Wednesday 6 May 2015

White x Snake

River Island White Outfit
  Top & Skirt - River Island // Shoes - Missguided

As soon as summer comes around I get totally and utterly obsessed with all white errythaaang. I mean, who doesn't love looking that bit more tanned with some white garms.... non? 

So on a recent 'after-work' around the shops mooch (always dangerous after a long day), I fell in love with this pretty white skirt and top whilst browsing around River Island. I love simple/minimalistic clothes that can be dressed up or down and go with pretty much anything, so I decided these would be a strong wardrobe addition as we creep into summer. The top is super flattering and a thick jersey fabric, which makes this great quality and saves the embarrassment of the world seeing your bra through a white top. I picked up the skirt to try on for something to go with the top, but soon fell in love with this too and decided to get them both. You really can't go wrong with a white pleather mini skirt right?! 

Then to finish things off I had, yet again been browsing Missguided for some new feet treats and came across these gladiator/snake heels that are perfect for summer and not too high, so perfect for day to night. I love a gladiator style heel and these are surprisingly comfortable too and go with so much. There are always tons of discount codes and deals with Missguided so it would be rude not to when you can get shoes like these for total bargz!

Have you started summer shopping yet? 
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  1. Uhhh hello beautiful! This looks amazing on you, perfect for summer

    X Emma |

  2. Love this Ashleigh. Simple, clean look often grabs the attention more. Allows the body to make a statement. Pleather skirt might be uncomfortable in the summer though depending on the temps!

    1. Thanks aaron :) I agree - the struggle is real with the pleather skirt you know haha! x


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