Thursday 10 May 2012

OOTD The Pretty Pink Top - Shoppers Dilemma!

Hello lovelies :)

Today is an OOTD and my pink dilemma ! Basically ever since I saw a girl in work wearing the Zara pink sleeveless sheer shirt, I had wanted it real bad! It's a gorgeous bright, pastel pink, and would look perfect with a tan and during the Summer holidays. Whether it be rain or shine I could team it up with little white shorts in the sun, or some beige chino's in rainy England! Very practical and I had therefore convinced myself it was a 'must-have'. On the other hand, I had been a bit naughty with money recently and had to pay out for a few things as you do, so I was trying to budget myself when it came to clothes. The beautiful Zara shirt is £39.99, which isn't really expensive but my bank account was still unsure. As you can see I was having an absolute Nelly & Kelly about what to do... I wanted it so bad!

Look how pretty it is with it's little gold collar edges *sigh*, its also a lot brighter in real life than in the pictures.

Anyway, I ventured into town to see if there were any alternatives out there and came across a similar one in Topshop. It was also a beauty ! This time £32.00. This was much better as it was £8.00 cheaper and then £3.20 student discount. Yes, god bless the student card! So it would of course been, £28.80. However, I had to buy a dress for a wedding (I got a beauts one from Topshop which I will post after the weekend!) plus it was my friends birthday coming up, so I felt like I was spending loads. I still decided to keep the top on hold till the end of the day and I was pretty sure I was going to go back for it regardless and be a total reb.

THEN, I had the usual shopper stop off in H&M and whilst casually browsing I caught sight of some pink. The same colour as the other two shirts! Eek! There it was, a pink sleeveless shirt (not sheer), however, its a lovely soft material and otherwise identical to the one in Topshop with the low hem back. Not only this, the price tag read £7.99. What. I didn't have to think twice as I skipped to the till with joy. I wore my new shirt today and my bank balance can now rest a little while, till my next venture into town!

Pink shirt - H&M
Leopard Print Pants - H&M
Necklace - River Island
Boots- Manchester Shoe Boutique

Does anyone else love the Zara shirt?
I think I love the whole shop at the minute to be honest!

Peace & Love



  1. Gorgeous! & you cant beat a bargin! Well done! :)

  2. You look lovely in the top.
    But personally I think £40 is rather expensive for a shirt, especially when it would be easy to make one for so much less, that doesn't stop them being gorgeous though.
    New Follower.

  3. Love the Zara shirt! I need to find my bargain copy!

  4. i love it! you look adorable! and pink is a great color on you!

    Im currently having a Moroccan Oil Hair Products Giveaway on my blog! You should check it out if you haven't already!

    xo Kelly

  5. I gotta get me down to river island! That necklace really makes the outfit pop! xxx

  6. I love Zara atm, love the shirt you have! It's a gorgeous colour and looks great teamed with the leopard print pants x

  7. Loving the top! :)

  8. umm wow! Great outfit!! That top is amazinggg!! Followed you :)


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