Tuesday 13 March 2012

Stylist Pick Treats

Hello !

Today I got my new items from website 'Stylist Pick'. My boyfriend had bought me Cheryl Cole 'Ri Ri' boots as one of my Christmas presents and forgot to opt for a non-membership when finishing purchasing the boots. Therefore, it took £39.95 from his account each month and saved them as credits (oops!). However, instead of ringing them up and sorting it all out he said I can just spend them as everything on the site is £39.95, and he had two to spend (YAYY!).

So obviously these credits were burning a hole in my pocket and I couldn't wait to spend them. Stylist Pick, if you didn't know already have a different way of working as a retail website. Basically when you enter the site you have to sign up and do a quiz, here the website personalises a 'showroom' for you and selected stylists of the company pick out items for your showroom. These are then put in your showroom each month depending on what styles you have said you liked in the quiz. Another thing, Stylist Pick also only offer shoes, bags and jewellery- no clothes yet!

I quite like this idea, but it is a bit annoying that you have to sign in to browse and I always find not everything in my showroom I like. Then it's more time consuming when you have to click on each of the stylists links to see what other items are available that month. It would be a lot easier if you could just view everything but then I suppose that's the beauty of the site, in a sense you have someone picking your items for you.

Anyway, I didn't really like many items from February so decided to wait out till March. I am so glad I did as I found some beautiful pieces that I found so hard to choose from! I chose to stay away from the jewellery as I have loads I never wear and I'd rather get some shoes and a bag that I know I will make good use of! Everything arrived in a massive box which was all beautifully wrapped up in a massive gift bag :) Here is what I got...

Yellow 'Betty Boo' Platforms

Yes I appreciate these may not be every ones cup of tea - but I absolutely love them. I have a thing for yellow clothing and I have never owned a pair of yellow shoes until now! I think these will be a gorgeous pair of statement shoes for the summer and they will look pretty sweet with a nice holiday tan. I rarely see people wearing yellow platforms so I like how these will be that bit more unique to your average shoes you see out on the town !

I also got...

Andrea Tan Bag (also available in black)
How beauts is this bag?! I love it. When I saw it on the website I knew it was going to be on my hit list! I think it looks really classy and I love the clasp/fastening on the front.

New thaaangs...

Then to top off my day I found this gypsy style top I've had in forever which I thought was pretty cute. I love finding old clothes I can wear again :D

Has anyone else bought items from Stylist Pick?



  1. I love the look and the shoes!!

    I followed you blog, please follow mine back!


  2. I loovvvve both of the things Ash! Also liking your outfit on the last pic. Xx.

  3. Well aren't you lucky!!! hehe The purchases are adorable.. especially those yellow heels.. Love!!!!


    1. Thanks sweets ! I love them too! Haha I know , must have been my lucky day! Xoxo


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