Thursday 10 May 2012

MAC Paramount

Hello beautifuls :) !

I recently bought a lipstick from MAC and would like to share my thoughts, as it is not usually a colour I would go for. When it comes to lipsticks, I cant get enough of them and it is definitely what I spend most of my money on when it comes to buying make-up. I love lips, as you can be creative with them and they can literally finish off your outfit. I usually tend to go for pinks, corals and bright colours, as I feel these go well with most of my outfits/clothes. I do wear red from time to time but I only really bother with it if I am really dressing up.

Anyway I particularly admired Louise, from Made In Chelsea's lipstick from last Christmas. I thought the black on the lips was really daring and she looked stunning. I then noticed a lot of girls had got onto this trend and I regularly saw girls sporting the black lips. I recently saw my friend on Twitter's Instagram picture, with a black lip and she looked gorgeous. She told me she had got hers from Topshop, so I went to have a little browse. I tried on a few of the colours and still wasn't sure. I felt like the colour was too harsh on my lips, as well as making me look ten times paler than before.

Still determined to find the perfect darker shade, I ventured to Selfridges to pay a little visit to the MAC counter, which can sometimes be lethal of course. I had a look at some of the shades and one of the MAC girls put 'Paramount' on me. This was a dark brown colour I had picked up earlier, as I thought this might be a bit more subtle and obviously a warmer tone. The girl literally whizzed the mirror in my face and said 'it looks amazing, you have to get it!' and then sauntered off to find someone else to pounce on. I was sort of left like 'is she just saying that?', and I couldn't work out if I really liked it or not. In the end I decided it was better than black and purchased!

I've tried it on a few times now and I actually really like the colour. I think it is a good alternative to a black lipstick if you don't feel brave enough or don't suit such harsh tones on your lips.

Has anyone else had this problem? 
Do you think brown is a good alternative?  

Peace & Love



  1. It's a stunning colour on you xx

  2. This really suits you :)

  3. lovely colour and suits you wonderfully x

  4. This looks lovely on you! x

  5. nice. i bet a "black cherry" color would look great on you

  6. Thats a daring colour and it really suits you :) x x

  7. I love it!



  8. this is a really pretty colour, i'm getting into brown lipsticks atm! By the way, i love your hair! x

  9. Ohh i love this lipstick!

    cant wait to try something a little...daring!!

    i've just set up my first blog..
    please pop over and give it a couple of visits!
    a little encouragement would be nice too!!
    Sarah xo

  10. wow lovely blog.. the lipstick ist very extravangt and it's perfect for u lit looks great.

    check my blog hun.. xx

  11. Thank you for your lovely comments :) I'm glad you approve of my alternative as I can't handle the black ! Ha xoxo

  12. great review and great color! :) i follow u:)

  13. I would be waaay too scared to try black lipstick! I think I'm far too pale, so a deep reddy/brown is a great alternative, thanks for the inspiration!
    Find me at x

  14. It was so lovely to meet you tonight! You are so beautiful! Glad to be your new follower

  15. Thank you ! It was lovely to meet you to. xoxo

  16. that colour is lovely :))

  17. I was watching Made in Chelsea the other day and I saw Louise with black lipstick on, it looked amazing on her but I don't think I could pull it off so this is a great alternative! Looks good on you xx


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