Friday 15 June 2012

My Birthday Surprise :)

Hello dolls :)

I haven't blogged for a little while as it was my birthday this weekend just gone and I had the most amazing time! I was already really excited and I didn't expect what actually happened. I got lots of lovely treats and dolla, so I can go and splurge on some lovely treats for myself (& blog about them of course!). Basically it was my birthday on the 10th of June and I spent Friday - Tuesday being the birthday girl! Greedy huh?!

Basically my mum came up on Friday and we went for a lovely meal and she bought me some of the beloved American Apparel disco pants I have wanted for ages. I was having such a dilem over the red and black ones, but I ended up opting for black just because I know I will get loads of wear out of them. The red ones are too gorge to leave alone though, so I'm thinking of splashing out on them too!

On the Saturday night, I went out with my friends from uni as I would be turning 22 (eughh) at midnight, so obvs needing a celebratory tequila or ten right?! I wore an outfit I have previously posted, as I haven't had chance to wear it yet, and I was busting to get my skirt out for the world to see :) please excuse my tip of a room!

Top: Topshop
Skirt: H&M
Gold Stiletto Gladiators: Topshop

I had such a fun night and got very drunk. Therefore I spent my birthday day, in bed, eating McDonald's and having a Disney sesh, perfect hangover day in my eyes. My best friend had arranged for me to head round to hers later on for a 'surprise'. I presumed we would be having some food and a few drinks, so I whacked on a smart/casual outfit and headed round.

I knocked on the door and next thing I know I had party poppers in my face and there was balloons everywhere! I was getting videoed for some reason and I was like, 'what the hell is going on'. They (my best friend and her flat mates) read out a speech to me, which was hilarious, then led me to a cupboard with 'Birthday Surprise' wrote on the door. I was still like what is going on, opened the door and my friends from home jumped out ! Amazing ! I was so made up and then I started crying, I am too emosh its cringe! They had all kept it a secret and came all the way up to be with me on my birthday :) how cute!

The best thing about all of this, my boyf is in Fiji and planned it all with my best friend <3 I am so blessed to have good people in my life. I got lots of lovely goodies and they had put together all my favourite songs on a playlist, as well as lots of champagne for us all to celebrate with. Next thing I know, I am whisked off to one of my fave resteraunts - Chiquito's, and I get a yummy meal and catterpillar birthday cake - YUM! As it was a Sunday we had a few drinks in some of the bars in town, then went back to the flat to continue the party with lots of drinking games. I had such an amazing day. My friend had even kindly brought up my new ASOS dress that I had sent home, which I LOVE.

Birthday gyal !

ASOS Dress

Me & My Girl <3

Toilet photo (obv!)

Lush Cake !

Me & My home girl (how amaze are her eyes!?) <3

To top things off, I woke up the next day so blaaamin excited as I had got tickets for Jay Z and Kanye at the M.E.N for that night. I'm not even joking it was literally one of the best nights of my life, on par with when I went to see Beyonce (and held her hand *died with happiness*) and I never thought I would say that. I had standing tickets and I ended up right at the barrier of the second stage, so I was really close! I LOVE the Watch The Throne album, plus they did looaads of their old stuff, I think there was 40 songs all together and an encore of N*ggas in Paris five times! Amazing! Sorry if you don't appreciate this type of music but I really had such an amazing time! We hit a club afterwards then crashed and burned as soon as we hit the pillow! Exhausted. Here is what I wore for the gig and my quick change & shower (I felt disgusting!) for the club afterwards.

Me & Ore

Levis Shorts: Assembly Vintage (House of Fraser)
White Crop Top: Topshop
Nike High Tops: Footlocker
Snapback: Footlocker

Look how close I am !! 

Throw your diamonds in the sky ;)

After Partaay!!
Leopard print shirt: Primark
Disco pants: American apparel
Wedges: Manchester Boutique

So there we have it, my birthday extravaganza! I had an amazing time and I'm hoping next year is just as good !

Peace & Love



  1. wow you look so amazing love your outfits <3
    My Beautyworld

  2. Gorgeous outfits!

    If it makes you feel better, I also turned 22 last Friday! And also got poo'd on by a seagull on my birthday.. We are officially 'in out twenties'..ergh.

    Happy Birthday!


    1. Thank you ! Happy birthday for last Friday ! haha oh my days ! That's meant to be lucky though right? Eugh I knowwww :( xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday lovely :) Ohh i turn 22 in August - jusy want to stay 21 forevs :(

    I lovee all your outfits - lovee the Asos dress ive been eyeing that up for a while now!
    You look amaze xx

    1. Thanks babe! Ohhh at least you have a bit longer ha ! 21 is such a good number ! I don't feel 22 at all ! Thank you! Oooh I had to buy it! I want it in every colour ! xoxo

  4. Your outfits are amazing! Looking gorgeous :)
    Sounds like you have had a brilliant birthday weekend!



  5. Hope you had a fab Birthday, defo looks like it! Mega Jel. Your outfits were the bomb!! Love Love Love. Can I ask what brand your watch is pleaseee? I love it!


    1. Thanks babe ! My watch is Michael Kors :) xoxo

  6. your so so pretty!! love your style, glad you had a fab birthday!xx

  7. You look lovely in all of these and you have such a great blog, Im now following you!

    1. Thanks babe :) will head over to your blog too :) xoxo

  8. I hope your birthday was fabulous! Judging by the photos, it most definitely was :) You look amazingly gorgeous in all of your outfits! That ASOS dress is stunning, and on you... well you're a show stopper! xo, Megs

    1. Aww thanks gorgeous ! you charmer, you :) xoxo

  9. Oh my goodness your figure is amazing!!! So jealous! Beautiful girl!

    Glad you had a great birthday :) you have a great blog
    hope you'll check mine out

    Gem xxx

  10. Thanks gorgeous ! So are you :) Now following your blog - love it ! xoxo

  11. Love all your outfits. Looks like you had a lot of fun :) Nice blog Hun x

  12. Sounds like you had the best birthday ever and haver some really lovely friends! Love your outfit for Kane and Jay Z been wanting a SnapBack like that for ages! Happy 22nd birthday! Fab post, love caits x x

  13. Looks like you had a fab birthday! Love your style. That H&M skirt is lovely. x


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