As you can see I have tried to get the outfit from every angle! I was trying to get the back of the top in, as the back is really cute. It has buttons and a split up the back. Never mind ! I managed to get a picture of my hair when I did it as it was HUGE, but it seems to have dropped a bit on these pictures. Here is the original hair! (sorry it's a bit blurry!)

I love big hair :)

I wore this out fit teamed with my black Zara leather jacket (one of my staple wardrobe pieces) and MAC lipstick - 'Matt Russian Red' which if you haven't got or don't know of, is a classic deep red colour. I think the best way to wear these leggings is with a plain top either black or coloured depending on how brave you are when it comes to fashion. However, I feel that black looks best with these leggings as I like how I can dress it up with gold jewellery and a statement red lipstick.

I also piled on the jewellery today, I'm not usually one for wearing loads of jewellery as I just stick to my watch, bracelet and ring that I wear every day. I obviously wore the super large ghetto hoops as you can see ! Along with blinging my hands up with some rings (I seem to have loads lying around)

All my rings are from jewellery shop 'Muse' which is part of the company that provides jewellery for the likes of Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Matalan, Miss Selfridge.... etc. So you may have seen similar if not the same stuff in these stores! As I used to work in Muse, we got a free allowance every month for anything in store so as you can imagine I have a tonne of jewellery I haven't even worn! I might start giving it away ha...  

Any way I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, roll on tomorrow TGIF !!




  1. I love your hair, and those leggings look great on you.

  2. I love big hair as well! You look gorgeous!

    <3 Marielley

  3. OHH !! THIS IS HOW I WOULD STYLE THEM! good job love, i've been looking for a pair but haven't been able to find any, ANYWHERE near where i live. might have to look again online :) love the big hair too. it's the only way to go, except i haven't done it in so long :( it'll cause me a world of pain if my extensions get more knotted than they already are. need to take them out soon. they're a pain in my ass!!! lol

    xx janak'trina

    1. Aww thanks chick! Really :( I know they have them on a site called that are exactly the same but they are £10, as this was where I was originally going to buy them from. I'm not sure if they ship overseas but it will be worth a look :). Oh my word, I know... not looking forward to brushing these bad ass curls out haha ! xoxo

  4. Ahhh I love these leggings!! I keep looking at some similar from! Look fab!xxx

  5. Thanks! Yeah they have exactly the same ones on Boohoo ! I think they have more options online though in terms of stripe widths! xoxo

  6. what do you use to make your hair that big? tool and product wise haha.x


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