Tuesday 8 May 2012

Cute New Bracelet !

Hello lovely ladies!

This is just a quick little post on my new BARGAIN buy that I thought you might like ! I was recently browsing Ebay out of pure boredom, and came across these totes cute peace bracelets! They come in lots of different colours and I had to have one, so I opted for the baby pink as I thought this would be perfect for Summer!

For some reason I managed to get mine for £2.75 but the seller seems to have upped her price to £3.95 on some of the colours. However, it is free P&P, which might I add arrives super quick, so I would still purchase! Some colours are still £2.45-£2.75 if you weren't wanting a pink one. I just want to buy them all and pile them round my wrist! You can get this bracelet here ! If you are looking for an even cheaper option, have a browse at the other peace bracelets on Ebay by just typing in 'peace bracelets' (duh, of course!) because loads of other cute ones come up too!

Also I would be ever so grateful if you would enter my blog in the Cosmopolitan 'Newcomer' blog awards, that you can find here :). I started my blog as part of my uni course, but I actually love writing and sharing my love for fashion, celebrities and all things pretty! I know a lot of bloggers have been asking for your support to, so any vote would be very much appreciated. I am also happy to vote for you as well, so let me know guys!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the beautiful Lauren for her lovely post about my blog as her first 'Friday Favourites'. I think it is a lovely idea to share blogs you enjoy reading and a great way of discovering new blogs to read! I am looking forward to reading her next Friday Favourite :) !! Check out Lauren's blog here and look out for her next 'Friday Favourite'!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Peace & Love




  1. so cute! I want a load of these type of bracelets for summer but I'd never thought of Ebay for some reason. Gonna get me some now lol x

    1. me too! I'm on the hunt for lots of different ones! xoxo

  2. Super cute bracelet! And I always love a good bargain! xoxo

    1. thank you ! ha agreed , can't beat a bargain ! xoxo

  3. That's an adorable bracelet, hun! & at that price... it makes it that much sweeter! xo, Megs


  4. Looove the bracelet! I used to have one just like it but I have no idea where I put it lol I think the color is fabulous!


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